New Biologicals To Reduce Stress On Your Crops
22 Nov 2116 min 14 sec

Marrone Bio is a 15 year old Agricultural company you’ve probably never heard of if you’re in the business of producing row crops.  That’s because Marrone Bio’s roots are in products for horticulture and specialty crops. But that’s changing as the company is bringing innovative, abiotic stress reduction products to the marketplace.  

XtremeAg farmer Chad Henderson is trialing two Marrone products this year on 500 acres of corn and soybeans. Emergen (applied in-furrow) and Pacesetter (applied as a foliar at time of fungicide application), have one job: to reduce plant stress. Or, as Chad says, “they keep my crops from having a bad day.”  And based on what he’s seeing on his farm, you’ll want to do the same.  

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