Why Calcium Should Be A Bigger Part of Your Fertilizer Budget
17 May 2317 min 56 sec

Kelly Garrett’s Iowa farm fields are saturated with calcium, whereas Kevin Matthews’ North Carolina fields are calcium deficient. Yet, they both apply a quart of calcium per acre. Why? Because calcium is a limiting factor for both farmers. Kevin and Kelly discuss with Damian Mason, the role of calcium as a mover of nutrients and more importantly, talk about what they are doing to get it into the plant.

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00:01 Welcome to extreme AGS cutting the curved podcast where you get a guaranteed return on investment of your time as we 00:10 cut your learning curve with the information. You can apply to your farming operation immediately extreme AG, 00:16 we've already made the mistakes so you don't have to managing. Your Farm's Water Resources is a critical component to a successful 00:25 and sustainable farming operation Advanced Drainage Systems helps Farmers, just like you increase their yields up to 30% with their technologically advanced 00:35 Water Management products visit ads pipe.com to see how they can keep your business flowing. 00:43 Now, here's your host Damien Mason. Well greens are welcome to another fantastic episode of Extreme as cutting the curve. We are asking the question and 00:52 better yet. We're not ask the question. We're telling you the answer why calcium should be a bigger part of your fertilizer budget 00:58 why calcium should be a bigger part of your fertilizer budget. Was going to ask the question is calcium a 01:05 big enough part of your fertilizer budget, but both of my contributors and founders of extreme mag. 01:11 That's Kelly Garrett and Kevin Matthews before I hit the record button said no, we're gonna tell them why calcium should be a bigger part of the fertilizer budget. I'll start 01:20 off with Kevin because you said calcium is my limiting factor, and now I'm getting enough movement and after we get to that we're going to get to referencing what we heard about 01:29 how Kelly is really made calcium a big priority his place. So what's the deal? I've been I've been to North Carolina. I looked 01:37 around I didn't see a shortage of calcium. What's the deal? So the deal is is we got high Max oils 01:45 here and very low calcium in our souls and this this great if you want to make bricks Pine albrit companies done a 01:54 really good job. They made a lot of money selling bricks for my red clay. 01:59 At lunch today. I had a neighbor. He said my grass didn't grow good. He said they didn't put lime on it last year said you supposed to lie on 02:08 every year and I said, well are they using the right line? He says what difference does it make I said, well has it 02:14 got calcium in it. I said we need to be you need to be focusing at calcium. We're loosen the soil up get better. So Stephanie at agric liquids when she 02:23 and I was talking about our field day because there are fertilized company that we do the testing board to build a day and we're trying to learn what works in the Piedmont 02:32 area and one thing that you look so she's given we need to get some calcium. In this plant food early on and 02:41 said it can really enhance and said we'll spend less dollars on the mp&k and put more money on this side and we we 02:50 should be a lot more sustainable and do a lot better job and get a better yield and well actually, yeah, I 02:56 never thought about putting it there because we you know, we're trying to put calsetic climb out and just now all that's enough, you know, 03:05 you need to get it right there real plan available right in that root Zone. And so we started doing that. It's pretty 03:11 interesting. One thing by the way, I want to get to with you. I wrote down a whole list of topics that I want to record on and 03:20 you said once your closest your nearest source of lime is probably the wrong source of life and I swear that's something I want to get to since 03:29 you talked about. Your neighbor lining is I'm not sure who lines their yard, but apparently you have neighbors that are very very into the 03:35 oh the best long competition in the south, Florida retires. Think their goal or they don't really retire they 03:44 just get to the point. They're helped on allowing the work like they want to but their goal is to mow grass. I mean 03:50 it no matter where I park something dad's gonna mow grass and blow it up on the wheels and just coat it down and then they go fertilize the 03:56 food out of it. That's never what grass when we was a kid. We had to move that's interesting because my wife won't let me mow the yard. She tells me specifically I mow 04:05 grass like a farmer. I said what he means like you just look like you're trying to get it done like you don't really care about how aesthetically pleasing it is and and she's right. All 04:14 right white calcium should be a bigger part of your fertilizer budget. I've learned a bunch about calcium. We are standing by your grain bins behind your shop Kelly and 04:23 we were looking at this field and we recorded and that's where you introduce me to a product called liberate CA you're talking about putting it through your drip. The thing 04:32 is that was an experiment and you talked a lot about movement of nutrients and I learned a whole bunch that day movement of nutrients requires calcium calcium. 