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Kevin and Matt talk with Mark Coots from Teva about correcting nutrient deficiencies while maintaining balance in your soil.

00:00 Hi guys, this is Matt miles and I'm here today with Mark Hoots from Teva Kevin Matthews from extreme. AG. We are at this farm machinery show 00:09 here in Louisville, Kentucky. It's my first time I've ever been here. It's pretty impressive. Probably the biggest show I've ever been to 00:15 and and we're able to kind of get with Mark here today. One of the smartest guys. I know as far as fertility and we all on our Farms have fertility 00:24 fertility deficiencies our problems with fertility, you know, and all those have different problems and Mars got a lot of solutions for those problems and Kevin 00:33 and I just stop by today to see him and kind of pick his brain on some of the things that you know Farmers may be going through with 00:39 that problem. I have some thinking there. We're listening to you talk. I sort of wonder if it's more we may not really be deficient. 00:47 We're just out of balance, you know, and when we don't know why we're out about for for me years ago. I found out it was my house in the migration. You know, 00:56 I was always focused on PE will but I was using the wrong line source, so then I had to correct that and and I mean you've been you looking soil 01:05 samples and you try to tailor what works and and what I like about you more is You'll tell me if you don't have a throttle that's going to help you and your 01:15 family were to go get it. All right, we're here for the farmer and that's what matters you know, and that's what we do. Look we look at 01:21 the soil test aside, you know, hey, it's deficient in manganese or zinc or whatever it may be. But hey, if 01:27 you fix that are gonna throw something else out of balance, you know, so it's all a bouncing act when we're doing this thing. And that's why it's always better to have a soil test and make a decision 01:36 than just make a blanket statement. Hey, we all need Boron. We all need zinc and we all talk about those things in most 01:42 times we do but maybe we don't need as much of one as we do the other one and we need them in Balance to get that done. And that's what 01:48 the soil test tells us and it doesn't lie. You know, I mean, it's our best tool to give an idea what we need to do to make sure we're 01:54 spending our money where it's going to make it's the most money. So when you say hey, well that didn't work. Well maybe it was 02:00 the wrong thing to apply. So if we look the soil test and make a decision based on that at least we've got a better chance of it working because we know hey, this is an area that 02:09 needs to be worked on, you know, yeah and the old days Always just did a blanket approach and we didn't use a lot of micronutrients. And yeah, I was watching you a while ago go through a 02:18 customer's, you know, samples and you're going through each field. So you're tailored making a recommendation or 02:24 prescription based on what that feels specifically needs. Yeah, and we talked about this earlier Kevin idea. You 02:30 know, we've only got so much money to spend and and the cool thing is now we're we're learning that we reallocate some of those resources to the places where 02:39 we have the problems by using the soul sample to give us a direction. Yeah and that instance. They're the one I was looking at her 02:45 p and K levels are off the chart great, but her trace minerals are lacking on that farm, you know, so it's all different in every Farm you go to 02:54 next one you look at maybe low in Kay or something. But in that instance it wasn't so that's what you look at and you're right then you say hey, maybe I don't need to spend as much on 03:03 being K, but I need to look at this the zinc and the manganese and the Boron because that should make me more money, you know. Yeah and our farm alone. We have so many different. 03:12 Eyes, we'll have a high mind problem on one soul type and a low mag problem on the other calcium High, you know calcium low 03:18 so it's not a one size fits-all shoe, you know and the products and stuff that you you work with and you sell and your knowledge and fertility you're able 03:27 to fix those problems a lot of times maybe before they get severe right? Well we try to yeah, that's for sure Mark what you know, if I called you 03:36 the main thing I would think you'd need to know and you correct me. But yeah, what kind of planner I've got what Rose face and and what liquid 03:45 capacity or dry capacity do I have the inferred to have people too you'll have wide drop capability or am I just the foliar guy? And 03:54 I mean what that's all information that you really need to know. Yeah that you can do to help. Yeah. The first thing we ask for is the soil test. The second 04:03 thing we ask for is hey what how's your planner set up so we know in not everybody set up the same way. So some have 04:09 nothing on their plane or some have everything on their So but we design a program based on your equipment and what you've got, you know in things in and 04:18 go from there. But yeah a soil test first and then Noah have what's on the planner and what we can do when we can apply something, you know, when you get to write product out there you create 04:27 a sustainable environment to where you're not like your nitrogen per bushel ratio you for us we're down about 04:36 a point seven pounds a night or something for bushel. That's pretty efficient. That's pretty darn efficient. Yeah, very happy but if we're not careful we can give up on something else. 04:45 So we got to stay on top of that but we're not we're not putting all that nitrogen out there because we're spending money on the Biologicals last year. We did a 04:54 test we receive. Yes. We did it all about 400 Acres we strap it up this year. I ordered the whole thing. Yeah. I mean it proved it's work. All right, 05:03 and and that's what we like with extreme AG is if it can make a profit on a large amount of acres and then we know what's there so you got a few product. 