Foliar Application to Corn at Black Layer? Send It!
7 Oct 2238 min 32 sec

There comes a time each season when you look at your fields and say, “this crop is made, nothing from here on will change the yield.”  But what if we’ve been wrong about that and it’s not too late? What if another pass — even if it’s only a month or so before the combines roll — could make a meaningful difference to yield for a small price? Chad Henderson and Temple Rhodes experimented with late (late!) season corn applications with a mix of fertility products, fungicide, insecticide, plant growth regulators, and sugar. The results were impressive. Chad and Temple explain their experiment and why they intend to “send it” again next year!

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00:00 These guys are all about send it. In fact, they're probably gonna get tattoos matching tattoos that say hashtag send it. 00:06 If it's ever a question. Should we do this treatment or should we not do this treatment? They are on the side of by golly. Push it push it push it pedal to 00:15 the metal. Welcome to extreme mags cutting the curve more than just a podcast. It's the place for insights. You can apply immediately to your 00:24 farm operation for increased success this episode of cutting the curve is brought to you by AG Explorer. With Innovative products that improve fertilizer efficiency protect 00:34 yield and reduce stress. AG explore helps maximize field potential find out how AG Explorer can help you get more out of your crop at Ag 00:43 And now here's your host Damien Mason greetings and welcome to another fantastic episode of extreme anxious cutting the curve got a great 00:52 topic for you today. It's about keeping the pedal to the metal. It's one of Chad Henderson and general Rhodes favorite Concepts. So 00:58 what they did was kind of interesting in fact and it might end up being something that we do more of and I'm kind of excited to tell you about it, but more importantly they're 01:07 excited to tell you about it. They went out at black layer. They went out like a month before the combines are running on corn and did another application, you 01:16 know that time when everybody says that corns made it's all done. Just sit back and wait till it dries down a little bit. They didn't do that because they're 01:25 all about send it. They went out there way past anybody else ever would have thought and they did a couple of applic. Nations and they have results that prove it was 01:34 worth doing we'll start with temple first because he told me hit the record button. I will tell everybody about this. Tell us what you did. 01:42 So what we did was let me just tell you the Baseline story. So I back on August Chad and I was talking a bunch about you know, 01:51 of course to send it thing and we was going to put a late season application on and we were like what what are we going to put on? What? Why are we 02:00 gonna do it? What are we doing it for so I sent him a regimen I said, hey, look, here's what I'm thinking about. This is why I'm thinking about it. He said 02:09 hell, yes send it. That's him. Hell yes send it. And I said good. I'm glad I got your opinion because I already did it. So it was put out on the 23rd 24th 02:19 of August. We harvested right there the first part of October, um, you know, just a little over a month out in between and what 02:28 we put on was we put a high phosphorus blend on trying to get energy into that plan. We put a PJ 02:37 or in there. Of course, we put a fungicide in we put two different insecticides in Because at that point we had some bugs we 02:45 had some stink bugs and we had some other problems. We put two different blends of insecticide on there. We put 02:51 a sugar out. We ate a humic acid to it and we put some potassium acetate on there. And the reason that we did all this is we were 03:00 trying to drive that plant to try to get it a little bit further and it was just a test. It was just a trial we both did kind of the same thing. We 03:09 use some different products from different companies, but we compared them both and what we found was huge 03:15 results. We found it in the field. I took my Institute GA trial there. I don't know Chad to Chad. Where did you didn't take 03:24 your NCGA trial there. Did you well, I did it on the NCGA stuff and in the trial, I skipped over another side of the pity and made a one one round 03:33 with a sprayer. So that would be you know, it's 48 rose on a pass. So that would be to one swap of that 03:42 we know for. See so, you know because we do so much A lot of times on contest or NCGA tap corn and we just do everything and sometimes we 03:51 try to break it up. I'll take a farm and out. Once I do the NCGA. I'll break up different segments of it of what I done in pieces to see which one affected what 04:00 and when I done that one it showed out like we knew that we needed a late season phosphor steel. We don't really know how late you know, I mean, obviously it 04:09 was after Brown seal, you know, and but we we've hit it with that good load of phosphorus and the good load. Okay Like You song about sugar source. 