PODCAST: Resilience in the Rain: Big Lessons That Sam 'of the North' Coutu learned in 2023
14 Mar 2422m 57s

After a challenging 2023 growing season marked by excessive moisture that put his crops to the test, Quebec farmer, Sam Coutu, sits down with host Damian Mason to share the valuable lessons he's learned. From discovering the financial wisdom behind a 36,000 corn seeding rate to recognizing the pitfalls of over-applying nitrogen and the importance of timing in crop management, this episode is packed with practical advice and strategies for farmers aiming for a successful and less stressful 2024. Whether you're a fellow farmer navigating the whims of the weather or an enthusiast curious about the intricacies of modern farming, this discussion offers a blend of personal experience, technical insight, and forward-looking optimism. Tune in to gain perspective on how resilience, adaptation, and informed decision-making can turn a year of challenges into a season of growth and learning.



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