Select Shot In-Furrow Product Performance Review with Kevin Matthews
7 Feb 2345 min 8 sec

CapstanAg’s Select Shot system was trialed in 2022 by three XtremeAg guys. Kevin delivers some feedback based on his two planter comparison — one set up with the SelectShot system, one without. Results: Better utilization of crop inputs. More precise in-furrow application. And the chance to reduce product usage which saves money.  CapstanAg’s Stuart Meacham joins the conversation to explain the technology. One big challenge for tomorrow’s farmer will be environmental compliance and demonstrating judicious usage of inputs. The SelectShot system might help with that.

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00:00 Talking today about capstan Ag and their product select shot three of our guys use this product and it's 00:06 all about Precision absolutely down to the millimeter of where you're placing probably input products at time of 00:15 planting. It's a device that goes on your planter. I'm not the mechanical engineer around here. So I'm gonna let their guy explain it. But the main thing is we got Kevin Matthews here one of the founders 00:24 of extreme AG talk about his experience with it and more importantly not just okay, here's some piece of Machinery we trialed about 00:30 how it helps him utilize products at time of planting more effectively and then the results that he saw Welcome to extremeags cutting the curved podcast 00:41 where you get a guaranteed return on investment of your time as we cut your learning curve with the information. You can apply to your farming operation immediately 00:50 extreme AG, we've already made the mistakes so you don't have to managing. Your Farm's Water Resources is a critical component 00:59 to a successful and sustainable farming operation Advanced Drainage Systems helps Farmers, just like you increase their yields up to 30% 01:08 with their technologically advanced Water Management products visit ads to see how they can keep your business flowing. 01:18 Now, here's your host Damien Mason well greetings and welcome to another fantastic episode of Extreme as cutting the curve. We're recording this dear listener at Christmas 01:27 time. So we've got one year of Trials on this depending on when you're listening. This doesn't really matter. The main thing is you'll know that we're recording this after a 01:36 full season usage and Kevin can speak to that Stuart Meacham is the territory sales manager with capstan ag. He also is a marketing liaison for 01:45 them covering the southeast Stewart was on a previous episode if you'll learn more about the mechanical system. We released that back in April here on the cutting the curb Kevin 01:54 you talked a lot about it on our webinar. You run one two Planters you put this on one tell us about the trial that you did with this machine this thing. 02:07 Yes of you know for the rubber Beach Road. When you take 3,000 acres and you split it up on two planners, that's when you really see. 02:15 What products work what products don't work and we we like that we don't like doing everything on both planners and then you don't have near the comparisons because we 02:24 got different soil types different growing environments all these different variables that that we have on the 02:30 farm just like many of the other Farmers out there. So, how can we you know, we won't that weaning average 02:36 across the whole Farm. That's what we want. And so we look at this system and a neat thing about it was we could 02:45 There's always products that. They are not recommended infer and it's not that it's wrong to put them in the furrow the where 02:55 it's wrong is to put it on the seed and that's where the problems come and you are in a proximity of the seed and select shot 03:04 which is the capstan product that we used this year is basically it replaced our infer a system. 03:13 We already had on the planner. So we took all of our in for all on the pumping and delivery 03:19 system and we added this system on that planner and it actually went on quite easy the you know, Spencer our rep was 03:28 there to ensure everything was done properly and it tied right into her VT or virtual terminal on the back of the tractor. So it was no issues there. 03:38 It went on pretty smoothly and we was very involved in where things were mounted located wise because when you put fertilize on planner 03:49 You won't you're gonna have some leaks. I mean, I know I know Stewart's gonna say now you don't have any leads on our system. It's perfect and everything, but I 03:58 don't care who system it is. You're gonna have to check or if you're gonna have a line or you're gonna have something somewhere you gonna have to open 04:04 it and you're gonna drop fertilize and I prefer not to drop it on my electrical harnesses. I don't drop it on the road units. I 04:10 don't keep it clean. So the way the system came in allows you that option to put it in locations where you're not gonna have those they 04:19 was enough for extra wires Damian it what the wiring harnesses was a good quality. They wouldn't shorted to where I had to mount stuff 04:28 in certain positions and with our DB planners, you got so many pinch points from the way the wings flex and fold. It's really 04:37 important. How about extra length and that quality a harness to handle that movement because it's gonna move and you 04:43 know, that's because all right. We always we do a lot of talking about like inputs products we use from Surgicals to herbicides for fungicides whatever this is a mechanical 04:52 device and I think that so the person that's listening or watching. Can you explain it? Maybe 04:58 they didn't tune into the April episode that we released Stuart the I got a planter and then you bring me this thing out 05:07 and now I gotta get up my wrenches and put this thing