2022 Results and Impressions: Agrigold Seed - Kevin Matthews

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21 Dec 222 min 57 secPremium Content

Kevin Matthews discusses the Agrigold Seed trials he conducted this season. 

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KM - Agrigold

We got our agricult seed trial the seed quality was. Absolutely, excellent seemed very little pear cap damage in the seed good job treating the seed on the corn it done good seed weights. They didn't send us a bunch of junk. It is all good. Test weight seeds very happy with that. I'm very anal about the weight of my seed. I don't like I want plant anything. It's 40 pounds per 80,000 units of seed if it's below 40 pounds. I don't plan it. I don't want to do it. I've been right maybe wrong you'll range we had anywhere from one sixty eight up to 209. This was dry land and we had a lot of disease here on those varieties and we're trying to weed out and find out which one's got to the best disease package and for us the a644 32 TRC. Was the top in theirs that was closest to the varieties that we've proven here. They had another one. A645 16 vt2 rrb. That was a good corn. But we need to do a little more testing here to find just that perfect Niche on that corn. But again, very good quality seed planted very well. We just got to do some more research on our end to find that right variety for these disease pressure we have here in this yakin River Valley our Agri gold soybean trial was actually really good. We was dry land which is pretty much 80 bushels 76 bushels to 86 bushels. So 10 Bush will variance had group threes to group Fours Who had one group three and all the rest group fours, very impressed with those sitting here looking at them moistures as always desiccatedy soybeans. They was all cut around 12 to 14 percent varied on on which they were the test weights was very good on them. We was in that fifty eight and a half to 59 and 3/4 pound test weight. Pretty excited about her soybeans. I'll just have to say that's dryly and yields 90 bushel yields as I'm kind of looking forward to that very healthy plants bushy plants. I do like the way you can really select that row configuration that plant stature that you want. So certainly interested in first year, you guys know how we work. I want more than one years Data before I go making a big decision, but I think I'm gonna put a few few bags of them out on the farm in places, see how they do.

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