2022 Results and Impressions: Agricen - Kevin Matthews

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20 Dec 223 min 22 secPremium Content

Kevin discusses the


 trials he conducted this season with Accomplish Max.

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KM - Agricen 1

So this past season we run agerson products. We used accomplished Max which is actually a grower standard for us and our infer application on our corn. We're playing more with it in our soybeans in Furrow product mix is extremely great. We don't have any issues with that. It goes directly in Furrow and accomplish my axes the former accomplished product and it also has the maritime product in it and it made in new arrangement of accomplished Max which is much easier to use we have less stuff. Take the field. We like it a lot better again. It is a grower standard for us. So we use it on just about every acre corn but they asked us to run a test with it and a product called extract. So we put our nitrogen down in our tuba too, and we put our in for our products. Separate from our nitrogen we don't put very little nitrogen in Furrow. So in that tuba 2 we run 20 gallons a 24 s which is a nitrogen sulfur product. and we run that 20 gallons per acre on the band two inches on each side of the road. So we added the extract in there. We tried this product on a very Sandy piece of land low CEC and then we had part of the field. That was a high sea a higher CE more of a muck type soil. That way. We kind of see both sides of it from what we could tell at work better in the higher CEC than it did that real real low CC soil on that sand but it was still was in The 19200 Bushel yield environment. We did we did not see a positive result on that soul type we crossed canal and we did one cut with and one without we did see Bush or so different there to the advantage of the extract. But again in our main test that we did with two Planters one with one without across the 40 acre field probably didn't pick the right field for but we we come up short. We actually had a yield penalty where we used a product. I truly don't think it's a Europe penalty. I think it was just happen to be coincidence location of those Sandy streets in the field versus the other player pass that was on some better ground, even though it's side-by-side but this field had a lot of damage to a flood several years back. We still ain't got soil structure just right. But what were our goal was to see if we could help it mitigate heat stress on those dry Sands. So that's why we placed it where we did because we was really looking for that. Um next you know, we focus our bad Acres. That's what we focus at to try to figure out where we can improve those because that's the easiest percentage of game we can get the quickest. And so that was reason we put it on there. But again in the good land we've seen a yield Improvement on the the real Sandy land that had a lot of them, you know decomposition to the Structure of the soil profile it was it was a negative result this time, but accomplished Max it stands out just about year and you're out force in Furrow. And again, we'll use it on every acre. So we kind of quit comparing.

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