04:19 And you know another might have been another fungicide or fungicides or insectically. Yeah, exactly. It's a little bit everything. So 04:28 let's just talk about now. It's we don't want I'm all about Senate. I think it's cool. You guys are all about pushing it and trying new stuff and getting a little bit over the top because remember there's 04:37 there's mechanics there's tacticians and then there's people that just kind of like just put me in the game and I'm by God. 04:46 I'm gonna I'm gonna run through that line and I like it. Sometimes you guys are just put me in the game or run through the line. 04:52 You did do this knowing that you were gonna have some. Problems met or you know, you're like this one thing we think is happening late season, but the mix 05:03 of products you put together who came up with the who came up with the prescription. 05:13 part of it You know, which always I talk a good bit to Brewer bless it, you know with ag Explorer talking good with Tommy, you 05:22 know, Mark coach, you know, all these guys, you know, stay if any or Molly with I mean, we talk all our sponsors on regular basis. If you don't people that 05:31 are listening to this, if you don't get you a couple two or three guys that things are good people agronomic people that are not salesman, you know, they're they're, you know, 05:40 a lot of times they'll pull the rains back on me and Temple will tell you probably the same thing. But you know, we we kind of get we 05:46 we're all bouncing ideas off each other a lot of times and we know what we need. We see it in here we go. I'm gonna say it tissue samples. We see samples, but but 05:55 we kind of know where we need and and where we drop off at and we're trying to get in front of that curve of dropping out. So when we do it, you know, we'll do 06:04 this. We you know, the Foster's face is really I've always added to Kaylee. I've always had the you know, what's let's say octane or you know, Mark names TV 06:13 MTS, you know, I hate to start dropping names here, but You know, we always added these sugar sources late to carbon sources. We know that this stuff drives energy and 06:22 we know it drives weight in there. But this phosphorus piece is something that we've just kind of that I've done this year and and you know, we know 06:32 I don't really know who come up with it all I just alright, so yeah, but somewhere between our five different companies that you like you said between Nature's 06:38 aggro liquid. I don't think that anybody came up with it. It was more of a process of exactly what we do on 06:47 XA all the time. It was stemmed upon a conversation between all of us and some of the members as well and it 06:56 was a conversation of Chad and I was like, hey, this guy said this or this guy said that man, what do you think about this, you know just back and another 07:05 thing that balance too Temple, you know talk about that because we've kept balance through the year so we don't go out there and just treat a cake or treat a foster steal. 07:15 Well, we're better at keeping balance. It's for Chad and I especially on our irrigated Acres. We're good about 07:24 keeping balanced in that because we know the guarantee that we're going to get out at like it's harder to keep balance in 07:30 dry land because we never know what we're gonna have so we don't want to dump a bunch of money on it and then go out there and pick a bunch of honorable corn. Yeah, but 07:39 on our irrigated ground, we are very very specific on exactly what we're going to do because we can give it what it needs. When are you both did both of you use the 07:48 same concoction on this on this treatment that you put on? Oh you similar similar but different the main thing is you did it five weeks 07:57 before the combines ran. Is that what I'm hearing simple? Yeah, I weeks before the combines when you do your treatment 08:03 Chad. I did Mom with an airplane. You know, what about you Chad? I did it. I did it. It was probably in the six 08:11 and a half weeks sometime time frame because I don't mind when the fence sprayer was here. 08:16 Yeah, so, you know, so that was part of the key to online. I don't have always a way to put put it out Ariel, you know. Yeah, I can get to airplane do it and I have a good pilot good 08:25 friend, but with a fan here, you can get those definitions and lines when they brought it down to let me run, you know, it was a good time to 08:34 do this stuff. We'll see mine wouldn't quite as defined as what Chad's was because mine was an airplane Ariel and I had to go back and get the application map 08:43 from my airplane guy, which he gave it to me, but it's not as a defined line is what that sprayer is gonna go in there and put it on because 08:52 Chad's putting on 20 gallons and he's blowing it down in there which is doing a little bit better job in my personal opinion. Then what a airplane's 09:01 gonna get, but we got the same type of results. All right. So back to the concoction neither of your answering did both be put on the same stuff when you went on turn to this 09:10 late season, the thing that your neighbors wouldn't have done when you when everybody else says I screw at that Corn's done. You went out and did it. Did 09:16 you use the same stuff in Alabama that you used in Maryland? Yes. We use phosphorus potassium sugar. 