Sam "Of The North” Goes To Iowa - What Did He Learn?
19 May 2318 min 26 sec

Sam Coutu took a trip to Iowa to pick up some supplies for his farm. While hanging with Kelly Garrett, he gleaned some insights and inspiration which he shares in his sit-down with Damian. What’s different about American Ag from Canada? Why does Sam like Iowa. Sam shares takeaways from his field trip that you can apply to greater success on your farm. They involve balanced soils, experimenting with planter updates, and being willing to try new things.

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00:00 We shoot guns for about an hour. You are shooting guns. So was the first time for him and what's really happy about it. So wherever your 00:09 takeaways from coming to the United States and going to Iowa weren't all about agronomic stuff and we're all about farming 00:15 business stuff there that you're 11 year old must be an American because you can shoot firearms. 00:21 Welcome to extreme eggs cutting the curve more than just a podcast. It's the place for insights and information. You can 00:28 apply immediately to your farming operation for increased success this episode of cutting the curve is brought to 00:34 you by AG Explorer with Innovative products that improve fertilizer efficiency protect yield potential and reduce 00:40 stress. I explore helps Growers maximize field potential find out how AG explore can help you get more out of your crop at Ag And now 00:50 here's your host Damian Mason. Hey there, things are joining us on another awesome episode of Extreme Ice cutting the curve. I got Sam, could 01:00 you or as we call them Sam of the north extreme AG affiliate from Quebec and he recently visited the boys in 01:06 Iowa specifically Kelly Garrett Evans all those folks and I said, hey, why don't you share your takeaways? Let's face it like all foreigners. You come to the United States to steal our 01:17 intellectual property to extract our resources. So tell us Sam of the north what you found when 01:26 you went to Iowa before we hear from Sam. I wanted to tell you if you're listening to this you really need to check out the video because to honor Sam of the north. I'm wearing 01:35 my Farmers Feed cities sure. You can see this if you're watching our TV show on Acres TV Farmers Feed cities and why am I wearing that 01:45 because it's kind of a cool shirt, but more importantly I picked this up when I spoke in the province just to the 01:51 west of our friend Sam it was produced by The Ontario agriculture people and I was at an Ontario feed and grain Growers. I think it was association meeting 02:00 and they gave me their shirt. So if you haven't seen it before Farmers Feed studies pretty cool shirt. I'm putting it on to honor our friends 02:06 from the north even though he's a quebecer and not in Ontario resident. Anyway, Sam, what do you think about the shirt? You kind of like it, don't you? Yeah pretty neat. 02:16 Is that all yeah pretty neat. Okay, that's you having hostility towards the people in Ontario, isn't it? It's really 02:23 not about the shirt. I don't really I was still these but there's some yeah, there is some hostility between 02:29 Quebec and Ontario. Yeah, and then the poor people out there in the Prairie Provinces are just like forgotten about they don't have hostilities and they just like, what did you it's not 02:40 supposed to be the eight dolls. Yeah, they do hate you but anyway, but I don't I love you so, you know what and we love you and that's why we have you as an affiliate with extreme Ag and 02:49 you you admit that you learned a lot since you started keeping up with extreme Ag and you're happy to be part of this group. You came 02:55 down to the United States of America. You had some other business to do what business did you have to do? And then what did you find out when you got to Ariane 03:01 Iowa to see the Garrett Landing Cattle? Yeah. So first out all I want to Get this form to pick up some parts that I bought from integrated tag 03:12 a new parallel harms for a blender Armory building. Yeah and closing Wheels integrated egg integrated egg Solutions is him 03:21 and Mike Evans and Mike windgrove have a side business. They sell some products and some and some parts. So you got some parts here and change your planter. Is it because 03:31 your Planter's not doing a good enough job or because this is a new technology you think absolutely is gonna be a game changer 03:37 for you. Yeah. I think it's will be getting transgender. I just change them this afternoon and you can 03:43 see that where it is was some Some it was loose with the original. Bushing type of oral harms 03:54 and there's with those parallel heart with the bearings. They're just nothing at all. Yeah. So you're you're pretty well happy 04:04 with what the product so that's stuff to change and that happens at the back into the planter, but and I bought a new 24 blender an old one. 04:13 That I bought was. Was missing some love on it. So I prefer to. about this old 04:23 and and rebuild it with parts that I these that I not need but I the parts that I want to put it on. 04:35 And not the UE importance. Okay for your planter? Yep. Okay, by the way talk a little bit louder. I realize that when you're great big guy like you you don't have to talk loud. But you 04:45 know why our listeners want to hear what you have to say. Sorry. So you rebuilding a planter answer me this why didn't 04:52 you just haven't put the parts in a box and shipping to you because you want to come down there and hang out with the guys, right? Um, I add some I had like five stops 05:01 to do. So it would have cost like five or six grand. just on Transportation, so I always