on sounds like a pain in the ass. Why am I doing it? How's it work? 05:13 So that's a good question. So basically the the whole point behind this system is there's inferral systems out there that can do fantastic job of 05:21 just dribbling right on right and we can also just dribble right on you can run this thing in multiple different ways, uh 05:27 versatility is what we're looking at here and so being able to the answer to why am I doing this? You're giving me more versatility and 05:36 options on putting product meaning Biologicals fertilizers fungicides insecticides, whatever on they're 05:45 going into that Furrow, you're giving me more options more options application products don't matter. It's about of 05:51 application method right and like Kevin was talking about having products that he wanted to put off the seat, right? There's a lot of products out there that do a 06:01 good job infaro as long as they're not touching that see like in my part of the world all the customers that are running this product are putting Biologicals 06:07 and different products directly on top of the sea where it's the most effective for those products. So depending on whatever program you have you can have a guy 06:16 like Kevin who wants to put some off-see production. In or you can have a guy like some of my customers that want to do it on sea or if you have say a 06:24 split row planner where you're doing beans and corn in the same with the same machine you could do a dribble system as well. So having more versatility and more options 06:33 for whatever product program you're using is really the inherent design of the system giving you the ability to do more with less, right? So that's that's kind 06:42 of the overall goal of the select shot product. and then by the way, since we were before we go 06:50 to the how it works Kevin the why he says it gives you versatility of then application and you experienced that you absolutely say, yep. I'm glad that I had 06:59 this system is better than what I had before in terms of being able to have more precisely put stuff where I want to 07:05 yeah, no question. I mean, you know you talk about that product. You don't want to be last year. We was doing some research for FMC was Highway. It 07:14 was a total disaster and for And so when we got to selection shot that and they was I can't say enough about 07:22 FMC because they stood behind it. They said yeah, we got a problem in fur, we and they made it right. I mean by the way the problem and real quickly to the person 07:31 that didn't listen we recorded with FMC at commodity classic you've talked about it. Kelly talked about it the great story there. 07:37 If you're just tuning in you and listening to the previous stuff fmc's products. I way is a fungicide applied at time planting which gives 07:44 you a lot of latitude then later on in the season problem for you. Kevin was not that you that went 07:50 in at time planning. It's that it touched the seed right? That is correct when the saint germinated and when 07:56 that Sprout come out it took up that product and it was harmful to it and it called it just stop and growth of the planet never come out of the ground now where that 08:05 product was in it too. But too there was no issues. It was a awesome product. So what we learned and when Spencer my rent from capstan come 08:14 and we started setting Up. I said, you know, let's say a two inch away from the seed to simulate 08:22 a tuba 2 instead of to the side of the road. We're going to be down the road two inches or in front of the row in front. However, you want to say it but you're two inches away from C. And and so 08:31 we took four FMC and four capstan to show how precise this product was that it would work because I'll be honest with you. I mean Damian you're 08:40 running four and a half five six mile an hour eight mile an hour on these high speed planners and they're setting they're telling me. Yeah, we're gonna put that Shop link and we're gonna make sure 08:49 that you put three inch band of our lives and we're gonna put it two inches away from the seat. We're only gonna put it on some. Hey you 08:55 really going? Yeah. It seems a little hard to believe you're going to cross you're not driving on a flat race track 09:01 you're driving in a field that's got some kind tour and you're going five mile an hour with a huge piece of equipment and the 09:07 idea that they're telling you they can get this accurate. And by the way, if you're listening that watching I'm holding up my fingers 09:13 about one inch apart and you're telling me that you've got because the cap Thing shoots it the idea. Is 09:19 it like rifles? It shoots like a fuel injector kind of a concept it. Yes, he's at seed and it's got calculations in to know how long it takes that seed to fall and land and 09:28 when to shoot that out and it knows how much resistance it takes to get that shot length out. It's pretty remarkable a lot of lot of math behind the 09:37 scenes there. All right. So let's talk and I want to come back to the FMC thing because that's one of your best stories. But before we get into the results, let's 09:43 talk about the product because Stewart there might be some my listing it's got going. All right. I'm kind of grasping this. So Kevin has 09:49 a corn planter actually has a couple Planters. So he says I'm gonna put it on one so I can do the trial your guy Spencer. We're not there. 