09:22 Yeah Marvin fungicide insecticide. So yes, EGR pgr, you know that pgr every single thing. Okay, so that's a hefty concoction. All right. So, what 09:35 was your hope? That's not it. It's not right. Well, what was your hope what when you did it? What was your what was your sort of prediction and 09:44 optimism that would happen. We didn't have none. We were emptying out the s***. I don't know how many times we have to tell you this. 09:50 So I was like hey Chad, I got this. I got that. I got this. He said you'll send it. 09:56 So but yeah, go ahead on it on a on a serious note. Um I get to most nervous growing a corn crop. 10:06 after I wide drop you guys that's a lot. We we have pivots in the field and you know, we can keep going but man, you 10:17 know, I drop and then I feel like I'm doing right I'm doing I'm doing it, you know, and and then we come in there. Well, I can't tell that we 10:26 put another one home but come in there with our fun decide passes and sometimes we'll do one early or sometimes. We'll wait to Brown silk and do 10:35 one but we it's just hard sometimes because I can't physically I'm leaning on airplanes or somebody to do it and I don't really like that 10:44 a whole lot Tim who knows what I'm talking about. You know that. That that Hands-On approach if I know exactly what 10:50 I've done where I've done it. It goes out the window when you have to hire somebody else to do it and I don't have a drink you can you can drop all that off at the 10:58 airplane and not know that I'll give you a perfect example. We I dropped a bunch of stuff off. I didn't 11:04 have time to go back on my beans and I took a whole bunch of stuff to the airport and it was a big concoction and 11:10 then I get a phone call back said man, this this stuff called onward is laying over here in the corner. Like was it supposed to go on? 11:19 I'm like hell. Yeah, it's always what center jobs is the whole load like yes, so I had to pay them to go back and 11:28 put on just that over like it was like, I don't know. It's like a thousand acres and I was I was pretty pissed about it, but I 11:37 knew it had to be on but that's what Chad's talking about like knowing that you get it on right time and you 11:43 know, Whether maybe that's the weather, you know at that time of the year, we got heat. We don't have heat we 11:50 make a lot of these friends later the evening or early in the morning, you know, and you just see the plane, you know, you're out there and you're under shade tree and a piece of watermelon or 11:59 something trying to cool down all sudden the playing goes. Wow. I'm like, oh man, you know, it's a hundred degrees 12:05 out. Yeah. It was do you think that the application timing we know it was late you think anything played into where the reason you got good 12:14 results is because there was a little bit of magic there like it did cool down or everything we're 12:20 a condition is just right that you think it did it or you think conditions wouldn't matter and you think you're going to get this 12:26 bump regardless the conditions make conditions always matter. I mean, they always matter a lot of times when stuff don't work. It's because somebody applied it 12:35 wrong or in the wrong condition. Yeah, and you won't ever get Farmers to admit it, you know, they're gonna meet. Oh, I didn't work out there. Well, they 12:41 might apply it, you know, so, you know, weird excited we're trying to to for both sides stop and look when something don't 12:50 work stop and look at what hall went on around it to help us all indicate when not to do it. Well, I want everybody to pay attention to this. You 12:59 know, we all talk about you know, this might work here that might work there with me and Chad were talking about is the fact that he's in Alabama. I'm in 13:08 Maryland we decided on this program that we were going to try late season as a trial and it worked the same for both of us in two 13:17 different regions two different soil types. He fights way different problems with what I fight but we still fight balance but yet we still come up 13:26 with about the same amount of bushel increase and it makes me think this it makes me think that maybe some of 13:35 these earlier applications that I've been putting on things. Maybe we've been doing it at the wrong stage and maybe 13:41 Chad and I have figured out that there's a different stage that things really need to be facilitated, you know, 13:47 there's stuff in this blend that I put in there. I ate it something that maybe Chad didn't and Aid in there. It was a different micronutrient pack, but the 13:56 reason Ate it that other micronutrient pack that I'm not telling you about right now is because my soil type is problematic with a couple 14:05 different things and that's what it's is important for everybody to understand that they need to know again. I'm 14:11 