Redefining & Repossessing Sustainable Farming
25 Apr 2342 min 23 sec

Ask 100 consumers to define “sustainable farming” and you’ll get 100 different answers. It’s time for that to change as Agricultural industry leaders are now poised to do so. Put simply, sustainable farming is a journey that incorporates technology and know-how to produce bigger yields using ever-decreasing amounts of natural resources such as water, fertility, diesel, and time. Matt Miles and Kelly Garrett join Cristian Barcan, VP of Sustainability for Rabo AgriFinance to explain real strides in production Ag’s sustainability quest. The best part: Sustainability is not at odds with modern farming, you don’t have to be a 100% cover cropper, no-tiller, organic operation, or many of the other hurdles you may have thought prevented you from being “sustainable.” The future looks bright (and profitable) for the new definition of sustainability.

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