Are all seed companies the same?
6 Jul 2213 min 16 sec

It's all the same seed in a different bag with different label? Right? Damian asks the question and more with Agrigold's Leslie Rogers and XtremeAg's Matt Miles and Robb Dedman.

00:00 Hey friends, Damien Mason coming at you on behalf of extreme AG. Today. We're talking about seed. We are at Miles 00:06 farms and McGee Arkansas obviously out here in the barnyard. I've got Rob dedman altmanag Consulting and the right hand of my Matt miles. Matt miles proprietor 00:15 of Miles Farms. We've got Leslie Rogers Leslie Rogers in charge of nine states for agricult in the Mid-South and the southeast which is important because everyone 00:24 didn't really play in the sandbox 10 years ago, and now they do right now they've made a big push over the last 10 years to really establish in the Southern Southern corn 00:33 and soybean Market. All right. So all we're talking about seed. I'm just gonna throw this out there now Robin Matt don't get mad at me because I know 00:39 we're talking to a lady here in your Farmstead. All seed is the exact same it's just comes in a different bag with a different label change. My 00:48 mind all seed is not the same agricult is a brand underneath Airline genetics and that is one of four companies that produce genetics 00:57 in the corn market and what sets tiger go to part. Especially here in the south is that we've taken a really deeper look at providing genetics that truly fit on these 01:06 intents extreme weather conditions the Acres provide a lot of Versatility and consistence for our Growers. Alright, so you're gonna tell me that aggregor 01:15 gold isn't the same stuff as any other seed company, they just put different label on there and truck around the country. We have some exciting products getting 01:24 launched in 2023 and 24. We had what we call PCR trials. We had one of those last year on Matt's farm and we had an experimental last 01:33 year. That's now moving commercially. It's 6:47.79. The unique thing about that is that it's truly a unique product for agriculture. You will not find that product in other bags 01:42 across the market what that does is it's going to offer us a true Southern fit for a hybrid a good stand ability. Great plant Health also brings really 01:51 high yields and strong test weight, right you've been around this game for a long time. All right, you're you're an Agronomy guy and you've been out here covering. 02:00 Fields for your whole career all seeds the same right? No, all right not created equal. I all see he's not created equal. Why not? So, you know just like Leslie 02:09 said that let's talk about 6:47-79 647 79 is gonna bring some of the you know hardiness that we need in the Deep South down here, 02:18 you know, we've got extreme weather conditions from from flooding rains to to really dry souls to really hot environments 02:24 a lot of hot nighttime temperatures there. There have products that are being bred specifically for these types of environments. They've got products that are being bread specifically 02:33 for your environments, you know, and in Indiana the You know, we looked at last year when the PCR trial when we looked at with 647 79 it was 14 bushels 02:44 a better than any other product and you competitors and all you didn't compare this just to other agricult. You compared this to the other name brands. We took 02:53 the best we took we had the best at math. I thought he had on his farm in that plot. It was 14 bushel better. 02:59 When we do applied Diamond, you know, a lot of people do plus different ways. Yep, you know and it depends on kind of where you want to be. Well, I'm a little bit different than most. I 03:08 want the very top yielding varieties in my all my farm or been on my farm or might be on my farm. That's what I want to compare it to. I don't want to 03:17 compare it to a sub-par variety. So it's Rob said we picked out the varieties. We wanted to compare it to which you're the big boys 03:23 and and that specific variety. That's that's made for down here smoked them. Cool thing is what I like about it. It's got to be tougher because it's got to come down here 03:32 to Delta where we are. That means we're a little tougher than a farmers in the midwest right? I assume I'm just you've already kind of 03:38 proven that When you arm wrestle me the other night, you know, and I was just sitting their mind in my business. You're trying to be tougher me how many 03:44 bushels was a difference and 14 bushel, you know, I think we had we had that against how many other Five six I mean was in the family. We had 12 in that 12 in the 03:53 trial. Yeah. All right. So answer me this let's there's a whole bunch of seed corn companies the whole bunch of 03:59 seed companies period they tell me that the average farmer gets called on on average by six different seed 04:05 companies trying to sell them stuff. How do you compete? I think you know number one agricult sales team 04:13 competes by just the passion and excitement that they have for the products that they carry and also for the interactions that 04:19 we have with our Growers. You'll see a higher level of Engagement. It's not just about the sale. It's about the partnership. It's