gonna say did you samples but with tissue samples over a period of time can tell you what your soils lack 14:20 putting in that plant? Does that make sense? Yeah, and you know what, you know, don't forget. Yeah. No what you've applied. You know, I'll talk for just 14:29 second on it. You know what you applied, you know where your soul samples are, you know, where you started the game at and then you know, 14:35 you know from history, you know, I'm not down tissue sample. It's just that I've pulled them for 10 years and I have 14:41 a data log so I know where they're where it's gonna be where the plants gonna be at what stage so I'm getting in 14:47 front of that hurt, you know, and sometimes Maybe And this is a maybe but maybe we're holding those levels some of the best corn I've ever grown didn't have 14:58 the eccentric levels way out to end. It was all you know uniform levels. Yeah, and that's that's going I've ever grown. It don't have to be way out 15:07 to other end. It just has to be balancedly brought up together. I guess what days up with 15:13 a corn plant is growing then we got a bigger plant bigger factory. The leaves are bigger. Everything's pulling more. So if you can keep them, you know level or pushing 15:22 forward you you're doing something. I kind of like that. I kind of heard Temple say what they 15:31 used to talk about the aha moment all of a sudden it dawned on me. Maybe we always thought that the corn 15:37 couldn't absorb stuff past a certain point or you're wasting your money or you know the corns made and that's you know, what we call vertical knowledge. We've always 15:46 thought that Grandpa told us that or Mom and Dad told us that whatever and traditional band thinking and then 15:52 extreme egg. We always say maybe not you know what there's a time when we thought 30 intros and soybeans then we thought drill your soybeans and then it crowds out the weeds and 16:01 then it was and it was like God. Can you believe we used to think this? Well, it's still an evolution and 16:07 well I'm kind of hearing here is there's a whole bunch of stuff that we're doing. We always thought throw more beans population and what Kelly Gear start doing last 16:16 year. He went with experiments for Clear down and what 35,000 population we used to think 200,000 what 16:22 you needed per acre and it still worked. so maybe we're discovering with your two experiences that It's not too late to put stuff out there. Is that 16:35 what I'm kind of hearing? That's the A-ha moment of it all made in or maybe you're even maybe you were applying stuff sooner than I had 16:41 to. Yep. But you know, but you know Temple would tell you this it's easy to apply early. We can go out there with a Herbert said my herbicides loaded up but it's 16:50 easy to apply early in corn man. You get this stuff chest hat and now we got a problem how we gonna get it out there when you have to load up a goose neckload to 16:59 take to the airplane. It ain't easy and it ain't fun. Yeah airplane man. Don't really like you either so, you know, it it's not that's the 17:08 part of it. That's so difficult if it was like so it means and we could spray them like all the time or wheat and you can just 17:14 go through your sprayer and just pray across them. This would make it a whole lot easier to make more Springs, you know. 17:20 Well, that's where I you know with you said something about soybeans Chad. That's where I've made. My my soybean yields at it's not hidden in 17:29 anything that I've done. It's hidden in the balance you hit on that. It's hidden in the balance and it's hidden at the fact that I can go out 17:38 there and so easily make each application and make another one and make another one and spoon feed that crap all we 17:44 have to in and we're making that late season application all the way out to win. They're actually turning a little 17:50 bit yellow. We're making one more and just putting a little bit more in there and surprisingly enough. You can pick 17:56 up a bush or pick up a bushel and I personally think This particular thing that Chad and I have done. I feel like it's going to be part of 18:05 my program on my general practices. Anyway, that's my irrigated Acres as far as getting ready to go with you is 18:14 This gonna be part of the future before that. I want to preface this when you really think about it. 18:19 Our old knowledge. Our old thinking was there's a certain point where it doesn't matter anymore. We don't do that with other stuff. We don't stop feeding people 18:27 just because they get grown you yeah, we don't we don't we don't take the Hogs off feed because they're gonna go to market in two and a half weeks, you know, they 18:36 feed them right up till today. Well, yes, I mean there is something to do that. What we're not thinking about is Farmers is the fact that we don't sell bushels. Okay. We 18:45 say wait so pounds we sell pounds. So we're making when temples doing that we're getting Seas. Kevin Matthews talks about seed says 18:54 so we're getting seats at so size, you know and wait are you say inside matters? I'll just that what 