04:41 Helps nutrients move, but it also doesn't have to come through the drip. So expand upon that if you would please Is a double positive charge cation and 04:51 it gets tied up in our soils and I find it. So interesting, you know, Kevin doesn't have enough calcium. I've got too much. It's really my biggest 05:00 yield limiting factor here because being a double charge ion it wants to get neutral in the soil. So it's going to tie up everything it can 05:09 and specifically probably my phosphorus and things like that. But what I find so frustrating is I've got so much of it in my soil but yet it's not plan available 05:18 and I've become of the opinion now that I've Never Gonna Get Enough calcium magnesium or sulfur because they're all double charged 05:27 sulfur's double negative calcium and magnesium or double positive. I never gonna get enough of those nutrients 05:33 into my plant through the soil. I have to supplement all of them. 05:37 Because otherwise, they get tied up so fast, they're not available. So that's why liberate is such an important product to me. 05:43 I'll put it through the drip. I'll put it in furl and I'll apply it foliar and count, you know a cation is something I 05:49 always want to apply at the vegetative time. So liberate CA is on every Acre Corner beans and 05:55 Furrow and it's going to be on every acre of post cam application as well. 05:59 Is it the only source of calcium you use? Yes, and then the the person that says this is Way Beyond 06:09 me I don't have drip you just plainly said you can put it info and you put it over the top. Exactly. Okay, you need help. You need a spoon feed at 06:17 supplement it because you got to have something you got to have a coming along all the time. You know, you've always got to have it there. 06:24 Kevin Kelly talked about the chemistry aspect of he actually got a little over my head there for a second doubles double positives double 06:30 negatives, you know in verb conjugation. I don't know the next thing he's gonna start diagramming sentences about gerunds and participle phrases. But the point is I kind 06:40 of got what his point is he's because the person that down the road says why the hell are we going on adding calcium? We've already got a bunch of calcium in the soil and his point 06:49 was it's there. It's not available. You don't have that problem. Yours is not only not available. It's yours is not available because you don't 06:55 even have it. Yeah, that's not there. But the point of it was we should have paid attention more in school. That's probably a fact. All 07:02 right. So what oh, So we're asking the question. We're actually making a statement why calcium should be a bigger part of your fertilizer budget. Here's the thing. Are we talking 07:12 about a lot of money? I mean or is it more like this is one of those where you're you're saving a buck, but it's costing 07:18 you 10 kind of thing because you're not paying attention to calcium. Is that more the right way looking at the application rate would be like a court and 07:24 I think the retails about eight dollars for a court. Okay, so and again then someone's gonna say yeah, but you know what every time I tune in you're talking eight dollars here 07:34 six dollars there eleven dollars here that all adds up. Am I getting my bang for my you know, I'm also talking about I'm 07:40 not gonna do it unless I get a lead at least a three to one return. Okay. So you think that you can easily punch out a $24 07:46 for eight dollar and investment. Is that true Kevin? Yeah. I've no Kelly a long time and if he 07:53 ain't making money. Fifth, hey be nice to make money. Yes, I think his word on this. I've noticed that about that guy. He likes to make money. Um, 08:04 what's your your situation different? Do you have to put more in because you don't even have the calcium to start with or is it the same rate? Are you doing the same rate in North Carolina as he's 08:13 doing in Northwest, Iowa? Yeah, we're running the core is what we're running this same rate and and we're all so, you know, we're we're running. 