Why Seed Fails & What To Do When It Does
5 Apr 2326 min 8 sec

Face it, with so many seed companies vying for your business, no seed rep will tell a farmer it’s their fault when their stand suffers. But Kelly Garrett says oftentimes it comes down to operator error. He shares his advice for avoiding a “seed failure” which might really be a planting error. Kelly also shares — based on experience — how to salvage a wounded crop without the expense of replanting. Integra’s B.J. Schaben and Mark Menke, on the other hand, say conditions at time of planting and other factors are often to blame for a bad stand. You’ll enjoy this discussion as it rekindles the debate over nature versus nurture. The big takeaway, according to Kelly is this: When your crop is amazing seed gets too much credit, when your crop underperforms, your seed takes too much of the criticism.

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