To Tissue Sample or Not?
21 Jul 2210 min 6 sec

An estimated 5% or less of all farmers actually engage in regular tissue sampling of their crops. So, if you are not doing it, you are not alone. But that may not make it right. Chad believes in tissue sampling, sort of, and in certain situations, but he certainly does not live or die by the almighty tissue sample when it comes to his farming operation. Chad debates the value of tissue sampling with Agroliquid agronomists Stephanie and Molly and they discuss the best approach to using the information if you decide to tissue sample.

00:00 Greetings here. We are in Chad Henderson's cornfield and we're talking about tissue sampling today. There's gonna be a lot of opinions and 00:06 a lot of different perspectives on tissue sampling. Do you tissue sample? I'm guessing you don't because Molly Alexander who's 00:12 the Southeast Regional grounds for aggro liquid says most people don't Stephanie zelinko National grounds for aggro liquid tells me how many percentage of the farms in America 00:21 are actually doing tissue samples. I would guess less than five percent less than 5% He's Chad Henderson, one of the original fires of extreme Ag 00:27 and he is perspective on tissue sampling is gonna probably make you kind of a little bit amused and also inform. So anyway, let's talk about it. I started with 00:36 extreme egg a year ago and we talked to Great length about man. You got tissue sample and then Matt and Robbo or down there in 00:42 the Delta of Arkansas Chad and they're saying you know, what you got to do you guys there you got this tissue samples. Otherwise, you don't know what's happening in that field. If you 00:48 don't know what's happening field, you're just out there just you know, really nearly throw a nutrients around and you say, 00:54 Good job, Rob. Tissue sampling you did it here on the beginning of June. Tell me about your perspective on tissue sampling. Whoo. This is 01:03 gonna be windy. We're gonna do this real fast. This is my perspective on tissue sampling. This is what it's good for no joke. I mean, we're you fix spots 01:10 in the field you fix things. Obviously if you pull a tissue sample, and it's already something wrong there just starting next year try to 01:16 figure out what's going on. But all it is is a key to fix next year. You're not gonna fix anything in the plant y'all just chime in if I'm 01:22 wrong, but you that's not the case. You don't you're not gonna fix anything to a high yield potential. 01:27 If you're already got a problem and then you call Stephanie to come look at your problem. Then we pull a tissue sample that 01:33 day then we get it back four days later. Then we're going to apply it five days later. Also, we're three weeks later. We were 01:39 lost two weeks from the prop. The thing is it's a lot of variables and tissue sampling is good. It is good. It helps you get a baseline for 01:45 most of my Farms already have that Baseline. We already know what we're going on. Now, we get a new Farm we're gonna do soil and tissue sampling together. We're gonna look at them at the 01:54 same spot and same time through the year to get a faster grip on that new Farm, but for the most 02:00 part going here for my opinion. Pulling tissue sample ever Monday I was gonna do is make you mad. I was holding Molly back. She was 02:08 she was I had told her to breathe a couple times. What's your thoughts tissue sampling? He's wrong. So okay from 02:14 a farmer's standpoint I get to convenience. No, you don't want to be out here all the time and all the variables and things but in today's 02:20 market you have seed that's through the roof fertilizers through the roof nutrient application everything, right? So we're 02:26 spending a 800 dollars to put in the crop of cornbreaker. Okay. So if you're standard of seeing how your crop is doing is Visual and you see that you have a deficiency 02:35 at that point you are way too far behind. So every input that you put at the beginning now you're backtracking. So 02:41 me personally, I like to be proactive farmer instead of a reactive farmer because if I spend all that money up front and I have to wait until I see it a problem. 02:51 It's too late. So if I have to get my little skinny butt out there and pull tissues to measure to get 02:57 to the high yield things maybe not every farmer will do this then that is okay. You can put blanket things out and custom Taylor programs but high 03:05 yield I can't get out there and do it and get you to that point where if somebody do want to for some other 03:12 fifty dollars. You join extreme mag, you're anywhere from Kentucky to Florida. Call me. I'll give you a recipe that will 03:18 cut out that much money and tissue samples. There you the pointy the point is and I'm Molly is a hundred percent. Correct? I'm kidding on 03:27 all that a hundred percent, correct. But until what tissue sampling done for me, is it got me to where 03:33 I had a program that I knew was fail safe until I find that deficient spot. We was just talking about. I have a problem with magnesium. We're trying to fix through that I'm pulling tissue samples 03:42 on two Farms that are five different spots in the field because it's different soul Taps. It's five different spots and it's random teeth you samplings in the same field and 03:51 we're pulling in every 10 days like you're talking about but you're 21 is ideal. That's right. That's why that's just saying 03:57 stuff anybody but I don't think look at I don't think she's been pulling many samples. But anyway, you're standing in the middle of these two 04:03 people that are clearly and by the way, the He's right is what they try and tell you he's the customer and she says wrong. So anyway help matters Stephanie. Well, I do 04:12 tender lean a little closer to Chad and then Molly for this topic, but I like to testing kind of for two main things one Diagnostics. 