Humics and Fulvics. When, Why and How?
2 Aug 227 min 47 sec

Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. What's the difference? One is for soil building and one is for nutrient uptake.  We break down the details on when and how to use Humics and Fulvics on your farm and how do you know if they are working?

00:00 Hey extreme AG coming at you from Henderson Farms sitting in the supply shed with the guys from Teva Corporation. That's Caleb Coots 00:06 and Mark Coots. This is Chad Henderson, of course founder of extreme AG one of them and I want to ask a 00:12 question that I think a lot of our viewers are asking we discuss Human full books and full books and humics. We 00:18 just used to recording and the gal was there a grandma says something about well, you know, and you got to have the full. Yeah the full book. I'm gonna confess 00:24 until I started here doing work with extreme. AG. I did not even ever hear the word human and I still today don't know why they are or why I 00:33 need them. So that's the topic here humix and full books. What are they? Why does Chad need them? Why do our 00:39 listeners extreme AG need humics in full books? First off? What's a human can fulvic? So humic public acids are 00:45 they're being carbon Source. We're using them in the plant to really up the patency. These are their old organic material that we're breaking down specifically for those assets to help 00:55 with up take it patency fulvic acid kind of takes the the plant turns what would be Eight or two lane road into eight lane road everything else gets in 01:03 more efficiently. When you're I mean, especially like a year like this when you're paying this much for inputs, you want to make sure that everything is getting in what's that thing 01:09 we do when we have allergies antihistamine, it makes it so all of a sudden everything opens up and it's like now I can bring it in. 01:15 Is that what I'm talking about? It just makes it so that everything's more wide open. Yeah, we're we're helping not only they open up 01:21 the plant then they act as a key later too. So we're helping grab on all that opening up there way, so they can get in there and make sure that it gets 01:27 where the plant needs to go Mark. These aren't even really new technology as my understanding. I just started hearing about it because 01:33 I guess it was kind of off my radar but there's been around for a while, right? Oh, yeah. It's been around for 100 to years human can follow the acids have 01:39 been around and stuff. So, you know, there's you know, you just more technology now and more understanding how to use 01:45 them and stuff. So humic acid is more for soul building and soul structure a humic acid is too big molecularly to even 01:51 get into the plant. So when you're talking about you want to build the soil up and make it more efficient and do things you want to use the 01:57 humic acids, and then when you're wanting to get things into Plant or make nutrients more available. Like Caleb said you want 02:03 to use the fulvic acid. So, you know, they both have they're both in the same thing. So in humic acid you have you know, 02:09 you have humic fulvic and all mate acid. There's three acids in that and we're the two that are the main things of the humic and the fulvic but they both have very specific things that they can and 02:18 cannot do so we said, what are the and why do I need them? So Chad needs them and started using 02:25 them. It's been seven eight years ago. And so yeah. All right, tell me about first off. How do you put these things on? I mean ask you just 02:33 say that word acid you a little bit scared is this kind of stuff it burns you I mean it battery acids acid any like that right? No. No, I 02:39 mean it's it's essentially water based. Yeah, you know and I mean it's a good thing for me like so, you know, I do a lot of mixing I put a lot of products together and a lot 02:48 of times I'll use it as my kind of water. So if you know, I'm gonna put water in water in first or if I'm putting I'll put 02:54 it in when I'm spraying I'll put in a lot when I'm wide dropping when I'm sticking it straight to the ground because I can get a good volume in so we're use it accordingly at that. You know, I may 03:04 use anywhere from a court to half a gallon up to three court. You're putting you're putting these in when well, I most all applications. Okay, you know, so we're putting 03:13 me in at us at from you know from an ounce is right all the way up to. 03:17 A couple of chords. Yeah, so we're trying to put it in any time. We're wanting something into the plant no matter it's nutrition or whatever 03:23 a fungicide anything you want to get into plant you want to put fulvic acid with it because that's what's going to truck it into the plant very easily. 