What is a health agent and does your crop need one?
13 Jun 2213 min 26 sec

We've heard of secret agents and talent agents, but what is a plant health agent? And more importantly, do you really need one? Damian talks with Matt Miles and Trey Curtis from Concept Agritek about a 40 acre trial they are running with a new product called Bio Health that coats the plant with hundreds of different strains of bacteria and fungi that increases photosynthesis, respiration and keep the plant from having a a bad day. The theory being that if the plant is healthy it will defend itself from any stressors. So does this mean you don't need a costly fungicide?

00:00 Hey extreme ad coming at you from McGee Arkansas where we are standing in a cornfield owned by our own Matt miles. 00:06 There's an experiment going in this field that we're really excited to tell you about. It's with a new product holds a lot 00:12 of Promise. The product is called biohealth and the company that created biohealth is concept agrotech. The CEO of concept 00:21 agrotech. Trey Curtis is standing here with us to give us the whole explanation. First off. What is biohealth? 00:27 So mile health is a plant Health agent that basically gives you season long plant Health from the time. It's applied. I 00:36 think we applied here at V5. Yeah all the way to Black layer and corn same way on soybeans will do the same kind of application early 00:45 on tank mixed with a herbicide. We'll do it again when you would normally put a fungicide on we'll give you season long plant Health control. All right, so what you do so far 00:54 and then when you're gonna do the next thing where this Corn's about this tall you treated this how recently yeah last week. We traded it 01:00 with, you know, just our traditional self-propelled sprayer and put one application on at that 01:06 point. Okay, and it was in the tank mix with other stuff. Yes. Okay, and no compatibility issues it mixes just 01:12 fine all that. Yeah. So bio health is your first year of using it? Yes, sir. How big is our trial? This child's 40 01:18 acres? Okay, 40 acres trial and what do you want to see basically what the plant you know the product design for plant Health that anytime you can reduce stress. 01:27 Plant you increase yield and and plant health is the number one, you know good plant health is a number one way to reduce stress. So, you know, 01:36 we're excited to see it. It's an economical product all the research in the data that that tray is 01:42 done on it. So far has been very positive. It's gonna compete with a lot of products that that we're spending money on that we could probably save money and use this product in 01:52 addition in instead of that one tray. You call the biohealth a plant Health agents and I'm gonna just say, all right. What's that 02:02 mean? Exactly plant Health agents? Yeah. So like secret agent. I got you know Showbiz agents. What's a plant Health agent? So what bile health is going to 02:11 do is several different things and you want that plant to mature correctly. You want it to be healthy every day. 02:17 You never want your plant to have a bad day. So there's a lot of stresses. There's an insect stress disease stress heat stress, you know drought stress. 02:26 There's all these stress. So, how do we make that plant healthy? Let me give you a leaf and tell you how this plant work how this works is there's 02:34 hundreds of different strains of bacteria and fungi that we're going to spray and apply on the plant just like we did then and so what's going 02:43 to happen is they're going to grow with the plant. And so what they do is is they do a few different things one. They increase 02:49 photosynthesis which increases chlorophyll production. They also increase respiration, which is dramatically important to controlling 02:58 the temperature in the plants, especially when you get down here in McGee and we got a hundred degrees and it's hot and dry. You don't want that plant rolling up. You don't 03:07 want it to have a bad day. And then also all the other pressures that you have that may be 03:13 microbial or not. You're gonna have that beneficial fun. John bacteria on there for over four 03:19 weeks talk about 30 days plant Health control against about any stress it hits it over four weeks. So we put this out of me five. 03:27 Is going to take us to tassel right? We'll absolutely you you'll take you to tassel. And then we're going to be looking to hit another application when you would normally apply with 03:36 the fungicide you'd hit but you know bio health again and that should take you all the way to Black layer. Yeah, so get another four weeks out of that you'd be a black layer. So once it 03:45 B5, once it pretasso right at tassel should carry us the whole year. Yeah Trey you said that you wanted this product definitely get applied twice. Yes. We had some 03:54 experimentation. Maybe last season we're only got put on once didn't have the results to two applications and 04:00 what we looking at. What we're looking at a very good Roi and here's the great thing about this this product right? Because I've been 04:08 in this business for 35 years. And before I got into this I was in the sea business and there was always that question, you know. Hey, do I spray a fungicide? Do I not spray a fungicide? Is it 04:17 gonna help do I sprayed on this this plant? I