2022 Results and Impressions: Agroliquid - Chad Henderson

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19 Dec 221 min 39 secPremium Content

Chad Henderson discusses the


 trials he conducted this season. 

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Okay. So the next one we're gonna talk about here. We're gonna talk about our trial summer trial results in the date and stuff. We're gonna talk about the Agra liquid. So we had a great trial with Agra liquid this time Stephanie Molly Mar, Rob all the folks that give a hand in that man. It was great. We really appreciate you all for that. You know, the way you come down the service was great. They come down help me with the planner loads made. Sure. Everything was right on what what modeling Stephanie had him had him man and as we kept putting the products to it, the yields kept growing and you know, that's what we want to see a lot of times but we don't always get to see that. So again, we kept growing on the products and we got it to where you know, we I think one of the trials like 294 bushel or something that nature and it's just so normal irrigated ground and it was as much of a check and I think the chick with some around 260 to 60 that so that was a plus to see and we just was adding from anywhere from changing up the rates of projerm to putting a full week to making phobia passes. You know, there was not grow 500. All so there was a really good trial at different stages of the game. It was replicated four to five times and I think there was four different sets of products, you know strip Trials of products. So y'all don't hesitate to give these folks a call whatever liquid and, you know reach out to them on the needs specific needs that y'all are needing on your farms and your applications and the things you're doing because it's extremely helpful to bend the ear to these folks, you know that are here to do this for living that want to help the farmers, and this is what folks are liquid have done so kudos to them great job. I really, thank you.

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