about finding the right fit and helping 04:28 with those management production practices and being there kind of locked up throughout, you know from start to finish. We want to make sure that we're doing all we can to ensure that 04:37 these guys have a big return on investment when you roll a new variety what you do all time. I know you do testing and trials you 04:43 got stuffing but South America or Hawaii or whatever. Let's say, do you have all that? 04:47 Yes, okay. All right. You roll out one as a turd. What do you do? 04:54 Um agricult has the marijuana Limit Oh and more politically, correct. They have a turd it's time and you want a turd a lemon. What do you do? Then? This variety just doesn't work. I'll tell you 05:03 so anybody in the Mid-South Market is familiar with six six five nine that's been a really long standing hybrid for us. It's been consistent. It's 05:09 high yielding. We haven't really had many new hybrids launched in our portfolio in the last few years. 05:15 It's a conservative approach if it's not going to fit if it's we're never forced to sell broad spectrum products that 05:21 maybe they fit in Southern Indiana. But hey, Arkansas sell it too. That's not the mindset. So it's more of a tailored approach 05:27 of what's really going to work for us and we sell hybrids in the Mid-South that our counterparts up north just you know, they're not expected to sell because they have hybrids that have 05:36 a better fit for them big into the mid the Deep South Matt miles. You've been planting corn and soybeans you started planting corn in 2007 So, 05:42 it's 15 years in you decide now, you're good enough at producing it because you want some State yield contest. You're not gonna Just Produce corn. You're gonna sell Seed corn. Why'd you 05:51 decide to do that? Just the between the quality and like she said the support staff that that's behind agargo. It's 05:58 it's it's all the advantages of a big company with a small company atmosphere. Like like she said lastly last ask her what she found last year my soybean field. She 06:07 found a five-bean pie. The only reason she found out five being part. She was in a field right? She didn't find out on a turn row or at a 06:13 desk or you know in my office she found it on the golf course, they're on the golf course, we'll just going golfing all summer right drinking Golf 06:19 and expense account. They're out there in the field, you know, Mitch come the other day. We looked at February 06:25 beans he spent the whole day. He said right here in this one spot. We could have a field day, you know between the February beans and 06:31 the beans on the other side and the tile beans all of them where I go beans and that's something I didn't I don't want you to forget the soybeans 06:37 because they've they've really started ramping up their soybean sales are promotions. Yeah, and they've got as good a soybeans as anybody in the country. If not better the 06:46 field. You were standing in the best corn we stood in in the last two days how tall was it? 06:51 That's 66 59 are that's a straight Roundup variety one of their oldest varieties. They sell still looks better than than most other 07:00 corn I've got so I mean why change something that's good you find something. That's better Leslie. 07:05 It seems to me the marketplace is saturated wager companies start to start selling soybeans when everybody else in their sister's doing it. 07:12 Soybeans are away for us to offer another product on the Acres. If you're growing corn, you're growing soybeans and kind of what that does is it just expands our kind of on Farm 07:21 presence. It gives us kind of that market fluctuation, you know in the South we're really diverse so we can grow five crops 07:27 at one time. And when you're only selling corn that kind of limits you and kind of having those year after year relationships and so 07:33 having soybeans puts us on the farm whether you're growing corn or not. But it also gives us kind of a better opportunity 07:39 to kind of have those engagement. We've talked about specificity of geography. They've got products that they say are for Mid to 07:48 Deep South Southeast very different climate geologically. We spoke about that in another recording soils are different climate different, you know 07:54 pests are different Etc. How much Regional specificity do you think we're gonna end up doing we're gonna get to where our gold or any other seed 08:03 company has a product that's for the Delta period and you if you go to just over and you know, we're Chad Henderson operates. It won't work at all. We're gonna get 08:12 there where there's Much specificity. I think we're there right now, Damian. I just don't think we realize how close we are to be in there, you know, 08:18 6:47-79 just it has a great fit here. Is it going to be specific to this Delta? It's probably going to fit throughout the whole Mid-South. It's probably 08:27 even going to travel a little bit north. Is he going to go to the Deep to the extreme North? No, but it does have 08:33 a brother that will go up north, you know along with it. That that hybrid there was another one. 08:40 Try them side-by-side in our plots. It didn't perform down here the same