2022 Results and Impressions: Advanced Drainage Systems - Matt Miles
20 Dec 222 min 6 sec

Matt Miles discusses the

Advanced Drainage Systems

 trials he conducted this season. ADS

00:00 I'm just going to talk a little bit now about the Advanced Drainage Systems project that we had here in in the 00:06 Delta pattern tile drainage is something that's not common in our area and ads got with us and and you know, we we both had 00:15 ideas that we wanted to see if it's something that would be beneficial. We Farm a lot of our ground as our soul 00:21 type is Sharky clay. It's very very high clay content hard to get water to penetrate through hard to get the ground the 00:30 land to draw up. So most of our lowest yielding crops come off of this ground with the exception of rice. So the project was to install the 00:40 Pattern drain tile and and see what we come up with. This year was the first year for it. It's you know, as as you know, we're seeing 00:49 our ads is seeing that it takes it, you know about three to four years to to get the title to kind of settle in the soul and the Sharky clay, it could 00:58 be more but just this year alone on the drainage piece. We picked up an eight bushel increase on soybeans from the last time we had soybeans there. We specifically put 01:07 this pattern drain towel. And in what we think is the worst worst field we have and we were you know, we were in a 65 bushel 01:16 range on soybeans, which is probably the highest year we've ever had in this field, you know with soybeans the second piece of this test will 01:25 be the irrigation side last year due to some things that I did wrong. We didn't get to look at the irrigation side as well as what we want to in the 01:34 future. But if the irrigation side will work also we're looking at a minimal amount of water us. Compared to the poly pipe flood irrigation 01:43 that we do now. I really think the sky's the limit for what we're going to see the drainiest pieces already been proven a little over $100 an acre 01:52 Roi, you know, just don't just on the drainage piece. So there'll be more to come in the future. But right now this is one of the most encouraging trials that 02:01 we have on our farm.

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