19:03 you like. That's not what they told me. And and so anyway the weight of it, you know, we're making weight we make weight 19:12 you make bushels. That's why I was wondering also by that late season thing did we take what could have been 52 bushel or 52 pound corn and 19:21 made it 58 or something that Us wait because it added it did to change the moisture that because it made kernels bigger. Does it make it 19:30 so that the kernel came out of here on what do you think about mine? I'll tell you the difference between mine the the 19:36 check versus the test. It was about two and a half three points difference in moisture. It was that much more that was that much more moisture in 19:48 it. but so there was some weight there. Um, but it was the Stay Green and the healthiness. I mean those plants I can send you a picture of the plants. I 19:59 sent it to Chad. I mean they were black green right out to the end and it was testing 22 23 percent but it looked like it should be tested 35% I 20:09 mean it were Chad how green were they? Yeah. Yeah, it looked like 28. I mean it was a solid. I mean the bottom leaves the leaf. I didn't say leave at 20:18 the bottom, but the leaf before the bottom Leaf I know was green, you know, and you look, you 20:24 know, when we walk in a field, you know, we talk about walking fields and looking at it and you know, you start at the 20:30 bottom and work your way up after that ear gets own and start looking at the plant, you know, and you'll see what you're 20:36 running out of cuz it's gonna start cannibalizing and eating from the bottom of And by the way, even that late in 20:44 the season, when most people would think oh by this point, it doesn't matter you're saying that that plant is still looking for some nutrients. Clearly 20:50 you guys proved it. So that brings me a nice question the future you see yourself doing this. 20:56 In the future. It's the bushels the the yield was there the pounds were there hundred percent and the money, you know. 21:04 We talk about Sin that well, you know that I I cost me so just so you know now this is less fungicide less than sex aside. This is 21:17 the lewd that I put on was 32 dollars and 62 cents. I was going to say according to who you buy it from it's gonna be from 28 to 35 21:26 dollars. Yep. Now that doesn't include the fungicide or insecticide but that was a $32 investment. And 21:33 by the way at five weeks before the combines running you aren't doing fungicide. So you're not saying that you didn't put fungicide in that mix anyway, right? Oh, 21:42 I did you did. Well, look at your pit. Look at your picture. I just sent you on your phone. Damian did it? Yeah, that's the corn and I 21:51 don't look at my phone when I'm I don't look at my phone. No, I do. That would be real go ahead and I tell you what, I'm gonna give 21:57 you permission go. Hello, actually your listener if you will see them if you will see the Aerials on this. Will our producers gonna be putting this up? So if 22:05 you're listening to this when you're in your combine right now and you want to see the visuals, we got the visuals and they're being produced and they're 22:11 being put on here right now. So go check out the video. All right, here's my question 33 bucks and anecdotally. Well 22:17 not even at least experimentally you saw 33 bucks and then the yield bump was already won all mine. 22:26 I think 31 times six dollars. Yeah, well depend on now you said more like onward. 22:34 Yeah, depends on where you where your basis is on and and who all right. So anyway, the point is 18200 worth of corn sale 22:43 on a 33 dollar treatment. I was wrong. It was I I'm not even gonna tell you you can make up your mind. It was more than 30 Bush. But so call it third. It's call it call it. 22:55 That's where and that's words. What is your difference is you do a region around your worst Chad. 23:00 To show you the difference between the lines and I have not I just pulled that first. Yeah, really you had plenty of time to pull it. Hey, 23:09 yeah, I ain't done it the problem. This is you know for the people listening if I was sitting here watching this and I'd watched all the way through it me and Tim me and 23:18 Temple and you come up and you told me it made 30 bushel, I'd probably slam a computer down. 23:23 Yep, I would too. Um because it we just don't see that as Farmers. But when you when you're let's say we were sitting here 23:32 and Temple. What was the population on yours? Thirty eight five. Well thirty nine five in that area. But yeah, 38 30 where I've done it at we was for 23:41 me where for which farm for me. We're from 37 to 44,000 when we're sitting here that many plants y'all and 23:47 we're sitting here push like we pushed and weigh the plants pull like they pull some of that exponentially starts pulling up as well because 23:56 we didn't have on mine temples got picture of that. I can show you pictures of it the tip back wasn't there and I created a lot of that to you know, 24:05 the kernels not drying down on the end as much us pulling back which you know, we will still feeling those and this is some of the stuff that matters so 24:14 don't like you're gonna go out there with it 20 4,000 or 28,000 plants and you're gonna pick up 35 bushel, you 24:20 know, it's it's all in perspective to what you're trying to do. And what's what you you know, Where you're at, I guess oh, you know I some things 24:30 with the old thing about it sounds too good to be true Chad and what you just said if I was watching this or listening to this and temples telling me for 33 dollars. 