Are Biologicals The Future Of Ag?
14 Jul 2212 min 43 sec

Farming has changed significantly in the past few decades, and at top of the list in changes has been the increased availability and use of biologicals on modern farms. Will there soon be a time when all crop protection inputs will be biological based? Damian talks to Matt Miles and Trey Curtis from Concept Agritek about the not so far off future of agriculture.

00:00 Hey friends, welcome to another fantastic episode of Extreme Ice cutting the curve. We're talking about the future of Agriculture. 00:06 And is it biological? You know what these Biologicals have absolutely just come from every part. Every quarter of Agriculture now is getting 00:15 infiltrated with biological products that hold a lot of promise but will the promise hold up will the hype exceed the actual outcome. Well, we're gonna find out so 00:24 in fact, we're doing a trial in this very field right now. I'm in Matt milesfield and McGee Arkansas, you know, Matt one of the followers of 00:30 extreme Ag and we have with us the CEO and founder of concept agrotech Trey Curtis. Trey is the future of Agriculture biological meaning 00:39 are we going to get rid of all this really harsh chemistry that we've been using for years in production agriculture. Well, 00:45 that's our goal. You know, it's not gonna happen overnight, but we have come a long way as far 00:51 as an industry. But also it's concept Agri Tech in the last 12 years of moving that direction and today we're 00:57 testing some products out here that The biofundicide biomaticide bioinsecticide we even have a 01:06 new herbicide in in the pipe. You know that we're going to be looking at this year that yeah, we want to 01:12 we want to cut those down matt. You are a profit-minded farmer You're Not Afraid with experimentation. You got a 40 01:21 acre plot going right here with a product that is biological is the future of Agriculture gonna be biological that it's 01:27 not just a 40 acre plot. It's all of Matt miles of Miles Farms acres are gonna be treated with Biologicals. Well, I mean, 01:33 we hope that we we try to treat everything, you know, the safest way we can and and you know trade 12 01:39 years ago was riding around in an old junky truck with a 16 foot trailer and his vision was you know, I'm gonna 01:45 help change. I'm gonna have new products. I'm gonna have things that are different than the status quo and with the biology and 01:51 I'm gonna sell it 12 years ago people probably thought she's half crazy running around that pickup truck trying to sell snakehold. Yeah, 01:57 you know today we're seeing that Big benefit to soil Health. There's a big benefit to you know mitigating. 02:05 I guess you would call it mitigating. Well tolerance is one big problem with toxic and chemicals. I guess I'd say mitigating toxic chemicals and 02:14 getting away from some of those things that are less sustainable and and starting to use things on the plant figuring out 02:20 that things with people like Trey and cons of agrotech that there is biological safer products out there that will 02:26 do the same job as what we're doing with with more harsh chemical if I think Trey have a benefit. All right first off I got 02:33 Farmer benefit meaning you know, I remember some of these things. I remember an insecticide it was orange and it came in a bag and then these farmers are dumping it back there in the in the back of 02:42 the planter and that dusted come out and I think we killed a lot of people it's from pretty harsh stuff. Yeah. So we're talking about farmer Health. There's 02:48 a promise that Biologicals will be easier on him and his workers out here. We gonna be harming their health. There's the other thing about soil health and you 02:57 know plants Kevin talks a lot about we're we're raising plants. We're not just talking about soil here. You know, it's about plant Health not so health because one goes with the other. 03:06 the other thing tolerance, you know Roundup Roundup Ready soybeans were amazing didn't have to walk soybeans anymore with a machete to get rid of get rid 03:16 of machine volunteer corn. We have all kinds of stuff that's tolerant to glyphosate. We have all kinds of Tolerance this biological future hold the promise that 03:25 we get rid of those three things. I start with tolerance. We'll go backwards. Yeah, let's start with tolerance because so biology our biology 03:31 has hundreds of different strains of beneficial bacteria and fungi. Here's the great thing about it. 03:37 The bad bacteria and fungi. Do not become resistant to good bacteria and fungi. That's why nature put them there billion years ago. So 03:46 we do not have to worry about resistance to that. Okay. So you think that we avoid the whole tolerance thing and let's go to soil health and 03:52 plant Health. He just mentioned it. We're gonna have better soil health and plant Health with Biologicals where we can say like, yeah, man, the old days we used to do stuff that really kind of 04:01 actually knocked the soil back. Is that what we're talking about? Yes. Absolutely. I mean, we're we're realizing it's it's almost the same thing when 04:07 we used to talk about, you know insects insect resistance management, you know, we're spraying you have the beneficials you 04:13 yeah, the beneficial insects and you're going after the worm just say what guy would automatically put in sex side out 04:19 because he's going over the field if I've got two or three worms. I'm already going over the field. What we try to do is 04:25 let those beneficial and sex take care of that worm. It's the same thing with soul Health, you know, if you don't take if you 04:31 don't take out all the beneficial components of your soul, then they're gonna help the fertilize and everything be more efficient. 