2022 Results and Impressions: Agricen - Kelly Garrett

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20 Dec 221 min 17 secPremium Content

Kelly Garrett discusses the


 trials he conducted this season. Terramar

KG - Agricen

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme mag here to talk to you about a new product from agerson called terramar. We conducted a trial on this in one of our drip irrigation Fields Iowa State Agronomy was actually involved to help. Help collect the data it was a big trial. We are really excited to results of this trial yielded a positive 46 bushel, which is one of the biggest responses we've ever gotten we supplied terramar through the drip irrigation system along with my plant food by product the people at agerson felt that the properties and the plant food plus the terramar could yield a big result and boy were they right? Terramar is extracted from seaweed or the active ingredient in terramar is extracted from seaweed. Kelp and the extraction process that agerson has Yields metabolites rather than live microbes, which have a greater shelf life make the product easier to use last longer. Of course, you know show the shelf life component and we're really excited about this Lee has had a lot of great results with terramar as well. It'll definitely be a product that we use more in the future more testing and probably will become a grower standard practice stress mitigation is one of my focuses to get the most out of my fertility dollars.

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