09:55 But tell them what are they? What am I putting on my plant there? And then how does it how do I go about putting it on and then how's it work? 10:01 Okay, great question. So basically we're gonna come out just like any other inferral system, right? You're gonna have to have Plumbing to get to deliver 10:10 product from a tank to the row and then we set it up in a common rail design. So we run manifolds in different configurations depending on the planner. So for instance, 10:19 I just did a John Deere high speed planner last week and it was a see as a six. 10:27 Four six configuration, I believe is what it was. So we had a manifold set up every four rows gets a four row manifold and then there was a two row manifold that 10:36 are plumbed directly together and there's a solenoid on that on each one of those manifolds on it for every row and you have a metered length of Hose. So 10:45 either the hose on this planner was six six foot long or you can have some eight foot long hose as long as it's all the same 10:51 length because after we leave that valve, there's no way to meter it and then between that valve and the where 10:57 the fertilizer comes out, there's a check valve and a spray tip. You said it you explained it very well by saying it was like a fuel 11:03 injector because we are shooting that meter dose where it needs to be. The math that goes on the background is relatively simple. We 11:11 have a rigid mounted fertilizer tube depending on your complainer configuration and we have all the measurements knowing where that 11:20 seeds going to land now accounting for a little bit of error on seed bounce there because there is some Fair some bit of that depending on the planner. 11:29 We are. We know what gravity is because it's a constant right? You know, how far and how fast that seeds gonna 11:36 fall so when that seed sensor triggers We know when to put that shot. We know how long it's going to take and then all we have to do is be faster than the environment 11:45 right and every every solenoid on the planet can do that right because computers are fast, so It's basically just taking all of the known factors and 11:54 putting that together in an algorithm and then doing that in real time. And then we can put that seed exactly where it needs to be. The only thing that can cause that to mess up 12:03 at that point is a bent fertilizer tube or any kind of mechanical error right mechanical failure and we can put that shot off the seat on 12:12 the seed wherever you want it. Yeah. That's the way you look the idea. I remember from our spring conversation was if you want 12:18 a shot of something that go an inch. In front of each seed you can make that happen if you want to go. 12:26 You know two inches behind it. You can make that happen. But here's the thing. There's so many different. I want to get to the 12:32 product partner minute. Let's just I want to talk about the inputs here in a minute. Let's talk a bit about the Mechanicals. How hard was this? Did Kevin have to 12:38 like lose three days of productivity while they're out there putting this thing on the set on his planner. 12:44 No, I mean we put it on in the wintertime. That's when I'd highly recommend it. You don't want to start doing anything that planners fear and go time, you know, 12:53 you know be be ahead and when you want when warm weather comes up put you some water in there test the system make sure everything's gonna be right and you know, 13:03 Anytime I don't care if it's cat stand or who system. It is even one that we design there of Our Own in the shop. You may have a leap once 13:12 in a while. So that's why you put that water in there. And now if you're gonna pull it if you're going to do 13:18 that this time of year day in and pull that planner back and go put it in the barn three miles down the road on a 13:24 pretty sunny day. Please put some antifreeze or something in that system and protect it over winter there. I prefer the antifreeze myself, you know 13:33 Stewart May disagree with me, but I like it because it's got a lot of anti-rust ingredients in there. It protects the system better. 13:42 It's you know, you're gonna spend these planners are expensive. I mean all this farm equipment expensive, um, the capstan systems a lot of money, you know, every 13:52 you're so much money there my goodness buy you some recycled antifreeze. It's just as good as brand new. 14:01 It's about half the price and a freeze. Put that stuff in your sprayers and your Planters. It's a good it'll pay dividends. All right. 14:09 So my thing about the mechanical part of it you've explained the the 14:14 In the field putting it on. Is this something that I mean a person listens right as a man that sounds pretty overwhelming to me. Do I need one of your reps come out and do this to make it work because 14:23 there's a hell of a lot of moving Parts here Stuart. No, not not necessarily. I mean we have customers that install our 14:29 own systems. It's pretty intuitive. Right and we have a our website and our owners manual will offer all of the setup procedures, right? 14:38 It is more complex than your standard infaro dribble system right then any other any 14:45 Enter a name of a competitive product here. Right any of those there has to be a fair amount of thought going into what are you trying to do with this system ours is 14:54 just harnesses and plumbing components just like anybody else is our manifolds are made by Wilder. That's who we but do our 15:00 business with on the system. So you get Wilder manifolds. They're laid out there as long as you take care of those components just 15:06 like Kevin said you're not gonna have any issues but as far as laying this thing on Plan a couple days it if you if you 15:14 want to do this intentionally lay your harnesses, right? Because he said it earlier Planters move components. 