Taking Back Control: Key Farming Decisions For The Upcoming Year
19 Dec 2337 min 3 sec

In the latest XtremeAg discussion, Bert Riggan of Concept Agritek, along with Temple Rhodes and Damian Mason from XtremeAg, delves into the critical subject of farmers reclaiming control over their farming operations. This insightful conversation addresses a common scenario where farmers, burdened by the multitude of decisions such as product selection, application timing, and agronomic practices, often resort to delegating these choices to Ag retailers or consultants. This delegation, while seemingly convenient, can lead to farmers losing actual control over their farms. Bert Riggan, with his extensive expertise, alongside Temple Rhodes and Damian Mason, explores the reasons behind this trend and offers practical strategies for farmers to take back the reins of their operations. This discussion is a must-watch for any farmer seeking to navigate the complexities of modern agriculture while maintaining autonomy over their decision-making processes.

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