2022 Results and Impressions: Advanced Drainage Systems - Chad Henderson
20 Dec 221 min 26 sec

Chad Henderson discusses the

Advanced Drainage Systems

 trials he conducted this season. ADS

00:00 Okay, the next thing we're gonna talk about is our ads project. So we done this tiling, you know, and this our first full year and I guess we're year and a 00:09 half in but our first full year in it and as of getting a crop planting the crop working the crop and one of the Farms I'm going to talk about man that 00:18 seven acres that we tiled and we touted on 15 foot centers y'all we poured the fat to it. So we we did great we made you know from anywhere 00:27 from 280 to 320 bushel corn there. It's never had corn on it and I just can't can't wait can't wait to see what happens in the 00:36 future with his you know, as our soul biology changing has as the soul Health changes, you know, this 00:42 is good things come from it. So there's a lot of good people behind that, you know up there today is playing. 00:48 Michael Darla, you know all those folks that was behind that they did an excellent job of getting us started in the right direction and we'll just keep moving 00:57 forward great trial results coming. We've got some stuff that's anywhere from five to ten to twenty percent, you know on the increase so, you 01:06 know, that's huge, you know, but but you all just just stay tuned on that. If you have any tiling or needs to be done or pattern tile and stuff don't give 01:15 a don't hesitate to give these folks call. from ads to McCain Brothers Contracting Thank you.

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