05:12 It's Universal when you're putting out that nitrogen you need that carbon Source Center, but then you also can tailor 05:18 make for like the customer earlier that Matt was talking about you you found the problem, right? But 05:24 yeah, there's always a base that we start with like sea cat. Sugar a pgr and ours 05:31 is complex it and neutral charge. Those are kind of our four base products that we start from and build a program from 05:37 those things, you know on things so exactly like you said, then we can decide what we need to add or not add in that I got to 05:43 be quick because we're running out of time but you said pgr. It's really important that they realize not 05:49 all pgr is the same right you got ours is called complex and ours is a a It's not synthetic. It's natural. It's an extract 05:59 from a desert plant. So it actually stimulates the plants to make more oxygens dipped inside a condom. So you don't have to worry about the timing on it where all 06:08 the other pdrs are synthetic normally and you know, you have to worry whether it's jib or it's cytokine in or what it is to know the timing for itself. 06:17 So complex is one that we've had much better success with your window of opportunity to use it as longer you get about two week opportunity instead 06:26 of three and four days when you use those other kinds of peach yards and we just had good recess with it. And I think 06:32 you guys have even tried it, you know within extreme Ag and we've had some good trial. I mean, it's it's become completely. I'm glad 06:38 you brought that up pgr because they're not all saying just like biology and and what you're talking about with the synthetic natural 06:44 the complex is full proof in my opinion. It works. We feel try it field trial it two years ago year before that. Oh, 06:53 yeah. I learned something new everyday. Same thing he's beating me on some of the spirit. Well, we have to keep some things just ourselves. You know, we I mean he is the 07:02 closest one to me and we've been working a long time together. So I See, okay. He's in Pearl you it's all the 07:09 time. I mean we here on here just vegetation or you're gonna use them reproduction side. Yeah, you can use it. It's complex. We use it. All three times. We can 07:18 use vegetation reproduction and in all of it because it's causing the plant to seem like what it wants at that time. So so but we 07:27 really want y'all do not think at your pgr can be used at all times. He said there's a difference and there is a difference you got some you're 07:36 going to use during vegetation only the develop roots and shoots and you got some that you're going to use during reproduction to develop your fruit and 07:45 your your bushels. That's why so please, you know, be careful talk to somebody a lot more or whoever you can talk to but do not 07:54 use a pgr at the wrong time. It can be adverse effect unless it's complex. You can use it all through the season because it's natural. It's a 08:03 synthetic then then You need to get it in the right growth stage. If it's natural, then you pretty much put it out. Anytime. You want makes life 08:12 a lot simpler right there. Yeah, you just get away on purpose we did because the plant plant were relegate regulated itself. You let it so, you know, it knows if it 08:21 needs axins or jibs or side of guys, you know, just let it regulate itself instead of saying hey take this because we tell you any 08:27 other important tips that we could miss use it that you see it or commonly need to be done During certain time periods of the crop. 08:36 I think for the most part I think the pgr is the biggest one. I mean, there's others all kinds of stuff that we could talk into take a lot more time than the videos got but I think 08:45 that's why you want to work with somebody good that you trust, you know, and I know look guys I tell you guys all the time. You got a 08:51 hundred to me running up down the road, you know, and so we don't take it lightly when you guys decide to work with us because it's no longer 08:57 your farm. It's our farm together because we want to work together with you guys. So I will say this about Mark I've 09:03 never ever ever called him that he didn't either answer or call me directly back. He's he's a he's not a woman show, but he works like 09:12 he's a woman show half the time he'll be delivering his own products and he'll be on the phone or on a computer taking care of his business 09:18 too. So I really appreciate your time here. You get the national Army show. Thanks guys, and I just can't stress how important it is on all these 09:27 products. That's out there check get somebody if you trust work with you and ask questions. There's something that will work for you and there's 09:36 Also things that ain't gonna work for you. Y'all stay safe.

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