How To (Inexpensively!) Increase Your Combine’s Efficiency and Capture more Yield
7 Oct 2114 min 18 sec

Inside your combine there are a LOT of moving parts and some of those parts — specifically your machine’s concaves — might not be pulling their weight. What if an inexpensive change got you through harvest 25% faster, or allowed you to increase the size of your combine head — without changing out your combine?  What if your combine’s concaves are losing a bushel per acre out the rear end of the machine? Or worse yet, grinding and splitting your crop or allowing too much foreign matter to end up in the hopper?  Chances are, you don’t think a lot about the belly of your machine but you should. Chad Henderson discusses the benefits he’s seen on his Alabama farm since making the simple switch to the XPR2 Concaves by Estes Performance Concaves.  

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