Balancing Your Fertility
10 Apr 2310 min 4 sec

Chad talks to Damian while in the AgroLiquid booth at Commodity Classic about the methods he uses to balance dry and liquid fertility in his fields.

00:00 So here we are talking to chat Henderson about balanced fertility and balancing your fertility. We're in 00:06 front of your awesome race car here. I'm always like to make these analogies to be fast. You got to have everything figured out you have everything where 00:13 it needs to be. It's kind of the same thing with balance fertility. But only thing is I don't even know what that means. It's just a step, 00:19 you know, everything's a step. You know what with this thing. We got to go. You got to go fast at 10 feet before you go past the 60 feet before 00:25 you go fast at 300 30 feet, you know, it's it's a stamp, you know, it's it's you can't start slow in any face, you know, you can't start too fast. You'll 00:34 just spin out so, you know, I mean, so it's it's in reference that you know, you know, you hear us talking about a whole lot about liquidity. We're here with Agra liquid and you here's talk 00:43 a lot about oh, we need this fertility. We're not talking about get rid of draft or two. It's a balance of 00:49 both. So Kelly Garrett said something pretty smart and one of our panels we can do it. I'm to the point where I don't think there's a thing called depleted soils. I think 00:58 there's unbalanced. Also kind of talk about that. Well, that's what we're learning. I mean, you know, we're constantly learning. Nobody knows it 01:05 all when they come up and said, oh, I know this I know that I know this just walk away because there's certain things that people do know, 01:11 but nobody knows it all as farmers were always trying to learn be more efficient, you know, we're talking about these sustainable practices that 01:17 we do we're learning more about that whether it's mixing a blend of dry and putting it out in the fall, you know, that's just 01:23 a what we would call a rate that would be a base rate when they're basically not that long ago when you started farming go out there and fling all kinds 01:32 of fertilizer out there in the fall or maybe in the spring done and you big on the whole thing about no, it's got to be delivery delivery 01:38 delivery. Is that part of the balance? Yes. It is a little Souls that we live in North Alabama the souls that we have so living we can be a drought at any time. So then that's 01:47 being more fishing with my money as well. You know, if I put on the fertilizer out there and then I'll run on the drought or Windstorm. Well, I 01:53 just lost all the money. I didn't lose money fertility, but I still have to make it through the year and we just spend a bunch this year. So what 01:59 we like Do is we like to put a base fertility out of some kind of ready? If it's with a strip till we're way down. We're less than 02:05 50% of what we do on broadcast fertility. Okay. What did you say? You're a blessed less than 50% of what we do when I pull 02:14 the strip till rig out. I say 50 bucks an acre and you know, that's not talking about what other things that we do cars not affecting having more cover on top of the ground not more 02:23 tillage. There's several things we do that and then we come in with a balanced rate of agricult products that somewhere in the planter load, you know, 02:32 and that's that's what we started dressing. What do we need? Do we need more phosphorus in the low doing more K in the low do we need more 02:38 National Low there's a lot of things that we can put in that load and really tackle what that zone needs to be 02:44 where the roots are. That's what we're affecting where the roots are you talked about the issue of 02:50 what you learn when you had a farm that was going to be developed and you spoke about this and recording we did and on a webinar and we've visited the subject because it's worth 02:59 revisit. You said you know there was fertility in that field and it might have been turned into a Housing Development. So I didn't go full tilt on putting stuff out there. I just kept spoon feeding it 03:09 it's spoon feeding it over the course of time a big component to the balance. Well, hey could be but you know we did 03:18 before is it more like it's too much just that way not enough on the other way. That's correct. That's exactly where I was going with you. You're going 03:24 to have to have Drive fertility as a maintenance and we're not talking about on that farm you're talking about it was gonna go to concrete. So with 03:30 it doing that. I didn't need to put draft for duty at that may not use for the next three years, you know, I need to put up to 03:36 the animal use now. So what we call us putting on liquid day we put on liquid diet and we usually was there we use we use 03:42 products that we know that we've research that we know that makes fertility available because it's all about available for 03:48 two. It's not about for two. He's not available for duty if you think you've got this much for Duty how much do fertility do you 03:54 have this available? And that's all we need. You know, it's what we're can use with a plan if we can't use it then 04:00 Going to do with it. What do you think farmers get wrong about the balance or what? Do you think you've gotten wrong? We're not anyway back. What have you gotten wrong? 04:06 Do you think other guys are getting wrong? I mean I've learned I've just learned so much about the balance of it and what nutrients you know, we're 04:12 not gonna get into. Oh we need to need this and this and this and this, you know far as let's say our calcium donation Ratio or 04:18 a MAG to calcium ratio, you know, we're not gonna get into those ratios, but with what farmers get and don't 04:24 get as you know, the the mentality of this is what we all do it. Yeah, you know, so what about Chan but the time to combine runs, sometimes you 04:33 call a combine. Anyway, that's on the combine runs. It's too late. You're out of balance. Is there any making it up? There's no Mikey it up. But what we're doing is never stop learning even 04:44 in a bad cop. You never start learning pay attention to what the stocks looks like say pay attention to what the structure looks like pay attention what 04:50 the plant looks like we try to get off at least once a day and just walk in the field. Well, you know in the machines I'm not even gonna say 04:56 come I'm