sprayed on this variety does spray on this hybrid. I'm not seeing any disease, 04:23 you know, this is not a fungicide. It's a plant Health agent. So if I can keep that plant healthy in the way nature intended to be that plant 04:32 will defend itself against pretty much any and all stresses and that stress mitigation is going to last us the whole night. So Matt 04:41 can sleep and not worry about man. Should I have done this or should I have done that or is that plant gonna be healthier? What am I going to do next week when it's 100 degrees. You know, 04:50 I know how Farmers think I've been around my whole life and I know exactly what the the person right now that's just a little bit, you 04:59 know saying this is kind of cool, but I'm not sure. Because what I need to know is and he's gonna ask the question. Does biohealth replace fungicide 05:08 does it replace one decides? Can I just use this stuff and not have to spend my money on these expensive fungicides? Well, I'm not gonna say that because hey, it's number one. It is not a 05:17 labeled fungicide. It is a plant Health agent. You may get in a certain circumstances in certain areas where the the fungal pressure is. Just so bad. You're gonna need 05:26 one where it even overcomes a a healthy plant. So I'm not saying that that's something that you can totally get away with the goal. Here is is to keep that plant 05:35 as healthy as it possibly can to overcome most any and all plant stresses, but there might be a time when you have to apply fungicide to 05:44 Aid in on that. So there may be a situation though in a normal situation where we don't have extreme weather which that don't happen much that that this would keep the plant healthy enough 05:53 to fend off the diseases to where you wouldn't need to find your side. Is that what you think that could be a possibility? Absolutely. So this is our third year test and we are on hundreds of thousands of 06:02 Acres all across the United States corn soybeans. Eat cotton and then also specialty crops now you're already on hundreds of hundreds of 06:11 thousands Acres. You just named about six different Commodities or the more more than exactly we're probably on over 500 different 06:17 Farms Across the Nation with this product and what we have seen over the last few years specifically last year in the 06:23 year before is that even in heavy disease pressure we did as good or as you know yield wise and profitability wise as your fungicides 06:32 not just keeping the plant healthy. The other thing is if it matures the proper way your beans are easier to cut, you know, because a lot of times when you 06:41 spray with a synthetic they're harder to cut it's corn stays Greener even though it's dryer so it's easier to combine. So that's kind of what we're seeing two years 06:50 ago when we have less stress. Yeah Greener. Yep, but the girls are dryer. Yes, if it matures the way nature intended 06:58 it to be when you're at that 22 to 25% moisture. You should still have pretty green corn not brown corn. If you do have brown corn at that that something happened. It 07:07 did not mature the way it's supposed to. Well that's Vantage in this field. I would just fixing to say that you know, our perfect 07:13 goal is to have a green plant with a mature ear, you know that gets you full amount of test weight, you know, if that mature that ears mature and that plant still some 07:22 what green that they're still nutrients left there if the if it's dead kind of blast itself, you know, like what typical people think corn is it look like yeah, did 07:31 that here miss some nutrients that didn't get in it because the planet are it kind of Lies itself. So The Greener the plant 07:38 And the more mature of the year, you know, you've got everything in that ear you could have possibly put in there to increase test. We're not 07:44 talking about 35% moisture corn. We're still talking about getting in that and that's what for Harvest in the mid 20s low 20s, man. 07:50 If I walk out there in my corns mid 20s to 20 and it's still got some green in it. I know we've done the right job on plant Health. What do you expect to see here, man? 07:59 You know corner with this our first year with it, but with the products we've used before with concept of agrotech. Most everything that trays 08:05 told us is gonna happen that will happen. I mean, we've got a standard program on our rice. That's eight bushel an 08:11 acre increase. We we researched it for probably what three to four years. Yep. We forget we quit research and just do the whole 08:17 Farm sure. We'll get you excited about bio health and I know you're bias, we'll get you excited about this first off. I'm hearing biological Yes. Actually you told me where it's 08:26 manufactured supply chain shouldn't be as much of an issue because we may get all here in the United States. It's all made in Charleston, Missouri, 08:32 right right here. So supply issues are not a problem for us the other great thing about this product. It's by logical. 