2022 Results and Impressions: Agricen - Chad Henderson

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20 Dec 221 min 0 secPremium Content

Chad Henderson discusses the


 trials he conducted this season. 

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Ch - Agricen

Hey y'all, it's Chad Henderson with extreme egg and we're gonna talk about some trial data. We got so the first one we're gonna talk about is agerson Central Titan product and we put in a strip teal and it as y'all know it go on it somewhere around a paint to the tongue and we was putting somewhere around 200 pounds in the strip till fertility. And it did great y'all. It showed out at that, you know, and a ballpark of anywhere from forward to five dollars is what that costs and we we seen is on average across three replications in two different hybrids irrigated and none irrigated trial. We've seen an average of somewhere around 17 bushel. So it was really huge this year for us. So that was in the dry land and in the irrigated and so we'll carry on some more trials that next year. We're looking forward to what these folks is going to bring and stay tuned.

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