04:37 And and more uptake into the plant farmer house and wait a minute. 04:42 Justice biological doesn't mean it's better for us. But that's the promise right? Well face it the fluid biological. Oh, well, 04:48 yes, but those are not in our products and the great thing is is, you know, I remember growing up on the farmers, you know, spilling trash land on me and coming back looking yellow all day 04:57 long, right, you know, and and then obviously we were using some insecticides and cotton because I grew up in Arkansas and cotton farm and man. Some of those things would kill you, 05:06 you know, and so what we have now is products you can spill all over you. I mean we can just pour them up that we're gonna do a trial later on we're gonna pour some biolate all over Damien here 05:15 and we're gonna see if it bothers him or not. That's good for it all over me and he's gonna lick it off and it's getting kind of weird. I don't 05:21 know about that. Okay, but my point is don't make sure lotion up exactly but my point is is that yes, they're extremely 05:27 healthy not only for for you or for the guy using it for for your employees and the benefits of that 05:36 just from my legal ass back. You know that you don't have to worry about those kind of things and And let's go back to soil health. So 05:44 we're all talking about you know, that's the new buzzword again. We've been doing soil health and biology. Like he said everybody thought I was crazy 12 years ago 05:50 when it was not a buzzword now, it's a buzz word, but guess who's been probably doing it the longest we have and so we're probably light years ahead of other people but when you put 05:59 all these synthetic pesticides in your ground, so you're working on soil Health you're using chicken litter right? We're using some biology using some other stuff and you're working on Soul health 06:08 and then you go out there and Hammer it with pesticide after pesticide if there's pesticide which live in your soil. Guess what 06:14 all that work. You did for soul Health just got mitigated. So if we can move those over to biological insecticide fun decide to Matt aside even potentially 06:23 herbicides man. We just it exponentially increase our soul Health which goes over to the next year and next year. And this is what our Growers 06:32 that have been doing business with us like that for several years are seeing the cumulative effect of biology after biology after 06:38 biology. He was just told my word I was gonna say, so wait a minute. Matt are you seeing a cumulative effect 06:44 of biology year after year versus what we've talked about build up or tolerance of year. We see in a cumulative effect. Yeah, and to be honest with you that I'm glad 06:53 he brought that point up. So when we first started working with it, we put it out. No your response, you know, 06:59 like well that way we do that. Well. Yeah, why do we do that? But when if you repetitively put it out, that's what we figured out two things. 07:05 Yeah, we figured out to make biology work and it's right back to what he said about the toxins in a soul. 07:10 First years we were putting it out. We were using What I Call City Water. Yep, chlorinated. Yeah chlorine absolutely killed 07:16 the biological soon as soon as you put the water in the tank. So you've got to know what you're mixing what your water 07:22 source is and make sure that you're not negating all the Biologicals as soon as you put them in the tank. We were killing them the minute we put them in 07:28 there when we figured that out. Still it's not a one year at one and done thing. It's a multiple approach to every year process. There's gonna be 07:36 my next question because I know that the person that's being a little bit skeptical on this that's sitting there saying wait a minute, you know, this is all cool. That's neat, but 07:43 Biggest question of all does it work? Yes. Okay. We feel like it does and you've used how many Concept agrotech products over to yours shoot. He's 07:52 got line up a 70 I hadn't used all 70 of them. But I mean we use a lot of half a dozen it doesn't yes. All right, so you're using their stuff you're saying it works. You're all 08:01 good with that. My next question when you look at this biological stuff. It's more difficult than traditional chemistry than conventional 08:10 chemistry. I got a refrigerate this stuff. It's like a gallon of milk. It's got It's got living organisms in it. I've got to keep it the right temperature. I've got to go out there 08:19 and feed it. Right. That's the way this biological stuff. Well, you know for a lot of companies that's true. A lot of