do that every year almost every 05:14 year. I do a trip in the US to get some parts depending on the project. How is that? How's the Canadian border with you? I mean I fly up 05:25 there just to go to a meeting and they put me in in a side room and come in and like pull the Gestapo thing what happens 05:31 if you're hauling a bunch of Machinery across the border, uh, it made me to 5% 05:37 Paid five percent taxes. No, you just declare the value of what it is. Yeah, I see. Interesting. Can you make that one? I miss you don't want to 05:48 mess with them. So you declare it. There's are you told them that everything you bought from integrated egg Solutions totaled forty three 05:54 dollars and you paid five percent tax on that right? Yeah. That's right about two dollars and ten cents. Okay. So answer me this I'm 06:00 you you hang out there. What'd you learn? You always like hanging out a farm people. I mean aside from me. Yeah aside for me too much of Kelly's 06:10 Garrett Lane and cattle beef. I saw he had a picture of you eating like a brontosaurus steak. Okay, I did 06:19 on these I I eat the smallest one. He's the biggest one killings did yes. Okay, so it was more him showing he was dominant. That's 06:28 why he did that. He ate the bigger steak and gave you the little woman crew. He's in charge. Okay. So, why did you why did 06:34 you learn besides how to eat smaller steaks than him? I know we learned. We talk about small details on my but I 06:43 already drown my farming. where I have a lot of iron magnesium so 06:53 Saturation soils high magnesium. Yep, saturated magazines Yep, and we talked a lot about them. 07:04 And what good what I could do to help them. Was that just with Kelly. Did you get Mike Evans Evans is the is the now? 07:15 But no I didn't have to. And without you to Mike too much. He wasn't there. Okay and night before I was 07:28 Yeah, so managing high magnesium soils. And what was the takeaway? What are you going to do differently on your high mag soils? 07:35 I using more sulfur. Okay, so you put more into bring the balance change about yeah, okay back to balancing the soul. 07:46 I'll get back to that and adding adding a carbon in the soil. So we're gonna lifts you make some things like that. Okay, 07:59 so it's offering carbon remixing the balance. So balance soil, especially for high magnesium soils is one of your big takeaways. All 08:06 right. What else did you talk about? a couple new products from our From the best who will I will do you? 08:16 Know like Metra charge, we'll talk about that really helping my soil situation. 08:24 From Kelly's advice. You think it will really really help me and that usually we talked about that product being something helps 08:30 with phosphorus uptake. Do you have a phosphorus uptake deficiency? Yes, is it? Okay your soil is phosphorus deficient or 08:38 is it because it's the uptake? I got both I got sorry that our deficient and I got soil that the aluminum 08:47 is tight. You know, what the aluminum? Aluminum, yeah, you have aluminum in your soils and that's causing the deficiency for phosphorus. 08:59 Yeah you it's what the the city the year? That's interesting. All right up by the aluminum. Yeah. Okay. So then the phosphorus 09:09 uptake magnesium management or stick with soils and remove the business any other soils any other soil stuff that we learn when we were in, Iowa. 09:19 um also the trying some sugars. Will do a test with the stolar the obvious you sugar product. 09:31 try that, you're gonna put a sugar product on from Stoller and you're gonna use that how 09:39 I don't know exactly how yet I know I will try to. Gallons of product I think over your spray foliar. You're gonna put it in Furrow. What are you talking about? I think I will try it both 09:52 failure and intro beyond that First dress mitigation. What kind of things did you talk about for your 2023 when you're in, Iowa? 10:04 um Like having like just you just said if the plants. see everything Yes, everything she needs it will be. 10:16 It will be a good start. so you better health from them about business you run a business. You have a business beside your farming operation. Kelly 10:26 is an entrepreneurial guide. Did you talk about business when you're there? 10:31 Yeah a little bit. Yeah. All right. Well, don't be so he was oh how many how many are guy got 10:37 and now he was an engine. Yeah. It was some you talked about you talk about managing employees. What's your takeaway there? 10:46 Ah, he looks pretty. Pretty not strong, but I don't know. I'll just say. 10:55 He's firm. Well, you talk about the management style. Yeah, okay the employee you looks looks not rough, 11:04 you know, but it's strict. Yeah, yeah. Well, it looks like it only with the truckers. Hmm. Yeah, so that part Works. What about besides managing employees. What 11:16 else did you discuss about your business? everything I was with my youngest kids in the made fun and we have to 11:27 he would cook some steak with cheese was there was was really fun. She took your son. Yep, my youngest one. Yeah, your son gonna be involved in the 11:37 farming operation. Uh knows about I guess so I would like to he's 11 right now. The youngest is 11. Yeah, you would like to 11:47 see that happen. What did your kid have as a takeaway when I was 11 years old. I went and rode around with Farm people all the time and I 11:53 always observed all kinds of stuff. What did your kids talk about? What are they say? 11:58 Instead of the the ride was too long. You want to stay in the in the states? Yeah, is that right? Yeah. All right, so I want to go to the next thing. What do you think the 12:09 differences are that between Iowa and Quebec that maybe you because you've been there a number of times that you have brought back to your operation some things that even not on this trip, 12:19 but in past trips where you said, you know what that's why I'm gonna implement this. I'm gonna emulate this and take 12:25 it to Quebec. I think it's the attitude the positive thinking it's different than here. 12:35 The thinking is completely different from here. I feel like there's way less stress there than you. 12:46 Maybe because it's just easier farming or maybe maybe you're around a bunch of negative nancies up there in Quebec. What is it? 12:55 I don't know but I always feel like that. I always feel good. Yeah, he the energies of the same. I don't know. 13:04 Well, maybe do you think that that's an Iowa thing or do you think that's an extreme AG thing? 