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Chad Henderson has been applying sugar to his crop well before it was a "thing." In fact, before it was commercially available for agriculture use, Chad got his supply from the local warehouse supermarket until they stopped selling it to him as they thought he was making illegal whiskey.He knows it increases yield, but is he right? We ask the experts at Teva Corporation: why corn needs sugar?

00:00 Hey there, extreme AG coming at you from Chad Henderson's farm and his Supply shed. We're standing in front of and next 00:06 to a skid of 50 pound bags of sugar. We're gonna talk about why they use sugar as an input how they use it and what the results are. Yes sugar as 00:15 an input. This is not something that was grown on your farm Chad. You do not you're not grow sugar cane you're not grow sugar beets you 00:21 use this and put it on your crops. All right, before we talk about what these bags contain. Why do you use sugar? Well, we're using it for is we like 00:30 it as a book it helps to buffer some of the herbicides and things that nature and and also we're trying to increase 00:36 the levels into plant. This thing is, you know back to the days of school and photosynthesis it needs sugar. 00:41 so this is part of that process it is just Taking up we can put it on the ground or on the planter which whichever way but we use it Caleb and Mark Couture with Teva Corporation. 00:50 This is their sugar product that Chad uses. All right, what's in this bag Caleb as it means if I go and go to Kroger and buy me a bag of domino sugars that 00:59 what's in this? No, sir. So this is a 50 pound bag granular cold process molasses sugar. So it's gonna 01:08 it's cold prices not heat process like what you're gonna get like go Kroger get your sugar there and like Chad said we're chasing that energy getting that 01:15 sugar level up in the plant helping reduce a little bit stress mark, I think I was at like the Kentucky soybean association meeting 01:21 that I spoke at 12 years ago, and they had one of these kind of out there guys get up on stage and talk about going out and spraying sugar 01:30 on his crops. And I thought what the hell is this? When do we start doing this and why look anytime you want energy in the plant? That's what sugar is 01:39 all about. We're trying to energize the plant sugar in the plants the gasoline in your car. So with 01:44 Sugar Granite you got more energy. So we're always chasing energy. So you get cloudy days and things like that when it's not doing photosynthesis. 01:50 It's needing an extra boost to Sugar We're giving it some extra sugar to take care of and as Caleb has taught me as a plant biologist. The first thing a plant does every day is make sugar. So 01:59 if we go in there and we give it some sugar maybe it frees up 10 of them workers to go do something else like get nutrients and 02:05 stuff and help you on your yield because it doesn't have to produce as much sugar. So that's what we're chasing. We're chasing that to put on just 02:11 a basically enhance the the energy level in the plant, you know, we did not go out and spray sugar onto our crops when we were kids. When did this start? 02:20 Well this started buying sugar from them when I got run out of Costco and get a pallet of sugar. Yeah. They're gonna follow you. That's right. We're making waste. No 02:30 we started this man. I don't know this is doing the first products that I bought from tea the corporation, you know, I don't know 10 years ago. Yeah, probably any really affordable 02:40 price. Yeah, and it's just a good Being agent is easy to use it mixes. Well, it's no mixing, you know pre-mixing. I 02:50 mean I dump it I've tried every way I don't think top of the tank. I double mixing that I mean it mixes really 02:56 well. It's just one of those ads if you know, we've talked a whole two or three days here that the podcast that we've 03:02 done and and stories we've told and it's always about a systems approach. This is part of the system's approach you put this in the tank when you go out with herbicide 03:11 you put this in the tank you got fun just like when you putting the stuff out there both, okay and even wide drop we're jumping 03:17 in tank then we're just feeding along. And again, it's a systems approach that we have with Mark and Caleb here. Why would 03:23 he talks about systems and compatibility and convenience? He likes to make sure that everything works in concert with the 03:29 other stuff that happens on Henderson Farms here. Why would he ever have a problem or would he ever have a problem and using sugar 03:35 Not Really Gonna? I so one of the first things I did when I started working with my dad is I went and I want to know what the limit was how much you could get in. 03:44 In water before you have an issue of it not dissolving. I got up to 10 pounds into a single gallon a cold water 03:50 before I had to start agitating. Okay, so I mean an obviously it's a absurd rate sure. No, so really you you're 03:56 not gonna have any issues of how much are you normally putting on Chad. We're usually putting on anywhere from a half a pound to a pound 04:02 and a half and this is on every crop. Well, yes, this is and this is all the time meaning and really we use it. It's ease 04:08 of use, you know, if I got a Hundred Acre load on my sprayer double dump one day that's gonna be half pound of one bag again. 