people use freeze dried 08:25 or a lot of people want to use what they would call, you know, a live bacteria that are in a liquid that only have about a six-month shelf life. We created a 08:34 technology called biotech technology. And basically it's where we can put in hundreds of different Native strains these strains that we're like 08:43 out there in those woods that God intended to be out in this field that with synthetic fertilizer synthetic pesticides. We've 08:49 negated a lot of yeah, there is no shelf life issue whatsoever. The great thing is is when you do put it in water and spray it on your field 08:58 or like our bunch of bugs, you put it in Furrow and put it into thing. They start activating within seconds man the farm 09:04 operator right now. It says, you know what? I've been hearing the Extreme AG talk about these trials. I'm gonna start 09:10 dip my toe more into this. What do they need to know? What's the what's the one thing that you would tell them about using more Biologicals? Well, I 09:16 would say just try I mean, you know, if you don't try you never know you can listen to everything we say everything trace says until 09:22 you prove it to yourself, you know, so try try 40 acre field, you know, try some side by side see if you get improvements. I'm sure Trey and I both like to know if if a 09:31 guy's getting improvements or he's never getting improvements because then you know what to go back just like my chlorine issue. You know, it took 09:37 it took two or three years for me to realize that you were killing. I'll actual stuff you're putting I was killing it before we ever got it to the 09:43 field. You're just basically they're spraying stuff. That is my husband's friend neutered a product exactly. Is 09:49 it began the whole episode by asking is the future biological? I think it is. I think that that's a society today with social media and a 09:58 different, you know Avenues of being more transparent that you know, our country is wanting a safe food. Not that we don't produce a safe food because I 10:07 think we're Light years ahead of we were 50 years ago that but you've got so many people on on social 10:13 media now and everything on social media is true, right? Yeah, right. So what we're saying is there's gonna be consumer pressure Marketplace pressure that says I want 10:22 I want there to be something that's perceived as safer out in these fields and the answer to that is probably biological biological and 10:28 if we can get the biological aspect to work insecticides, you know along with just so Health in general it's going 10:35 to it's going to change the whole mental thought of food production. Congratulations on your 12-year journey and continue to 10:41 success more information is desired by people that are watching and listen this right now, where do they go concept We've got a great website. A lot of this information is on 10:50 there. But like Matt said each Farm's individually different everybody has different heartburn. So we 10:56 want to come out to their Farm find out what their heart Bernie is and see if there's a way that we can help them with that get them a good return on 11:02 their investment because every Farm is different so we actually customize programs for each and every individual Farm no matter 11:07 Up product it is and I've said this yesterday and you weren't you it was in a different deal. But if somebody's trying to sell you a fertility product and they don't want to 11:16 see your soul samples. You probably don't want to deal with them. First thing that that they asked me for when I started dealing with them with 11:22 soil samples. Yeah, you know and and come in there and his agronomist told me that I needed to put out calcium and 11:28 I almost told him to leave because my pH was already high, but it was the cow migration and I didn't understand that at 11:34 the time and through working with them. I figured out that the soil balance is more important than the amount of what what you got in just 11:40 because you got anything you gotta have the right ratio to make so that everything else available. Yeah. I mean when I was screwing up with a chlorine, they 11:46 couldn't figure out what was going on. So guess what they did they sent a team down and took micro floor from our trees 11:52 our plants our dirt and built a special biological with the with the bugs that they thought we needed specifically for my farm. So if 12:01 that ain't tailored, I don't know but I finally quit kill him with chlorine and things like getting a lot better his name. 12:07 Miles, he's one of the flowers are extreme AG check out more cool stuff. Like we have been shooting at extreme AG dot Farm share with your friends. His name is Trey Curtis. 12:16 He 12 years ago founded this company called concept agrotech be watching for more results of the trials here 12:22 at extreemag that farm that they're doing like for instance this one we're standing in right here, which is 40 acres with the biological products called bile 12:28 Health bio health. All right, I'm David Mason till next time. Thanks for tuning in. See more of this great stuff on Extreme 12:35 agnot Farm.

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