04:18 So if you have a problem spot in that field in a good spot sample both that helps answer that question. Can you fix it for this year? Probably not to 04:27 get top yield but you maybe can make some corrections but it's gonna help you or helping 04:33 you for next year. So you next year. It's in next year number. The other one is if you want to track over time, but you have to it's really hard because you 04:43 can do that. But you have to be consistent with time of day temperature cloud cover and do tons and tons of samples and then look for those outliers before 04:52 you can get a good trend line on what that is. And that's really only high yield guys that do that and it's a hit 04:58 or miss inconsistent. So what are the best thing I've seen if you're gonna do tissue sample and you're saying I'm gonna teach you something I'm gonna teach you sample one failed or two pills don't 05:06 I do your whole Farms. It'll wear your butt out pick you up pick your phone. Like you're like she's talking about that's a problem farm and a 05:12 high-yield farm and compare the two and make the one drag up. They're 100% correct. But this is what I've done for two years in 05:18 a row and I learned more than I learned on any of the tissue samples. Every time I pull tissue sample. I jotted down the weather just just 05:24 note so the weather I jotted down when the rainfall come and try to tile that together when you get to the end of the year take your five or 05:30 six or eight or twenty five that Molly's gonna pull tissue samples and put them in and graph them down make you a standard bar graph. 05:36 Everybody else do it on computer, but I got the graph sheet and I'm feeling all the numbers in and you do that and you'll see the check marks and 05:42 every time you made application whether it was a phobia pass herbicide where there's a wide drop whether it's rain 05:48 event, you start tying those things together with a rain events and watching the plant move up and down and you'll learn a lot, you know, a lot of this stuff that we talk about here. We're bashing 05:57 teach you samples kind of on and off but it's because we've been through the ringer on a lot of different stuff, you know, Stephanie like 06:03 you understand if it ain't rained in 10 days you're not Going to politician sample. No things don't change. We're gonna make Waypoint rich but nothing's gonna change but the point is 06:12 is that Midwest control the things that you can control and if it does not nothing's changing in the plant nothing is it's not taking anything up and so 06:21 just kind of keep that in the back your mind. And another thing it is a snapshot it is only a snapshot. I mean 06:27 you will get Your butt way out there on a limb running chasing fertilizer. Alright, Jen has obviously a lot of perspective about tissue 06:34 sampling and my wrongs definitely the right the final on this from your standpoint is he's right. It is a snap because things could change. 06:43 He's right. He might be right. He might be right also in that it's better to wait. It's predictive meaning 06:49 we're seeing this deficiency of this problem we can get ahead of it. But even as he pointed out by the time I get you to come 06:55 out because you're three days away and then by the time we get the lab result back, that's another five days and by time he has a freed up hand 07:01 to get out here do this. We've already lost seven to ten days. So it's predictive versus seeing the problem. But he's got a point there. 07:07 We still missed it by two weeks in terms of the practical application. So help me out here Molly. So okay, if you 07:13 can get a guy with no proof prior to seeing a deficiency go out and spend extra seven eight twelve dollars an acre to fix a 07:22 deficiency. He hasn't quite seen yet just by telling him. Hey, you may run into this tell me how often you are gonna get. 07:28 that yes versus if you have a tissue saying here's the reason why you should probably go ahead and spend that money if you're in yield goal is X 07:36 The final if final word final word from Stephanie, then you get the finals final word. There's lots of opinions on tissue tests. And so you have to figure out what's right for your farm. So if you're gonna 07:45 go, you know try to correct every portion of the field. They have a place again. It's gonna be helping for future more so 07:51 than in season that current crop year. You need tissue sampling. If you have not tissue sampling, you need tissue sampling. I'm not gonna say you don't 08:01 but you need tissue them to get your Baseline to make you a smarter farmer about what's going on on your farm instead of listening to the people to coffee shops. And I think I have a sulfur problem. 08:10 I think I have a magnesium problem a calcium problem. You need to do the on-farm tissue sample to get your Baseline. Once you 08:16 get your Baseline, then you can address your problem. So it's a lot of the problems you fixing the tissue sampling is in the fall with fertility 08:22 plan that you got in place whether it's these things so just keep it in Mind of a perspective of what it is and what you're trying to do. Don't let anybody tell you that you need 08:31 to go do this or you need to go that you know, just get your farm where you need to be nice to your question. You can ask me anything 08:37 you do a lot of variation and varieties. Yep. So how much have you seen in changing varieties across these fields 08:43 that you know where your Baseline is that changing varieties adjusted that and to where you either had a tissue or you 08:49 just treat it like the same? Yes. Yes, his answer every Friday when you go out here. So if that's another thing let's tissue test 08:57 for just one more quick second. Here's another thing we don't compare it to your neighbors. They're gonna be sitting here at 24,000 plants for 28,000 plants. You pull tissue 09:06 samples out of 38,000 plants nowhere near the same don't compare them to the new ones only truck dash don't compare to variety variety 09:12 matters According to which one's feeling, you know, some are stuffing it all in the ear. Some are more in the leaf. Some of 09:18 the plants have a factory that's 17 foot tall. Some of them are 10 foot tall. So everything all this matters. So when you 09:24 do it keep it on your farm in your data and I I know this a lot of information we're throwing at you, but all these things matter. All right. So the question was to know because 09:34 you sampler not the tissue sample. It sounds like it. Yeah sort of, you know all the time. All right. She's my Alexander with egg roll liquid Southeast agronomist. She's 09:47 definitely go with aggro liquid and he is Chad Henderson one. Tissue sampler. I've extreme Ag and an adamant 09:54 sometimes Court sort of maybe not also kind of I'm pissed off about tissue sampling guy. That's generous and until next time I'm Damien Mason extreme egg.

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