04:14 I'm going okay, and so it's it's kind of again. It's it's easy. Use there you ask, you know, is there too much? Yeah, there's too much of anything you can over to I 04:23 would never go over then, you know a pound and a half at one given time, you know, I would either split apply use it meaning multiple times 04:29 and over per application. It would be the max height, you know, but I would normally we run a half a pound a pound in any application and we may do five six 04:38 seven of different ones of those throughout the growing season depending on how you're pushing the crop and what you're growing and stuff. 04:44 Results, what do we see? Well, if you I'm you know, I'm we're marked my trophy where you ask the one thing. I've told it before he's 04:50 gonna be a terrible salesman. If you take this out there you just spray the sugar you may never see results from it. Again. It's a systems 04:56 approach. Um, because we've done a lot of Trials now. Well, I really can't find it. I can't find it. So I can't find it on one Farm you Matt on the other Farm you will and it's about the 05:05 year. So you get a year bunch of cloud. Oh, you might get a great Boost from it. You get a year that's been full sunshine and we 05:11 ain't got no rain. You may not see nothing from it. So it's again, it's just something we usually found it to work one time. We get 05:17 good increase one time. We don't but it's that system still when you pile this with other products that we get from them. Then we start seeing increase. Can we pick it apart and 05:26 say it's this and it's listening. It's this these guys will tell we've done enough trial work and they have too it's hard to ever pick 05:32 one product out of it. That's why we can collaborate to get products. We do have we do have University trials where it's just sugar trial. So you go to our website. You can pick up that information 05:41 you're talking I go to thativa. Tiva Corp. Keep a and it'll have a lot of that trial work where it's just been sugar. What is what is the most you've ever seen from it? 05:50 Like in we did cotton council did a study a two year study on it up there in Southeast Missouri and it would run around 80 pound an acre, you know 05:59 on cotton and stuff 80 pounds and all the difference was sure and he tested it of new yield. Yes of additional you 06:05 yeah, and it was tested against several different other sugars and that's all they tested, you know, but Chad's right look Sugar by itself 06:11 is not out there to increase it five bushel Sugar's out there to feed that plant to give it the energy so that it can increase the five bushel. So it's not it everything 06:20 that will take in TV. We're not about selling you one product. It is a systems approach to everything that everything works 06:26 handing glove together and you got this hand sugar is just one piece of that. Then you got all the others dollars and sense. You're 06:32 you know, we're all about business here at extreme egg. How much my spending to get that 06:38 plant Vigor that we're talking about and makes that plant can do the uptake like Caleb spoke about how much my spending About a buck an acre a little bit over a buck an acre for 06:47 a half pound of the deal. I treat this once or do I do it multiple times Well, we do it every time you go across the field. I'm gonna go through a whole crop it and on the majority microbes. Okay, 06:56 like we get into contest of you know, Mark's like I don't know about that, you know, but when we get into normal production crops, every time I go across field, I'm at 07:05 that rate anywhere from a third of a pound to a pound. And again, it's according to what that bag does. I rarely split a bag 07:11 I just dump a whole bag. Okay, and it is what it is. I mean with a like I said when I go across the spray and I'm putting one bagging 100 07:17 Acre Road, we're coming 50 cents today got it. It's an acre and it's it's one of those deals. It's complementary to whatever else you're doing you view 07:26 this as the thing that has to compliment every tank and make it all work. He's Caleb Coots and he's Mark Coots and he's an I'm 07:32 Damian Mason. You know what the next time you see us we're gonna be in the field actually looking at a plant to do a little bit of a discussion 07:38 and a description of how the sugar works. So the next time you see us we're going to be in the field. We're gonna be actually analyzing Plant to see what the sugar does so stay tuned.

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