15:20 On these planners are going to move making sure that you know how that planter is going to turn in the field how everything's gonna work. There's gonna be some issues potentially with that but 15:29 those are The more prep time you put into it in the spring or in the in the early spring before all this stuff starts to pop off and 15:37 you're ready to go we go time. You're not gonna have any issues if you take your time and do it, right? So couple days day and a half you can install one of these systems free pretty 15:46 easily Kevin you had this and then you did it on one of your planners on the other one and then we're gonna talk about the products because you're talking about the FMC and we'll get back to that. Did you 15:55 run the same products through both planners? I mean, did you try and do the same crop inputs on both planners or did you very from one 16:04 from the camp standing to the other? The bait the base things was the same. Now. We do have situations where we're doing testing products for XA and 16:14 when we're doing that it's gonna be done with one planner and one style. Otherwise you create another variability that could offer 16:20 the test, but that used one player perfect examples to Apples when we're looking at it. Yeah. Yeah. So like one of our trials when we talk about doing our trials, you didn't very planted a 16:29 planter for a trial unless it was the trial to see if the capstan AG Infero system, you know was different I you know 16:37 actually, you know, to be honest, it's Spencer and I had a little bed on the side. So my other planner I increased my fertility about 15% so 16:46 I could be the capstan and we'll take Spencer's money. But other than that not as now I didn't do that but it's a good thought. Oh I've 16:55 seen that I know. Yeah, man, it didn't work on money back. But anyway, so I want to talk about I want to talk about the products that you used. And so did 17:04 you correct the FMC thing this time because we we were sold on the ziway fungicide at time of planting once the boys 17:13 up north heard about your problem. They just put in the two by two system and once you kept it away from the seed it would work 17:19 great. So this time did you do it in the desire way and support it and Furrow away from the scene. We did we only did 40 17:28 acres staying because I was not brave enough to do four or five hundred like we did last year and Actually these Highway. 17:38 in Furrow with the capstan system and let me Stress to anyone listening, you know do not put it in fur without this select shot 17:48 System Program properly for that application. So we was two inches away. We was a with fertilized. I forget 17:57 now the exact milliliters we was running. I think it was about 40 milliliters per seat. It's what we was running roughly. 18:06 two inches away in the furrow and with that system compared to the two but two and the same field we were seeing about 18:16 1.3 bushel Advantage. I cannot explain to you why that is unless it was easier for that roots to 18:28 run down the road and pick at a little bit easier versus going to cross into a non-teeled area of the soil 18:37 profile. I can't answer that and I'd also question one of that would happen in every soul type and our hard clay soils were them Roots 18:47 has really got to work hard to get over two inches out of that sea trench. They can just grow much 18:53 easier down that seed trench on a in our clay soils versus going out laterally to the sides. That may 19:02 be I cannot say I would like to see another year study but what it told us it was certainly and we did use a variety that was 19:11 successful to the damage that we sing a lot of damage with last year with the highway in for a because we wanted to know and FMC wanted 19:20 to know but as long as we kept that shot link two inches away from that sea it was Absolutely, no issues. What else did you 19:30 see with the capstan AG system in comparison to your other normal infero system. so 19:40 the thing about the capstan is we focused a lot on getting it put on the planner. You know the installation. 19:49 that is extremely important, but the programming of that system is Is the brains behind it if it's not programmed properly? 19:58 And the farmer says yeah, you know this program, right? You know, they've come and done it Stewart's come out. 20:06 You know, all our guys is come out done it that represent company or you know, you went online and you know, you got it programmed correctly. 20:15 Then comes in to the variable the variable one system is what is the population the farmers going to plant at? 20:23 Now for us we plant from 22,000 all the way up to 40,000 feet population and you by the way you do that. You 20:32 don't just do that by field you do that by Across the field sometimes right? You do a variable race based on low variable 20:38 feel like that is correct. And those vibrate Fields is where this product is going to pay for itself rapidly. 20:48 And what I mean by that we're talking about programming now, so it's gonna ask you in the program. What is your average? I 20:57 mean, what is your population? When you put that in and set your rate if you want four gallons per acre in that trench, which is 21:06 the way Farmers normally look at it is how many gallons acre am I doing? Not milliliters per seat. 21:11 So if you know you want four gallons per acre in that trench and you know your highest population that you're going to plant. 21:18 If you want that four gallons at is 30, 32,000 or 36,000 seed then that is the number that you've got to put in there. Is that 21:28 36 or at 32,000 then when you go variable rate and you drop down only, you know you go through a slues and maybe that's your 21:37 high population grow up on a hill and I shallow population and maybe you drop down to 20,000. If you 21:43 go down here in South Carolina. Some of them guys gonna drop down 16,000. Well, it's going to lower and then if you 21:50 go from 32 down to 16, you're gonna be putting basically two gallons acre out, but every one 21:56 of those seeds is going to have Say 0.5 milliliters of fertility or product. 