Switching To No - Till & Making It Work At Scale
12 Oct 2137 min 9 sec

Lee Lubbers of Lubbers Farms in Gregory, South Dakota was a no-till pioneer.  In fact, he and his brother attempted to purchase no-till planting equipment back when it was so unpopular, the John Deere dealer refused to order it in for them! The farmers began no-tilling in the 1980s out of necessity — lack of labor, lack of money, lack of equipment.  They also looked at it as a way to better utilize their farm land resource — leaving land fallow for a season to gain moisture was common at the time, and they needed a crop every year.  Today Lubbers’ entire 17,000 acre operation is no-till. How do they do it, what are the benefits and pitfalls, and what do you need to know to succeed while avoiding tillage?  Find out in this episode! 

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