24:36 I grabbed 30 more bushels. You'd be like b******* come. Oh, it's definitely both. Okay, so, you know what? It's not because you obviously did it and then they say, okay, 24:45 let's say this you really you caught everything right? It was The Perfect Storm, you know, the weather the conditions the soil type whatever but it let's 24:51 say let's say it's half, right? Let's say it's 33 dollars and you get 15 bushels. Yeah. Let's say we're 24:57 getting ten. Yeah. This is like we gain that's still that's still double because I only need for half five 25:03 to pay for it. You only need for that. So let's just say we're getting tea and you know it and a lot of our trials is gonna come out, you know, they mean this 25:12 year. I mean, I'm seeing them there's a big swing in my trials and I'm I'm pretty sure it's because of that and I was so hot and so dry when I put the stuff 25:21 out right at the bottom of the plan or stuff that we don't even for or stuff that we've done in two. I'm seeing a big 25:27 Increase and I don't know if it's because the season we had and the Heat and the dry and we couldn't get to Roots, you know, everything we put it to basic kind of used up and it couldn't 25:36 expand out further because the moisture or what it was but a lot of my trials this year are bigger than they was last year, you know, and I think I'm gonna I'm 25:45 gonna say something about that Chad. I want you know, when I first start talking to Chad Chad kept telling me look I 25:54 can I think that I can take just about anybody's planner and I can I can gain them 15 to 26:00 20 bushel by trying to do the right thing up front and getting every plan exactly the same so you take what he said and I took that to heart 26:09 and I made sure to everyone. I mean, I've got perfect stand I'm trying to get the perfect you mean about all the 26:17 way back to the beginning what you really good about the mechanical aspect of what you even emergence so 26:27 He's he's particular as hell about trying to get every plant exactly saying because I'm sending pictures before you know, oh man you yeah, you 26:36 got a space in there. You got like a double. Skip you got this, you know, and I want and I want yeah and I and 26:42 I want to kill him because I'm like damn I thought that was perfect. But anyway, if you take that all the way from the beginning of what 26:48 Henderson's saying about trying to get everything perfect from the beginning and then we're stimulating that 26:54 plant all the way through and then you've got all this field full of corn that everyone is exactly the same. So you're manipulating every 27:03 plant exactly the same way and they're all at the exact same group stage same thing with soybeans, but it's a lot 27:12 easier to get a return on some of these things that we're talking about. Hashtag send it on that because you've manipulated every plant at the exact same time 27:21 at the exact same right stage. So figuring out which field Is worth pushing envelope on and which field isn't is 27:30 key to all of this? Yeah, because when you start and it grows and comes out sometimes what you think and and y'all we can't be perfect on every acre. 27:39 It's not gonna happen. You're not gonna be perfect on every every acre. There's gonna be weather events that predict that because sometimes you 27:45 think well, there's no way that'll come out and then you got the perfect rain on a crusted soul that it all come 27:51 through or you didn't get the perfect rain. So just understanding where to push the envelope and we're not 27:57 to push it means a lot in making money, you know people get frustrated. Oh, I made it application. It didn't make me nothing. Well, it's because you was three weeks late or either 28:06 it was done before you ever got started. So so understanding that is is huge. By the way. I know what you're saying is is you you're 28:15 a pushing to the Limit guy, but you hit the break once in a while because I've never heard you hit the brakes. No, I don't hit the break. It's like I never started. It's 28:24 just like you spun out in the water box like, okay. Come up online. See you they was doing let's go to another field, you know. 28:31 it ain't no way, you know, maybe a contest feel or a trial field becomes a field to be normal practice, but 28:39 I'm so good and it was growing so good that hey this just become this field. I got a question about that Chad. Do you push it on what is your average to 28:50 below average stuff? Because it's going to give it that much more Punch or do you say no those anchors are 28:56 gonna only perform average I'm gonna go to my very best stuff and I'm