22:04 On each seed regardless of the population. So what that does is it cuts your fertilize me on half in that situation 22:13 now that's a drastic measure because the very few is going to cut their seed population in half, but many of them out there. Um, Kelly Garrett, for example, I've seen 22:24 some of his variable rate rex that he does and it's not uncommon for his variable rate to change by 8,000 across the 22:33 field. Well, you can easily say 20% 25% on your input cost. Yeah, and it's not just your 22:42 fertilizer saving on Damian is everything in that in for a system. So if you've got, you know Biologicals, right and sex 22:52 all every I mean you guys you guys some of you guys are putting out seven things plant growth regulator some sort 22:58 of a stress mitigation product and then some sort of biological stimulus and then you're Advisor and then now a fungicide you're putting out a hell 23:07 off stuff at time of planting. So I guess the question is does the capstan AG system hold the promise that you can 23:13 be. More efficient about placement and as well as savings on cost of the stuff. I mean you think that we're we were dribbling out we were 23:23 we were wasting before and now this system makes it so we're absolutely pinpointed what we're putting in there. Well, so we're 23:32 on 22 inch rows and so you take a 24,000 population on the 22 inch shredders, you're talking 12 and a half inches of matter between the sea. 23:42 Damien no question. This product is much better because we're putting that shot length. We we chose a three inch shot link. So that's three inches 23:51 of Applied material and we chose it two inches away. So instead of being sprung all the way down the middle of that trench. We got 24:00 a slug of it right there where the roots of the plant need it and if you've ever dug up a corn plant or soybean plant 24:06 Very seldom. The ball roots are eight inches away. They're all within about a four inch diameter around that plant five inch. Yeah, you're 24:15 the heart and soul with it now they were but yeah, so having so having something that's a foot away from the plant just doesn't 24:24 do any good. I think I'll say it doesn't do any good but it's not gonna make you the money at real something closer. 24:30 Yeah plants are lazy like us they want to deep they want the Easy Button. They want to go it's easy. Hey by the way Stewart, what did we miss when he's 24:39 described variable rate seating people gonna say, okay. I don't even do that because a lot of people don't I don't need to capstan Ag Systems. I don't 24:48 do very exceeding your answer to them would be So let me just address that there's a there's a misconception with the way that this product shows itself. 24:56 And the way that's been talked about everybody looks at this and says this is a cut your input cost system that can be true as 25:05 Kevin said what I look at this and what I sell this as what I talk to my customers as This is a rebuild your program system your 25:14 your buying something to do a specific job. And I don't compare that's why I don't compare this selection system to a 25:23 just a standard dribble system because it's comparing apples to chickens. They're in two different worlds, right? You're spending 25:29 a quite a bit of money on a system that is going to allow you to rebuild your program in a way that just like Kevin said there's no I'm not 25:38 an agronomist. I'm not gonna tell you that product that's six inches away from the seed is not going to be effective at some point 25:44 or another right? It might very well be but what then he nailed it on the head there you can put a myriad of different products exactly where 25:54 they need to be knowing you're gonna get a yield boost knowing you're gonna get an agronomic benefit from that. So this system 26:00 is not just let's cut our product and half that is an unintended consequence of it. But this is a let's rebuild your program all together and make a 26:09 specific program for your soul types. For your production on the farm for your crops and everything else and that is really where this thing 26:17 shines so I kind of absolutely forgot the question you asked me there but what I'm getting that is don't don't 26:27 look at this as a let's just cut our inputs or let's we're gonna we're gonna guarantee you this five bushel increase. There's so many planner products out there that say, oh you're gonna get 10 bushels here 26:36 three bushels here five bushels here. And if you put all those products on your planner, you're planting a 400 bushel corn plant right before you 26:42 have to even worry about environmental factors. No, we can do a lot of different things with this infero system as Kevin so eloquently put here 26:51 there is a different way to look at in federal production. And this is it Stuart by the way out. If you were gonna ever run for politician You 27:00 Ever Knows politicians go there with what they want to say. And then the question could be what's your dog's name? And that's why 27:06 I believe we need more family values in this country. Anyway, doesn't there's balloons. 