Are You Spending Too Much on Fertilizer and Not Seeing The Results?
12 Oct 2335 min 11 sec

There is an economic principle that states that, after a certain point, each additional unit of input (like fertilizer) will result in progressively smaller increases in output (like crop yield). This means that there's an optimal amount of fertilizer for a given crop in a given soil, and beyond that point, you're just wasting money. Well, as it turns out, much — or maybe even most — of your applied Phosphorous and Potassium is unavailable for your crops. In the old days of inexpensive fertilizer this was less of a problem. However, as commodity prices dip and fertilizer prices remain elevated, you need to maximize your fertility applications. Chad Henderson maximizes his investment by treating his dry fertilizer with a biocatalyst. The $4 per acre treatment yields Chad an additional 12 bushels while using less fertilizer. Agronomist Steve Sexton explains how it works.

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