08:22 Cal State of climb we're running gypsum, we're running poultry litter layer litter which is high in calcium as 08:28 well. So we're we're trying to get everything and what farmers are great at messing things up. I'm one of the best I'll again I will end up but 08:37 too much calcium out there and animal have to fight that like killing them do so. I've you know, 08:43 it's just if a gallon's good, let's put two gallons. Yeah, right. Well, that's you know, what you guys aren't the worst. We got a guy named Chad and a guy named Temple that they think 08:52 if a hundred miles an hour is good 300 mile an hour has to be three times better. So they're all about it. You've mentioned something 08:58 to the person that's not ever used chicken litter you because the average person wouldn't think that chicken manure 09:04 has calcium in it. You said later to the person that maybe that went like was a little bit of a question mark explain that please 09:11 well, that's the eggs and Lay eggs, and you know your eggs that saves the time calcium so they're gonna feed them chickens 09:21 a lot more calcium to make a better egg shell and that's that's what your why that's normally higher. 09:29 Got it, uh uptake issues when we were behind the green bins Kell at your place. You talked about calcium helps everything else move. That was new to me. 09:38 Can you can't touch on it? Calcium is the trucker of seven minerals into the plant seven nutrients into the 09:46 plant. And right now I apologize. I'm unprepared and Evans is not here. I cannot remember all seven of those nutrients, but that's what what Evans and I talk about it 09:55 is the trucker of seven different nutrients into the plant and if you don't know because you're new to listen to the 10:01 extreme AG stuff. Mike Evans is the residents. He's a resident granamus for Garrett Landing Cattle and I love the guy. He also he he oftentimes 10:10 uses Sports analogies. He's the one that gave the foreman of the factory and the factory workers analogy. He's the car battery 10:19 and giving it a charge and a jump start Matt. He's good with analogies almost Parables like he's like that old sage on the 10:28 hill where you go up to him and he says, well, there's one some man who anyway he's got 10:34 to do that to dominate down so I can understand it because he's so far over my head when it comes to this. I appreciate he does that 10:40 I said, The smart one and I'm the good looking one. That's what I tell him. So here's the thing. If you 10:46 look this you nod your head if you're watching you might be going question. All right, Kevin, we're gonna get out of 10:52 here and we don't spend all day by this, but I think it's really an interesting thing. I've learned more about calcium. 10:57 When I joined extreme mag and started working with you guys producing this stuff. I learned more about boron than I ever thought I'd learn about and I 11:03 found out that Chad Chad like sleeps with a I think he sleeps with a like a pillow that's got the Boron chemical, you know symbol on it. He loves boring. Let's 11:12 talk about born all that Boron zinc sulfur. These are things that we never cared about 30 40 50 years ago. We really didn't 11:20 calcium is the same way. You guys are talking about it being so critically important. Is it the most critical of the 11:28 microbes? I think our synergistic the balance is what so important is getting everything balanced. 11:38 What would you say good ones? You said once killing that there's no such thing as depleted soils or soil a lot of balance. There's calcium a big component of that. 11:47 Yes, it is. And again, you know, like when I talk about a double charge what that means to me is it's just very aggressive and when you put it in the soil it 11:56 it's gonna get tied up. And so that's why we've got to apply it in the furrow or foliar to make it 12:05 plan available and I I I don't think I would ever say that one nutrient is more important than the other because it's like Kevin said we we're 12:14 trying to balance. So they're all important to to get into balance. We want to trying to achieve that perfect balance, which is infinitely variable. 12:23 We're never going to get to Perfection but great strides can be made we're a long way from the potential. 12:29 Kevin you got chicken litter that has a component of calcium in it. You've got liberate CA from 12:35 Agro liquid. Is there another source of calcium that you're using because you have such a 12:41 Shortage of it or your your soils or just deficient in it? Yeah, we use gypsum and then we also use calcitic 12:51 lime. Okay, you said yeah, it comes from a quarry down on the Atlantic Ocean and I tell 13:00 people it's basically ground up seashells for this about 15 miles off Coast last thought on 13:06 this when you said I want to do a whole subject not your closest live sources. You're probably your worst lime Source. I thought that was 13:12 an interesting thing your truck your truck and lime in from several hundred miles away. 13:17 Yeah, our alarm cost, you know just buying the lines 12 14 dollars a ton, but then we got forty dollars a ton and Freight. So I prayed 13:26 as our that's expensive but it's it's the right product and it makes a difference. I think that we honestly need to do a whole a whole entire recording just about 13:36 