gonna give this final punch because that's like taking your best 29:02 athlete and then really giving them the juice which one do you do? So we're in dry land environment, right? You know, I'm three. I'm a kid a lot but I'm 29:11 three or four days away from a drought at any time and we prove that this year. So we I trickle in every time 29:17 I plant to say my planter load is am I in for a load in my two potato load is good. It's good. Like you know, it don't matter what acre it 29:26 is. It's freaking on point. All right. So I've spent the money there. Well, then I pull back and I sit there and a herbicide timing, it's good. Well, actually 29:35 that I pull back again. I'll tell Dad Stewart like hey if this corn looks really good at you know prior to Brown seal. I know for a fact that I'm gonna 29:44 be 30 or 40 or 50 pounds short of in And possibly K and possibly P. But I know that in the front so we keep managing that as 29:53 we go because we don't know what the weather's going to predict to us. So even late season, so we're proving that you 29:59 can come in there late and I can trickle this through all the time and keep keep making corn but not 30:05 have not have all my money spent in the first. Two months of a corn production because from the start, we've always been that way. Somebody come out 30:15 the load all your fertilizer out you planning with no infer to somebody blowed all your fertilizer. Guess what you're locked 30:21 in you're locked in weather hail flatten whatever you put all your money in it. So I'm the guy who just we just keep trickling along and 30:30 it's a corn looks better. We keep going we run in there and we're dry for 10 days at 100 degrees. I'm done. We're not putting any more money in it. Yeah. 30:39 So you do wizard by saying it's really you just answered by saying it's really conditioned specific. It's not I'm gonna reform field and 30:48 form because you can't I can't I live in Alabama and it's a red soil. I'd love to you know, being a state or some somewhere where the souls deep. You know 30:57 me like maybe being Marilyn, you know where everything's just roses what we're going to be eating, you know? Yeah, okay, but 31:03 good and and I have things a lot greater than a lot of people have, you know, we all have our own trials, you know, I can get get out there and take off 31:12 planting and the souls a hundred degrees, you know and stuff just comes out of the ground where these guys try to get it warm up to 60. So 31:18 but on the back side, it'll get too hot anyway, but you know us as Farmers all have our own problems, but 31:25 What's more more acre? You gonna do it this thing about late application when the neighbors thought you're crazy and you're just throwing you're just throwing 31:34 money at something that doesn't need it. But you just prove that it did work out you doing this again next year on more record if I have 31:40 a if I have anywhere around a 200 bushel corn crop. I'll be locked in on it. How about that? Does that give you a better number? You'll be doing you'll do 31:49 late application if anything over 180 bushel, I'll do it because I can I know that that plane is healthy enough and running up. They 31:58 didn't take it. They take it to the next be a good this be a good time to flash up his his yield trial in that field and just show 32:08 them this show everybody the stripes and that'll make up your mind especially on irrigated ground like when you can manipulate it and you know, what kind of 32:17 crap you're gonna grow and you can go out there and make a couple Paces in the field and it shows on on yield day 32:23 like that and you're guaranteeing that you're gonna To pay back that input cost. Yeah, I'm in. Yeah. 32:29 Yeah, so I just think that what you just said there is if you got to crop that's looking pretty damn good and it like yeah, 32:35 this thing is thing and a lot of people would just say man. They'll just let it dry. And another five weeks will run a combine you say that's the one where you go in and hit it one more 32:44 time. Okay, he pushing you know. Send it as I say that's what we're calling this or call it why a foliar application 32:54 to Corn at black layer might yield a big payoff and we just talked about how they did it why they did it. The reason they think that it would work for you. It is a little bit experimental but also has 33:03 big payoff potential. These guys are both gonna put it on more Acres next year Temple closing thoughts on this this thing because you were pretty excited to make sure we get this recorded. 33:13 Man, I'm just telling you that there's there's things that everybody needs to look at and we all need to look at it. The key points are know what 33:22 your crop needs at at What stages we're finding out that we need some things later on and we need to figure out like 33:31 on what soul types you are and what kind of requirements that each individual form. Not mine. Not Chad's everybody's is different. 