27:11 Were there but if you're not watching and you're just listening to this cutting the curb podcast there's balloons over here drifting around 27:17 by Kevin's head. And if you don't know what that's all about, somebody just turned the big Five-O. So I'm assuming that's his birthday 27:23 balloons because Kevin is now officially over the Well over the halfway marks, he's gonna let it be 100. I'm sure you got a ARP cards here about two weeks ago three and 27:34 by the way, and by the way, some of us that some of us have passed the past that Mark me me Lee and Matt miles are passed that Mark more than a couple days ago, 27:43 um on my question used to it was What if you're not as sophisticated as Kevin where he's doing variable rate seating? He just say he's going everywhere from 22,000 to 40,000 27:53 in the same field in a lower area. He's gonna put in more and you know High Sandy I assume an area that have poor light soils. He's 28:02 gonna put less whatever do I need do I need the capstanac system if I'm not as sophisticated in other words, I'm not verbal racing. Does that matter or does 28:11 it I mean, I'm just trying to decide if that even as a factor. Yes, the answer is that unequately. Yes, you can use this system for a 28:21 bunch of different things if you just want to cut your info. What Inferno products back and the cost per 28:28 acre absolute? Um I would argue that that's not the way you need to look at it. If I don't want you to spend this kind 28:37 of money on a system that you're just gonna cut your production back or cut your inputs back, but you can 28:43 actually do that. You know, then let's go here. Yes, you can but do you need to know let's go to Kevin Kevin you you mentioned a great length here 28:52 about the ziway experiment because we learned last season and then this year we brought it forward and keeping their their awesome, you know in Furrow power. 29:01 They're at planning fungicide as long as you keep it away from the seed. You can accomplish that with a two by two in other words. That's what Kelly did when you told him. Hey, don't let that sideway 29:10 touch the sea that's what FMC learned and helped us learn. You're not doing this just for the fungicide. You wouldn't buy a capstan 29:18 ag system just because of that because you could just use the two by two. So what's the compelling reason besides the 29:24 fungicide that you would say capstan? AG is something I want to do again. Well, here's something you got to think about and 29:31 by the way select shot system, I should say right Stewart Captain eggs. Select shot system good. 29:37 So something we need really think about here is you look at the whole farming area. So a lot 29:43 of us guys are they say we're using a good food grade with their phosphate for Lazer safe to go in for a 29:49 That you know, we're very careful about that. We're trying to you know, be more sustainable and reduce the amount 29:55 of fertilize it we put out there on the ground but let's say that you're a great. I mean 30:01 you you've always done really good farming. You do good. Yeah, you're very successful. But you like 1034 Road you like 11:37 over 30:10 here in the South and that stuff got some salt in it quite frankly. I don't want it touching my seed. I don't know but you can't argue with 30:19 success Damian these I mean, it works on my farm and I don't want to change but I know I'm certain soil types. Just beat me but overall it's the easiest thing for me. We're talking 30:28 about we're talking about it in Furrow at Time Of Our Lives fertilizer starter your starter fertilizer. 30:34 And you say oh it's always worth all the same. They're not all the same now. I mean you got great. You got a good food grade product, which is although 30:43 phosphate and you got a poly product Which is higher salt and no salts are not good. It's 30:49 It's kind of like putting that sideway on the sea you did that that seed Sprouts it gets hold of that salt and he hey, hey, it's a 30:55 bad day. But if you having to versatility that Stewart talked about with this product, you can maybe that's your go-to 31:04 product and it's work for you what I sure if you're using that product and you add this select shot and move that product off that seed and get 31:13 them salts away from it. It is just like putting it in the tube of two. Yeah. So why would you do that Damon? What if they're using a Colter to put it 31:22 in her two, but two that's a lot of expense. Okay. Well that culture they're having to keep that system up you're having 31:28 to replace blades. It's just ongoing but when you move it in Furrow that opening disc is already done to work. It's got the trench open and 31:38 My concern was when when Stewart come and went to put the nozzle on I thought man. I don't want this mess flattered 31:47 on my planner. I don't and he said it won't it won't do it and I'm like, okay. Yeah, I've heard that before. All right quite you 31:56 know all disclaimers aside just straight up, you know, I have to admit that they was no splatter. I mean it did not splatter it 32:05 kept it in there. So I didn't get damaged on fire. So we go to that higher salt for lies. I'm against using that but if it works for 32:14 you, hey, that's great. You've done good with it. I'm not gonna tell you you're doing it wrong. I'm just saying how I like to do it. But those that are successful with those types of 32:23 programs can take this select shot and put it in Furrow move it from that too. But to you and 32:34 The versatility is amazing. Now. One thing I do like to see is I like to see it come up and be 32:43 I might be asked for a little much for but I don't been told Spencer told me it was in the works, but I'd like to have a dual product Damian. I want to put my Biologicals on 32:53 the seed and all my fertility about two inches away. That's that's what I'd like to try to do. So you're 32:59 saying Stewart always mentioning there is I'm guessing Network. We got is we got two Shooters is that the idea? Is that what you're asking 33:05 for where we've got two fuel injectors if you will. Yes, so basically he's saying and he's right because in the more you can break these products down the more 33:15 efficient, they're become right right. Now you kind of have to put everything in together. Uh, and yeah Kevin 33:21 I'll confirm there are some stuff coming down the pipe that my excite you a little bit. So basically then Kevin saying if 33:27 I could have a select shot system, that's very precise, even when and it just by the way, that's what I've missed 33:33 a little while ago if I'm going Four mile an hour or as Kevin said eight mile an hour this thing does the same spacing no matter 33:39 what