Upgrading to a 20-inch Planter with the John Deere ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System
23 Apr 241m 58s

Kelly is breaking in a new-to-him ExactEmerge Planter with ExactRate Liquid Fertilizer System. He explains what he likes about the "new" planter and why he decides to switch to 20-inch spacings in his soybeans.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly GA from Extreme Ag. This is an exciting video. It's the first planning video of Spring 2024. 00:07 I'm in the tractor today with my brother-in-Law, Cory Rice. We started plant beans yesterday. 00:12 It's a brand new planter, brand new to us. It's a 1795 John Deere. It's a 40 foot planter on 20 inch rows. 00:20 We went from 15 inch rows to twenties for the first time in my life for the simple reason of residue management. 00:25 15 inch rows, of course, have two toolbars. So you got a front set of units and a back set of units. And to get those units to all pass 00:33 through our no-till residue was a challenge. We tried not having row cleaners. We tried different designs or styles of row cleaners 00:40 and nothing ever seemed to really satisfy us. And as the corn yields go up and the plant health goes up, 00:46 it became a bigger and bigger problem. That planter was starting to get some age on it, some wear. So when we traded, we traded into a 20 inch planter. 00:53 We worked with Van Wall out of Dennison, Iowa, Ryan Morgan, Ryan Sonen. 00:58 Great group of guys up there. Were really happy. I came out here to ask Cory what he thinks about the planter. 01:03 It's an exact emerge planter with exact rate. So, Cory, what do you think? I think this planter is awesome. This is easy to use. 01:11 Everything came on. The planter implemented straight from John Deere. Way easier than anything we've had before. 01:18 Cory and I have been working together since 2015 or 16. We added in furrow to the planters in 2017, 2018. But it's always been an outside system 01:28 that we've put on the planter, be it the two by two or the in furrow on this planter. Of course, we'll have in furrow on our soybean planter, 01:34 but it's, it's exact right. It's from John Deere factory implemented. Cory's saying it's awesome. 01:40 It's awesome. Easy to use. We, uh, took the planter out to the field yesterday. Cory and Richie had a couple adjustments, 01:46 but, uh, it's going full steam ahead and everybody here at Garrett Atlanta cattle's pretty happy.

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