33:40 What are our needs out to the end? Because I might be putting something in there that Chad not might not require because he's already got it in the plant and all those 33:49 things work in Synergy and it's all about like Chad said it's about that balance. It's about that balance and keeping 33:55 that balance all the way to the end to that combine hits it man. This thing's big time and I couldn't be any more excited about it. Chad. You just give me your wrap 34:04 up the thing that's really struck me was that you're all about hashtags send it no matter what you said. No. No, it's gonna 34:10 be if that corn plant is healthy and the conditions are right. Then I'll throw that $33 and do that extra work 34:16 at the end and make this all pop. So this thing is all about making money, you know, we talk about hashtag send it now, but we're still making money making making 34:25 pounds and making money. So when you you know by this time y'all you already know what your corn crop is you've done pull some ears back. We know we 34:34 got through pollination. Well, we had a good ear set our tip back, you know, we we're still pushing. It's 34:40 making everything we see the progress when you see that progress don't pull your foot off of it. Give it some more on late season on the tail end and 34:49 then also, you know these products that we're using a lot of these are triggers in the plant we talk about triggers a lot it triggers to make it pull up more than what 34:58 you're just putting on this phone ring just to folder, you know, so it's we're triggering to keep it pump and keep it 35:04 thinking it that everything's going good and it needs more and we're putting weight into those kernels, you know, I got a question. So you've seen 35:13 Go ahead. Do you think that when we put the pgr in their chat it helped trigger because you made me think about that. You think it helped trigger and make that plant 35:24 pull in more than would it originally would have you think that that's part of what we're seeing it. It did it did I think so and you know it all 35:33 according to you know, me and you had this discussion before, you know, we we sure do label pgr, man. 35:39 We put that pgr in a broad spectrum. So if anybody's going to do this before next year thinking about doing this man call us. Let's call have a 35:48 talk about it because there's we generically Put pgr we say pgr. And it's so vast that using 35:57 the wrong pgr here. Might not be good either. So we need make sure and use there's there's several that we can use that are better 36:06 good for this application. So just know know what you're using. No, how about that? No, no, which pgr you're using but you both agree this Beyond just 36:15 nutrition fungicide. I said all that stuff. Did you think the plant growth regulator at the end also was a 36:21 contributory Factor because this Center as a temple keeps talking about the synergistic effect. It's like a way it's like a wake up like it wakes That Thing Up 36:30 Shake It Up Make it pull in more and I I really do think and that's part of impulse got a story on another 36:36 day that he would probably tell you only soybeans and how he approaches that you know it whatever have one of these on soybeans he'll talk to 36:42 you about why he will have one of these on story bees like that's a good place to leave this but that's an interesting thing on the way out the 36:48 door that you think the plant growth regulator might have helped make that plant that thought it was about done. Yeah absorb 36:54 everything and so did the sugar and so did the fungicide This is just and I 37:04 were talking about this we were talking about this one fact, how can we put all these things together? And what products do we use to make it 37:13 all have a synergetic effect with each other and that's why we chose the program that we chose right or wrong Chad, correct? 37:21 So it all works together. All right. His name is Temple roads. He's our buddy from Maryland and he's joined by Chad Henderson, one 37:30 of the original founders of extreme Ag and if you want to see more great stuff, seriously, we got like hundreds of these videos and podcasts cutting the curve. We've been doing this now for 15 months 37:39 since I joined the guys and we produce some really good stuff. Please share it it'll cost nothing put it out there share with people 37:45 that can benefit from this and make more money on their Farm because as Chad Henderson said, it's all about making money. It's neat talk about yields and contest and trophies and all that. But 37:54 you know, what at the other day it's a business and these guys in a business people and they are helping you with your business. 38:00 Thanks for being here guys till next time it's cutting the curve and I'm Damian mace. Thanks for listening to another edition of cutting 38:06 the curve for more information that you can apply to your farm operation. Visit extreme mag dot Farm are your crops dressed out AG Explorer 38:15 has you covered with a full line of products to help protect your crop from environmental stressors such as cold and wet or heat and drought check out AC 38:24 and start protecting your yields and profits.

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