gonna say machines just so we're getting the machines and when we do we get all this focus on is getting the crop out getting the crop out there take just a second get out 05:05 of stretch your legs and get down and look at the stalks pull some ears back. We've got to get to ear placement ride, even 05:11 if we're not shooting for high bushels steel bushels per acre on. What we're trying to do is doing the 05:17 best job we can do her plant. So when we get to ear shut back, they're on the same line. We feel it out to the tip. There's a lot of things we can look at that. We know that we've 05:26 done our job here or we didn't do our job here. So it's a learning curve for next year. You're always learning for next year. A lot of things you can do in this season. You can't fix 05:35 it in this season because you're behind already like trying to run this race car. It's like Adam and I'll start line. 05:40 Name about mid track, we're gonna gag it and when we gag it our stove it or stick it or whatever words you want to use and then get to Finish Line. We're not gonna run 05:49 our Optimum speed you're already behind by the way, your farm last summer with agril liquids Molly 05:55 Alexander and stuff his lingo. We debated you debated the the necessity or the application of tissue sampling this tissue 06:04 sampling help you get the fertility balance that you need. I mean, you said it's a tool. It's just one of the tools and it's not the gospel. So what do you think about tissue sampling 06:13 to help get the right fertility balance? Yes and Molly you're gonna Molly you're really gonna love to hear that. She just like, oh, yeah, but me and Stephanie had 06:22 a point, you know, it's once you get i'll understanding of a farm not all Farms a farm when you get to understanding that farm. I don't think you need 06:31 to pull so many tests you can pull a test or two or three a year to make sure you're still within your perimeters or if you're trying 06:37 something new. That's the time to do tissue if you're trying to 06:40 Come across some different ballasts. That's the time do tissue sample you use it when it needs to be used. If you're not gonna change anything in your program. Why are you testing first? I bet 06:49 you why are you test it? I mean, why do it why do you change anything? Why do it you know, you know what you're gonna make if you're not gonna change anything you made 200 Bush last year, you're not gonna change anything. 06:58 You know what you're gonna make 200 first. If you don't change anything first step first piece of advice to someone that says I do have an imbalanced fertility issue 07:07 Chad. What should I do your first top but first advice is work on the worst one at the first work your 07:13 way from worse to best. So pick one nutrient at a time and work on it and work on it for the year. If you want to work on two or three nutrients work going in the same Farm have a zone of 07:22 20 acres that you're working on more on, you know, the Zone you're working on phosphorus and pick those things that point in time because when things 07:28 starts moving through the plant one may affect the other one, so when you can trigger, you know, what you can do with one you can do it with other one at a different timing then that's 07:37 you just got to pick it apart a little time you get if you try to pick it part. 07:40 Your whole Farm basis you get so overwhelmed. It's really hard to do because I've done it. I'm speaking everything I talk about here is things I've done it's 07:49 not things that I like. This is how you should do it. That's an idea. This is things that I've made mistakes on and I pick my brain apart 07:55 or work myself down and be like, I didn't do anything, right? So you have to focus on the little things one at a 08:01 time to get and just keep building up. There's never there's never any bad data. There's just data it's not 08:07 good date and bad day. They're just data and you keep collecting data and then obviously the application of saying okay. Here's my biggest problem. Let's 08:13 start with my biggest problem is what you're saying and it's not biggest deficiency necessarily. It's biggest out of balance problem. Yeah. I 08:19 mean, it may be a planner problem. I mean, we may be out of balance on the mechanics that we didn't do right and we're 08:25 blaming you know for two when your plant stand is crap. So I mean, it's, you know, everybody it's easy for a lot of people to get to blame on that that product I didn't 08:34 get no bushels from it. Well one of you Rose he was messed up you and let me 10,000 plans. I mean pretty valuable take away even for 08:40 me. Inside began working with a street mag is talking about how if you have a bunch of this and not any of this and that balance 08:46 isn't there the one will work it don't matter how much you get. Yeah, you don't want and you know William talked about pH, you know, 08:52 your pH has to be right before we start eating the balances. So, you know, don't forget that. It's just you know, I always say it's a little 08:58 things that get you and you know, I tell my guys every day it's a little things that get you and it's just such a truth of it, you know, because all we're trying 09:04 to do is keep me anything like on race car. Don't let nothing fall off race car. Nothing falls off the race car. We're going straight to the front right to 09:10 the pole. But when something falls off right to the beach Outhouse to Penthouse, I know it's I think it's kind of money we're talking about as opportunities for the race car, but you know what you 09:19 got one chance to get it right? You're only you're only driving this thing for four seconds right hands. So make sure everything's balance. 09:25 This is the thing faster than my 2012 Nissan Maximum. I mean this thing will run through your max like run underneath through it over around it. Just good 09:34 talking about the importance of fertility balance. His name is Chad Henderson. He's not just an extreme ad guys. Pilot of this machine right here the aggro liquid sponsored 09:43 1987 Buick Regal 87 of my rights. There you go. And it's fast. It's faster than my Nissan Maxima believe it or not. Almost like it's almost like Jimmy John's Creek 09:52 Pass till next time I'm Damian Mason coming at you from in front of this really really hot car on behalf extreme Egg 09:58 and I grow liquid.

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