13:10 I think it's how you I think it's an Iowa thing. To know some more people up there. Yeah. Got it. Okay other takeaways when you look at your business that 13:23 you think you're doing because of trips like that that maybe your neighbors and Quebec or not anything. Oh. 13:34 There's a lot of things I'm doing different some. first of all inferrals don't there's not a lot of guy in Quebec using the 13:44 truth really know right? There's not a lot. I'm not sure there's a lot of farmers United States are doing it for though. We had a webinar where 13:50 we talked about it and I think it's like less than 25 or 30 percent of the farming operations are doing 13:57 Okay, so you don't think it's it's even that huge here. Yeah, if there's 10% 14:03 That's and more and more like my uncle's and neighbors. They are just you are installing things on their Planet rights. Okay. 14:13 So one of the things you glean from your trips the United States doing info Quebec farmers in general that what else 14:24 um What else? Oh. Set up being set up being the equipment. There's some things we don't do here. 14:35 There you get more stuff there more. Yeah, just more more parts and more ideas. Yeah, which is one of them you 14:45 went to Iowa to get that $45 worth of equipment that you claimed when you cross the border to pay your 5% tax on so you 14:52 came and got parts for that. It's okay you're doing so you're doing mechanical differences and you're doing at time of planting differences. Then 14:59 what your neighbors do. What about Harvest anything different about the way you harvest compared to your neighbors that you've picked up from being around 15:05 people like in Iowa. Um, not really an artist I would say. spring 15:15 spring it's blending and being. Just as good as you can with the blender. Yeah, what about then the other big takeaway did you decide that? It'd 15:26 be better to be a farmer in Iowa than Quebec. If you had been born in Iowa person because Chad Henderson says 15:32 that in Kelly's part of the world you could have backwards in July and still get 200 bushel corn without. We talk about that with Kelly. Yes. Yes, you're saying 15:44 you can plant backwards in July and still get 200 bushel corn. I think that the people in Iowa might be offended by that one. 15:51 Yeah, but no I won't get 200 bushel if I plant in July. Hey, I need to blend in me. I'm not sure they will either I'm not sure they will either. All 16:01 right, get me out of here. We'll talk about your takeaways and your trip to Iowa or even when you're driving across the United States. Give me one last takeaway that 16:07 somebody and listening to The Cutting the curve podcast can learn from did you learn from? 16:13 it's just I don't know just different, you know, like going on the 80 and you see the Iowa 80 Truckstop and things are it's 16:25 Huge all is everything is big. everything you Yeah, you go on the on the alien. You see the Kinsey Factory with the big planet ringing there. 16:36 You don't see that here things like that. So you got excited about the our commercial our vast amount of size and commercialization hanging out 16:45 a planter that that's a big difference from here. Yeah. And then and your kid like this, so maybe your kid will end up moving to to you know, 16:56 somewhere along I-80 so he can be no. Who knows his name Sam cuchu? He's Sam of the north. He's our affiliate from a Quebec and we like to 17:05 have him here at extreme man. He says everything's bigger the United States. But if you ever stood next to him Sam's about four inches taller than me, and at least 17:11 80 pounds heavier. So I'd say that this whole thing about us all being bigger in the United States isn't necessarily true. She's a big guy. Anyway, keep 17:18 up with his stuff. He's gonna be giving us updates from his fields and Quebec and and the things he's doing some of the 17:24 new products he's gonna be doing some of the extreme AG products the ones that are approved. Yeah usage north of the Border. He's gonna keep us updated on 17:32 so thanks for being here. My friend Sam. Thanks. Thanks a lot till next time. I'm Damian Mason and I'm wearing my Farmer's Feed cities t-shirt from 17:41 Canada from like a decade ago. When I was up there. It's an awesome shirt. If you're just listening, I do encourage you tune into the video and watch it. It's bright yellow got 17:51 some big bold letters it gets attention. Anyway till next time thanks for being here Sam. My name is Amy Mason. Yeah. This is 17:57 the cutting the curb podcast. Thanks for listening to another edition of cutting the curve for more insights and information that you can apply to 18:03 your farming operation. Visit extreme. AG dot Farm are your craft stressed out Explorer has you covered with a full line of products designed to reduce crop stress 18:13 and improve yield check out and start protecting your yields and profits.