plots up north it performed. Well 08:46 79 did not perform. Well, it was just the opposite. So yeah, I think we're already there with those that you said you've been at this and so you put in the seed have you 08:55 ever had it where it wasn't just Regional specificity. It was like wait a minute my buddy, literally 14 miles 09:01 from here keep saying he has success with this and I have it if you ever had that I'm sure you have yeah some I mean, you know some what 09:07 especially you know, 14 miles is pretty close, but just the difference in the temperatures alone between here and 50 miles north and can affect a variety 09:16 differently planted at the same time. So all that's not just genetics. But the cool thing about agricult is they're not going to play something 09:24 on your acre because I got a lot of supply of it if it's not going to work in your field. So specifically placing these varieties where 09:30 they go, it's important because this is what you may you know, you may not lose before bushels an acre before Bush was an acre or seven dollars is 28 most was an acre. You're probably 09:39 not going to notice that just if you're just planting a generic seed that that goes from from Louisiana all the way up to Illinois 09:45 Lee Luber is another one of our Founders extreme. AG says seed you never save money by skimping on seed you never save money by skimping on 09:54 seat. There's one of his big things because he just thinks you know, what pay me now or pay me later. Yeah. 10:00 Your thoughts when it comes to see because that's corn mostly but soybeans again, it's a more crowded Marketplace. Is that much difference in a soybean seed here 10:09 from to where he is in South Dakota. Are you asking me? Yep well, and and and Leslie and Robin I've talked about this before we've got one of the most economical price 10:18 soybeans on the market at hands down. with a work for Lee up in South Dakota not specifically what sold here soybeans are a lot more they 10:27 travel a lot less because you know the different groups of soybeans and like what corn would you can actually take one of our coins or their coins and you can make a crop know what they're 10:36 South soybeans are a little bit different but we are learning, you know used to we were all group five and even group sixes in a 10:42 day if it's got a five behind the number, you know, I'm probably not going to plant it but back to what I was saying on cheap sea 10:49 So we don't sell we're not selling the agrogo seed because it's a it's an economical sale. We're selling it for yield. Yep. All right, so say it's 10 dollars 10:58 a unit cheaper than than a bag of a competitor. How many bushels is that? Say the numbers again $10. Yeah means you're 11:06 15. Yeah, 3/4 of a bush Okay, so if it makes two bushels more And it costs $10 more that's irrelevant. Right? So 11:14 so that's what the cool thing about. Agargo. You've got you got the gravy annotators. You got an economical seed that will 11:20 yield as good or better than any competitor in the South Lesley? We're gonna wrap things up here. I just want to throw it out there. I 11:26 opened by saying all seed Corner soybeans wheat, it don't matter. It's all the same stuff. It's just got different pretty label on the bang and you've probably thought about that since I 11:35 actually the first question. Do you have any Final on that one on that? Very subject right here because you heard it before from somebody besides me, right? Yeah. I 11:41 mean I've sold seed before and and I've had customers go what sets you apart and I think it always comes down to good solid product offerings, but also, you know working with 11:50 your customers directly and and identifying what fits for them why it's gonna fit for them and and sometimes having the internal knowledge to know that. Hey, we may not 11:59 have a product that fits for you and that's okay give us time until we do transparency. 12:05 I'm talking all about seed. He's robbedman with ultimate egg Consulting. He's the right man and Miles farmers were standing right now. He's my old man miles of 12:14 extreme AG Fame and she is Leslie Rogers. She's in charge of Nine States if these folks won't learn more about what you're doing in the South because again, this is fairly new foray and 12:23 the last decade coming down here these folks want to know more about that. How do they find you or how do they find more information? You can always go to We have a very active Twitter 12:32 page that is agricult South that we keep updates and to easy way to kind of see what we're doing along the way throughout the season and just reach out. If you 12:41 got questions, we'll put you in contact with the right person. I like it stay tuned all so you're gonna be hearing more from the guys here 12:47 meaning Matt and Rob who are doing some cool stuff here with their Air Gold experiments at Miles Farms. I'm Damian mace until next time thanks for being here. Check out 12:56 more great content at extreme share with your friends and certainly get a hold of us. If you have a comment a question or even have a subject a topic you'd like 13:05 us to cover. Until next time thanks for joining us.

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