03:29 Well with our national when we use it a lot when we're putting out our side dress and we're doing our wide dropping we'll use it. 03:35 So we talked about standard practice and this become a standard practice for you when a sprayer goes across the field. It's got humans and fall books in 03:41 it. Okay. We said what are they? Why do I need him? Let's talk about results between the three of you. You must know this. Can 03:47 we measure it it's in it's in every tank load. Are we saying it gives me a 10% pops. It gives me a 20% pop. 03:54 Not exactly. Sure. What are we talking about? I mean really, you know as we say all the time TV, you know, it's a systems approach. 04:00 So we're looking at a combination of things the the follic and the humic are just one piece that puzzle helping get everything else 04:06 in and so we have results we've got results of different universities on just to see care but really the best result you're gonna see is when we're we're looking 04:15 at that whole system. What can we do? What's the whole puzzle for your your system? But once again, like Kev said 04:21 we do have results where it's just seek out where we've done University trials. You're seeing eight to 10 bushels on corn and soybeans, you know 04:27 around 125 pound of Lent on cotton. And so we do have those kind of results. We just don't like to single out one product all the time because it's it's more than that but a 04:36 good result that you're asking for to show what full of gas it does is there's a thing called a satrated pace test 04:42 and what that does is you put water in dirt. They let it sit for a while and then they test that water and it's kind of acts like what the plant 04:48 can take up. So we did that same test where we just put the equivalent to two quarts of sea cat per acre, which was like 04:54 Eyedropper full of ccat in that bag of dirt did the saturated paste test and it made nitrate nitrogen 23% more available phosphate 900% more 05:03 available pot Ace 175% more available and then it made like sulfur like 175% more available. So it's doing what it's supposed to do. That's what fulvic acid 05:12 is supposed to do. So what we what we're thinking is is you know, we've all got I look I would almost dare to say that most every farmer 05:21 has enough fertility in their soul, right but we don't have enough available facility and when you talk about talking start talking about available for utility in the souls and what we're trying to 05:30 build and what we're trying to make and for somebody All I'm gonna go out here, you know that I said it yesterday if we can have a 400 bushel million, they'd 05:36 already know Co-op and we all spread it right? It's just not that way but we have to make this stuff more available in any 05:42 way we get into fertilizer times like we're living in right now on availability, you know prices. This is where we cut back 05:48 on Drive fertilizer in spots and we ramped up our humics and full mix and the use of this to make It's there in our band more available. Well our buddy Kelly 05:57 Garrett said that in previous recordings with me says I think we're going to find out that we've got enough fertile Lord fertilizer usage and 06:03 we've got enough fertility out there. We're not adequately getting to it and that's where this comes in. Well, you know us as 06:09 Farmers too, you know, I said it forward the American bomber I'll put us out there. Yes anybody. I mean against anybody wears 06:15 efficient as anybody the new technologies and it ain't as much like say this has been around forever, but the way we can address it in the way we can place it in position it and around the 06:24 plant now with either your wide drops or easy drops or two by twos or two, but two but twos are infer, you know, these are the places that we can really direct this 06:33 energy too. And it's availability of nutrients and one thing Chad. We always talk about you like convenience you like results you like compatibility you like it when this can all go together and be a happy 06:42 little tank mix. There's no problems. Oh, no, you've never had any good thing about sink and it's a neutral pH. It's a 06:48 70 pH. So knock on the old wood. You know it pretty well. We'll mix with anything that that's not true for 06:54 Game, it can fall asleep out there, but that's one thing that sets seek out apart. So your product is called secant. It's a human phobic and we 07:00 just answer what they are. We answered why we need them. Is there anything else Chad that you want to tell anybody that's listening saying if you're going to use it 07:06 or if you're going to use it more or if you treading in these Waters what they need milk, you just began seven to ten years ago really getting into the 07:12 human consultant game. Just get some on your farm get around that Court rate make it real simple and yourself get around that 07:18 Court rate. Let Her Go, whichever whatever you'll put it you can put in a tuba two infer a wide drop, that's where we use it 90% of 07:25 the time right there because we're trying to get it into that soil into that pathway to make nutrients available. Yeah it Mark and 07:31 Caleb couch with Teva Corporation. If you want to learn more about it, the website is Tifa It's Chad 07:37 Henderson. We're coming at you from Henderson Farms. I'm Dan Mason for extreme AG. Thanks for tuning in.

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