that because that's such a big topic that we don't want to get into it's we're talking more about calcium. All right, so use five different sources of calcium, it sounds like to be and then the next 13:45 thing is because I maybe I'm I need to be educated. Is there a crop that needs it worse than others. In other words you guys throughout the thing about a court 13:54 per acre is one crop need double that and only half that is it matter from wheat to corn to soybeans to Cotton to whatever else. 14:02 I I can't I don't believe so, but I can't answer I could be wrong. I've never researched different. I'm new enough 14:09 at it Damian that I've not researched different levels into different crops yet. Every time we go out. We're putting a cord 14:15 on which begs the question Kevin and he's willingly admitting that we're new at using Carol Stream. We found out 14:21 how important it is, but maybe we're still like in the first inning of this because we were not really sure that we're even doing it right we're doing better than most that 14:30 don't even think about Calcium deficiency, but we may be still or not as precision as we need to be. Is that an accurate assessment? Oh absolutely five years from now. We'll 14:40 be looking back. We're like, you know, hey, look what door that opens, you know the count we learned about the calcium. We got we figured out how to balance that 14:49 and then we opened this other door and it's just all going process, but it's just so cool to be in the game. 14:56 Yeah, I think that that's maybe where this thing goes like a year from now. I hope that we're doing a trial and that's one of 15:02 the questions we seek to answer. Do you need varying degrees? Like we've done variable nitrogen at Garrett Land 15:08 and Cattle we've done variable planting rates is the next thing gonna be variable calcium applications because 15:14 of yield or crop or soil. I agree that that at some point I could see where we're in some way. You know, it's hard 15:23 when it's all in the same container or you know on the same deal, but we'll be variable rating everything. Yeah, so 15:29 that's the next level of management it is and I think that's exciting to talk about actually to be honest. I'm almost kind of excited right now about that. I hope you are too dear listener viewer. All 15:38 right, why calcium should be a bigger part of your fertilizer budget Kevin and Kelly just kind of admitted it. We're not there yet. It's the 15:44 beginning. It's the first inning or two about this but one thing that you guys both swear by calcium should be a bigger party for fertilizer 15:50 budget. Yes. You absolutely. Kevin took a little Kevin took a little yawn. You can see that he's this rain day the game a little pause from planting. He's kind of he's like a 16:00 little tired. All right, that's okay. Maybe 50 years old. He's been working hard. He's tired. Yeah, we've been going at it for today hour, but 16:09 we're actually been working on planners all day today, too. All right. So if you're listening to this, you can't see that but Kevin's 16:15 coming from the shop The Sparrows are singing in the background Kelly's got to Kelly's got to get around. I'm glad that they 16:21 both took time out from planting and on a little bit of a rain delay to get these recorded. I know you appreciate it. We we told you why calcium should be a bigger part of your 16:30 fertilizer budget or more importantly we answered. The question is calcium enough of your fertilizer budget. I think you heard 16:36 enough to hear that. Yes indeed concentrate on calcium. That's Kelly Garrett. That's Kevin Matthews to the original founder of extreme AG you can find so much awesome information 16:45 extreme agnot Farm go there share it with someone that can appreciate this. You know, what we've got stuff on Facebook. We got stuff on Twitter and we've got the platform extreme ag.farm. 16:54 You can also check out our videos on the Acres TV Digital streaming media platform. And if you want to take this to the next level become an 17:03 extreme AG member at 750 bucks a year, you will not get any bigger bang for your buck then becoming a member of extreme egg. 17:11 You will learn more about what's going on with our Agro liquid stuff. Check out our field day calendar. We are going to be at a few of these guys Farms during the next several 17:17 months May in in Chad Henderson and in June, we're gonna be at Kelly gears. Check it out till next time. Thanks for being here. I'm Dave Mason on behalf of extreme that's a 17:26 wrap for this episode of cutting the curve, but there's plenty more check out extremead dot Farm 17:32 where you can find past episodes instructional videos and articles to help you squeeze more profit out 17:38 of your farm cutting. The curve is brought to you by Advanced Drainage Systems the leader in agriculture Water Management Solutions.

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