Saving Fertility Inputs & Time with the Right Placement
10 Apr 2332 min 56 sec

In crop production we hear about the 4 R’s of inputs: The Right Rate, the Right Source, the Right Placement, and the Right Timing. When it comes to an in-furrow program, the timing is obviously at time of planting. What source and rate you’re using depends on your objective and your crop. But what about the placement of your crop inputs? Are you getting the fertility, biologicals, and other inputs precisely where they need to be for optimum yields? Likely not. Mike Evans with Integrated Ag Solutions shares experiences from crop season 2022 using the CapstanAg Select Shot system. It worked well enough that this year they’re installing SelectShot on another planter. The reasons are simple: more acres planted, less product used, fewer stops at the tender truck, no loss in yield. Mike Schwegman, Senior Precision Technician with CapstanAg explains how it works.

Presented by Loveland with support from Agricen.