2022 Results and Impressions: Agricen - Lee Lubbers
20 Dec 222 min 13 sec

Lee Lubbers discusses the


 trials he conducted this season. Terramar

00:00 Hey everybody. This is Lee luber's extreme AG this growing season. We experimented with a product 00:06 called. Terramar from agerson. It's a stress mitigation product applied foliar. We applied the bulk of it at V8 some 00:16 at V6. We did not notice a difference between V6 and V8 applications within the plant or 00:25 final yield but we did leave some trials. And the first one that we did we gained seven percent in yield. It was 00:34 easy to put on we could see a visual difference within a week on the corn leaves stayed more and furled they didn't roll as much and 00:43 this year in our environment. We had a drought that was 2012 on steroids. It was a tough year. We definitely got 00:52 to experience a lot of stress very limited rainfall. Last rain for the growing season on the corn was actually August 13th, and we 01:01 went all the way to harvest and combined it never had anything. I definitely advancement and stay green. Those fields 01:10 take green or longer than other fields the first trial we gained seven percent which we were impressed the field 01:19 average about 100 bushel an acre. It was not on. Top to your ground either. It's on a field that's real challenging and has a big Ridge on it. 01:29 So I knew it was going to be subject to a lot of stress. I did not want to baby a new product. I want 01:35 to see what it could do. So we purposely placed it on that field at the large ridge and it came through and it worked like a champ. So 01:44 pretty excited about first year out of the gate with it. Definitely going to be working with it in 2023 and hoping we 01:53 can expand use the label can be approved for that. We can try it on winter wheat we'd be excited to do that too. So first 02:02 year experimenting with it definitely going to want to work with it again in 2023.

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