08:40 And literally you could pour it all over Matt. It's not going to bother him a bit, you know, a lot of these things that we're trying to not use are are synthetics 08:49 that are going into the soil. So we always talk about soil Health we talk about plant Health, but guess what? We're still using all 08:55 these synthetic, you know pesticides if we can keep that plant healthy where they're not quite needed as much then then a we're gonna have a healthier soil which 09:04 in turn is going to give you a healthier plant, you know, even with our other products like bunch of bugs and all that. There is 09:10 a cumulative effect of increasing your biological products and decreasing the synthetic products you're using in the soil. So we get that that Soul Health 09:20 we get that plant Health. We're doing more plant Health stuff. We just keep seeing better and better plant health and less, you know stress is on 09:29 the plant. The problem is the product is plant health and so health and the promise the product is it's not nasty stuff. We're not touching some of this terrible old-fashioned chemistry 09:38 that used to just you know, new guy's out Here and then obviously the other part of it is that it's available. You're making it here in Charleston, Missouri. 09:46 Absolutely the United States made and all that and you know going back to to results the cool thing was two years 09:52 ago when there was not a whole lot of disease in the nation. Guess what we were we were substantially better than the fungicides out there and we've 10:01 got a lot of tests where we split Fields with bile Health First these really high dollar synthetic fungicides 10:07 and guess what we're doing as well in bad disease, you know pressure are better but with low disease pressure and we're winning most 10:16 all talk about money. Yeah. So big say even if you're even if you're equal the cost of application you're making money. So if you get if you get the, you know, 10:25 if you get a positive yield response plus, you know, that's great beyond our eyes. Yeah. It looks like it's going to be a lower cost 10:34 application. And if you if you get the same or better results, you're gonna be happy because of the the Return on investment of what you spent on application 10:43 if this field this trial yields the same as one with fungicide on it. And now, you know exactly the same bushels. I've made money here because you've got less the 10:52 cost of application got it and we've helped the environment by putting out a safe product State keeps us 10:58 more sustainable, you know in the environment less less problems with the soil and better soil Health you excited about the future for 11:04 bio health. Oh my gosh. Yes, we are. We're on a lot of Acres. We got a lot of tests things look phenomenal the last two years. We've actually improved the product because it's 11:13 a biological product. So as we see that maybe we need a little help we can go back to the labs. I know that there's there's always a skeptical Farm operator. That's gonna 11:22 say, yeah. No man. I've heard this song and dance before I've heard the song on this before but we're doing the trial so song and dance ain't gonna matter here another couple 11:28 of months. We're gonna know that's exactly right. Yeah proves in the pudding we're gonna know this is long and answer. This is a real thing. It sounds 11:34 like we got a lot of reason to be optimistic and that's the cool thing about that's why I like being a part of extreme Ag and we started extreme AG 11:40 We can do large scale tests real world farming, you know, nothing against small plot research. I think that's great. But when you take a product like this and put 11:49 it on 40 acres inside 40 acres. It's yeah, you know grower standard practice we get to see what's working. And what's not working. It's always been my gripe about those seed Field Days never once and 11:58 all the seed field days that I've worked have ever been there where they showed you four rows of corn that went from you know here half the 12:04 distance of a football field and then they never said this stuff's terrible it test weights 48 pounds and you know, what looks like it's about 120 bushel. No, they 12:13 never do that. They say oh this stuff's amazing. So 40 acres is a real trial people learn more about bio health. Where do 12:19 they go trick Curtis? You get a concept bag or tech.com. There's a tremendous amount of information on bile Health 12:25 there. There's there's Maps. There's climate Maps. There's yield data against a whole lot of different competitive products 12:31 out there you talk best way to do. It is pick up our phone get a hold of one of our sales people one of our agronomers having come out to you. Explain it. 12:40 Works we like to do it on the farm because this product was made because people like Matt were like, hey, I want 12:46 something healthier for my soil want something healthier for myself. I don't want to be spraying a lot of these stuff that if I 12:52 spill on and I burn myself and you know, things like that, so that's how it's Bay. That's how it's built and that's how you find us and we're also going to 12:58 see thank you concept Agate is the website and also extreme act we're gonna be staying on top of this trial because this is something that Matt's 13:04 pretty excited about and we got a couple other guys, they're working on this so stay tuned extreme AG dot farm for more information like this 13:10 about what we're doing here with bio health. He's Matt miles. He's straight curves. I'm David Mason on behalf extreme egg. Thanks 13:16 for joining us. Stay tuned for more results on this product.

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