Xyway - Do's And Don'ts For Using This Game Changing Fungicide
25 Feb 2227 min 20 sec

In 2021 FMC launched Xyway, a systemic fungicide engineered to be applied at planting as a tank mix with starter fertilizer. 95% of the farms that used the product saw great results. But those farmers who applied Xyway in-furrow, especially in cool, damp soil, experienced germination issues. Iowa farmer, Kelly Garrett, having heard of this potential issue through XtremeAg users, opted for a 2x2 application (2 inches deep and 2 inches away from the seed bed). His farm saw a 26 bushel yield bump using Xyway AND he didn’t have to perform a second fungicide treatment mid-Summer. Kelly is joined by FMC’s Gail Stratman to explain what we’ve learned about an effective and convenient fungicide. 

Presented by Advanced Drainage Systems.

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