it's just I mean my sound effects. Yeah, right the easiest way to look at it is dose Percy, right? That's the that's the only other 33:48 words it it already accounts for ground speed if all the sudden his Hired Hand just bumps up a gear and goes faster. Nothing has to change you 33:57 have to go out there and the system adjusts the system adjust what but he said it right set up is important right set up is is where that becomes 34:06 the all the functions on the screen itself that you put in. Your all your data, you're only as 34:12 good as your weakest measurement with us so good. It's wrong information. Then that's going to be so Stuart Stuart. Kevin 34:18 said he'd like a dual shot meaning he wants a double fuel injector. He wants it. So that one nozzle shoots, maybe this mixture of products and it 34:27 sounds like the one he wants for sure. He wants one just for the starter fertilizers that what I'm hearing Kevin you want one nozzle 34:33 just you know, Stewart Stuart was speaking earlier most his customer a lot but in the Biologicals in Phoenix directly on the sea, and I can't agree 34:42 more with that but then the to get the best of both worlds to get that perfect steak supper, you know, you you won't a 34:51 good appetizer and you want a good meal. I want the whole main course right here on one plate. I want that biological human sugars all that foot directly on 35:00 the sea drop down two inches and then shoot me a shot length of fertility in there and that's you know, it's coming down the pipeline how far 35:09 out On something like that to it. Well right now actually you can do it with you just have to put two select shots on 35:15 right it's double they're cheaper than that. That's what it so I honestly I couldn't confirm I 35:21 couldn't tell you what what the timeline is because they that's that's engineering question, but it is something 35:27 that we are absolutely working towards. Let me be pretty cool. So Damian, you know, we're pretty good here that say about we share the good things in 35:36 the bad things. So I got to do this so. I will tell you right now. I really like the system Steward at work great. The only negative I 35:46 had is my reporting side. I would like the and it may be I was using a 2630 if I go to a different Mantra, 35:55 you know, something like that console. I may have a different ability. I don't know that's a question we'll get to answer but it would be really neat if we 36:04 could do a report of what products we ran in Furrow with because I was using that 2630 through my 36:10 virtual terminal and it limited me on the report side. Is that something that's coming in a product Improvement or will we have that where we 36:19 had on that? Yes. So right now and without getting too technical the the system currently is an isobus product, but it's not task control what that 36:28 means is there is no secondary computer in the background that's working with everything else on the bus to get you that information. It's just basically a 36:37 display and a It all runs through the same monitor. So the next version of this will be task controlled and so we 36:46 will be able to get maps we'll be able to get product information. You'll be able to get a lot of a lot 36:52 of user input data back out of it that will integrate with whatever products you're using doesn't matter in your whether using climate or just JD or whatever doesn't matter. 37:01 You'll have a task control product. So that is absolutely something that's coming down. The pipe again timelines are 37:07 insane right now. There's no way to know what happens. That's one one piece of feedback because I like that that we we say we used to Camp standing selection system. And 37:16 when I'm hearing is Kevin likes the fact that it worked very well for keeping putting the 37:22 stuff where you want it to be it goes right along the variable rate seating. It did accomplish a goal of using less inputs per 37:28 per acre because that's one of Steward's big points there. The one drawback was system reporting. Is that what you said? 37:36 Yeah, you're reporting your reports. So, you know, let's say I'm Temple roads up in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and they they 37:45 need a report of all my fertility. I put out on my farm yet to stay in compliance with my nutrient management 37:52 plan. And it's it's really handy, you know, we write it down in a notebook, but it's getting to the point. They would why'd you write in a 38:01 notebook? You got a computer in the tracker we want to report. Yeah, and and that's that's the 38:06 That's I mean, I hate to say it but that's where agriculture is going. Yeah, and it we got approve it. We're being sustainable and we're doing these things correctly. Yeah. 38:15 So there's that anything else any other anything that was a struggle or pretty much that was the one thing that the selection system. 38:24 Yeah, once we got the program in right because originally we put the wrong population in and when 38:30 Spencer was there working with us and it was just it was just an era and the way they had the manual written and 38:39 we was able to identify that because our numbers wasn't working out right and that that's the beauty of extreme egg. That's what we're here for. 38:48 We're here to get this product out on normal farm and acres and find out if there's something that ain't right actually was 38:56 more likely somebody one of my college roommates might have might have wrote this paragraph with the grammar. I got we all say our grammar is 39:05 terrible down here. But but anyway, okay answer me the big question. Would you do the capstan AG select shot system again this spring 39:14 Yes, I would I would not hesitate. Especially with the options it gives when we go and add that dual option 39:24 mode that's going to make it much more attractive. Obviously. It's going to add something in cost increase because you're gonna be kind of you got into it, but double everything. 