Meet the 2022 NCGA Yield Contest Winner and XA Affiliate Heath Cutrell
9 Mar 2330 min 40 sec

You may not think of Virginia when you think of corn but according to XA Affiliate Heath Cutrell, you should. He’s the NCGA national yield contest winner for 2022, recording a whopping 394 bushels! Heath won’t divulge all his secrets but he promises he’s here to help you up your farming game. And, like all forward thinking farmers, he’s willing to learn. Heath explains his farming operation split between Virginia and North Carolina, and how he’s already profited from advice he got from the XA guys. In an exercise of self-betterment, Heath assigns himself a letter grade on each aspect of farming — ranging from an “A+" to a “C.” How is your report card? Listen to this! 

Presented by Loveland Products  with support from Agricen.