39:33 but seeing the products that's out there when we can isolate them and put them into correct place. And the correct amount for seed. 39:43 Yes. It's pretty impressive what we're seeing and it's just a very versatile product. and 39:52 I'm really interested to see how it talks up this spring. We run it all last year then we we did flush it 39:58 out the water. We did a real good flush on it just like with her normal sprayer and then we run our antifreeze in it and put it a winner. So it's gonna be 40:07 nice to see how everything overwinters and get back here listener. If you haven't heard now three times antifreeze and 40:13 all your systems to win room is is the recommendation we're getting well show my flush your mouth with water and put some antifreeze in it is 40:22 the life of your sprayers your planters. Stewart money I I know you're in sales. You've got to tell me because 40:31 the person listening this right now says, all right. Kevin says he would use it again the capstan AG select shot system and for the reasons he 40:37 already gave and I'm not gonna repeat them because we already did that how much It's so a lot of people ask how much does it cost per row 40:44 right? And that's that's one of the main questions I get and it all honestly, there's a lot of variables. So it's kind of hard to break it down that 40:50 way because all planners are different right Kevin's planner's gonna be a little different from the planters that I do it on. So but you could Factor on somewhere between 12 and 1500 bucks a 40:59 row to install this system. I like the fact you didn't do that thing of well just depends bear calls and find out cuz you always feel like you're being huckster. They're like, hey, 41:08 I'm not selling Amway. Just let me come to your kitchen and talk to you and your wife for a while. It's like wait a minute. What the hell is this? I like 41:14 it. It's the same as you gave me a nice ballpark 12 to 1500 bucks a roll and on Oak saving it by 41:23 the way. That's a real good number and yeah, nobody expects you to nobody's gonna hold you account. Hi Diamond how planner upgrades I thousand 41:29 twelve hundred dollars that gets you what you need. Yeah, right. So I believe that's just a generic number. That's good. Just kind of when you walk around come out of the classic. You know 41:38 what we can guarantee three more bushels. We can guarantee three four bushels. It was it Kelly Garrett's father said I just need to walk down the aisle at 41:44 commodity classic I can start at zero bushels at one end by the time I get to the other I've got 300 bushels because everybody I walk by 100 boost the I'll give me through a bushes. Um, the payoff 41:53 is there. Yeah. Yeah the payoff is there. Okay, and so I would say You know, we plan a 1500. Well, we planted about 42:05 2,000 acres with that planner and it was my personal planner that I run and I would say two years two and 42:15 a half years on those Acres you could see it payment for but if you back out what the cost of a in for 42:24 a system is and then the extra you pay for the select shot that would minimize that I'm saying if you 42:32 had no system on your planet whatsoever. Yeah, but you know if you're going to spend, you know, 8,000 10,000 dollars putting in for a 42:41 system on your planner. You've already you know, you you've got that expense you got to pay just to get the system. So then 42:48 to upgrade to a select shot the extra money, you might be less than two years to get it paid back. It's still been on the Acres, you know? Yes sure. It is 42:57 all depends on how many acres running over Stuart on the way out the door here. Somebody wants to learn more about the capstan AG select shot system. Where do 43:03 they go? Kevin's gonna give you any more information if you actually really need Disney or paying member look him up. He can 43:13 give you answer any questions that we didn't answer. Although we're pretty thorough on this. Thanks for being here. I think 43:19 it's amazing the sophistication from a corn planner of the 1980s to where you know, you had fertilizer seed and 43:28 then like an insecticide box. And now we're talking about within an millimeters essentially shooting 43:34 seven different crop inputs in there as we're going through the field at five miles an hour. It's pretty remarkable Damian Wonder at question that 43:43 we are that I get asked that we get cover. This system does not have to be on a high speed planner. It reads the 43:52 seat sensor. I say they can be on a hospital or traditional safety top planners. It works both both ways. Perfect. So it's got 44:01 a versatility. It can go on a lot of different system. Have if you want to learn more about it, check out their website capstanag. If you want to hear more about it, you can find out through Kevin and 44:10 Lee and Kelly all used it this year on Trials. That's why we're here for extreme AG cutting the curve shorting your learning curve giving you information unbiased rate 44:19 talk about what we see with the products. We use and the practices that we use them and under my name is Damien Mason. That was Kevin Matthews. One of the founders extreme AG the 44:28 other guys Stewart Meacham with capstan ag. Until next time thanks for being here and let us know if we can ever give you more information that will help 44:36 you and your farming operation. That's a wrap for this. Episode plenty more check out where you can find past episodes instructional videos and 44:47 articles to help you squeeze more profit out of your farm cutting. The curve is brought to you by Advanced Drainage Systems the leader 44:56 in agriculture Water Management Solutions.

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