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Kevin and Kelly talk about the versatility of the CapstanAg SelectShot system they trialed last season and how it can be used as a modified 2x2 system.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme AG. We're here today in the capstan agboost at the Louisville Farm Show. I'm with 00:06 Stewart of capstan Ag and my good friend and partner. Kevin Matthews. We're here to talk about the select shot system today. We've documented 00:12 many times how great the savings are from select shot on my farm. It's up to 40% that I've documented but Kevin today's got a different perspective 00:21 of it. That's very exciting. We'll let him share that yeah, I've always got a different views things like 00:27 question we get with extreme AG all the time is should I go with tuba two or should I go with infer of what's my options? I can't afford both which 00:36 is the most important and typically, you know, before the biological world come up. I would say you're too is pretty daggum important, but 00:45 the versatility that the select shot has proven to me I did test with ziway. All right, everybody all know you put Highway in for you get the right 00:54 maturity or right variety of corn. It's a bad day. And so you need to be two inches away from that 01:00 seed was our way. So we need to research plots with ziway this year with fnc. And we took the cap stand select shot system and we put 01:09 it two inches away from the seed and we had a three inch shot link now. We are on 22 inch Rose and we're kind 01:15 of a lower population, but it worked great at the high population at 36 to 40,000 as well. So if I have that choice to 01:24 make what's the best way? And I'm going to be putting say 10 15 20 gallons acre in my two by two but I can't afford 01:32 both. But I really don't want to have extra cultures on my planner. I got extra wire and tire. I got to get that to the two 01:39 men. There's a lot of expensive absolutely and and it's ongoing because that stuff wires out right and now even like we 01:45 run conceal but the trouble will conceal we can't get her parts. I mean we can't get replacement parts. That's another issue. But what I can do is in that 01:54 shot link on that select shot. I can put my nitrogen in Furrow. Yes. That's right assault product in Peru. I can put it two inches 02:03 away from the city do not put it on the seed. I'm telling you do not do it. Don't put it a half inch from the sea, 02:09 but if I'm gonna be two inches to the side I'm gonna go two inches away in that road trains. Now, we all as Farmers dig up 02:18 our V2 V3 plant. Absolutely and we know we've seen it. Y'all seen it the roots are going to favor that road trench early on it's a path 02:27 of least resistance. Exactly. And so we can in in my thoughts is that makes it more versatile that I can take this product and I can 02:39 determine the shot Lane to still keep it I got to be two inches away from both seeds front to back. So if I'm on a 38 inch row and I'm 02:48 planting 32,000 this may not work putting nitrogen in there. I may have to stick with my biological right but in a you know, a 30 inch row at 28,030,000 02:57 or maybe down south where I'm at. We do a lot of population 24,000 some places 18,000, right? That's where the fertilize 03:06 savings it. He talks about school shine and the versatility is Maybe I can get by with one product want one system 03:15 just this definitely isn't a plan for a grower that wants to put on 100% of their nitrogen because we're going to be have some limitations on rates but to 03:24 supplement your nitrogen program like I'm doing this is a great option A lot of savings here, you know, you're again, we're gonna have to sacrifice a little rate, but 03:33 the compromise you're making over having the other system the other parts on the planner. This is this is a great idea. What do 03:39 you think? So again the data and everything Trends to the supplementing of your product and the limitation we have on the upside of this is everybody when 03:49 they do two by two they want to do the higher rates, you know, 15 20 gallons in some cases. That's not gonna work on the 03:55 in the furrow absolutely but when we can project that placement and we can control our shot length and we can see that down to say five to seven 04:04 gallon we can make that shot length as long as it fits and whatever your population is that's going to 04:10 work. I would say as good as your 2x2 absolutely, you know, and the way the world's coming to was split applications of nitrogen trying to be more sustainable trying to 04:20 be more efficient grow more with less. This is a great plan. It isn't all going to be there in the rate. Maybe you come back 04:26 later with another another pass, you know again to split application clearly Stuart. My opinion is if we too and 04:32 then this is just in theory. I really want to prove it now that we talk about it as I believe I could go from 20 gallons of uan on 04:41 the two by two side dress move it in that Furrow two inches away from the scene and drop it the tea and gallons and I believe I could be 04:50 just as a fishing. And be interested to see how my tissue samples I absolutely this would be would be a great trial one of the big questions that we 04:58 always get especially at the shows is how does this thing? We talk about precise placement of the shot, right? How do 05:04 we do that? So we have our fertilizer tube is rigid mounted, right and gravity is a constant gravity is going to fall the 05:10 same way the force against it. So with this this shot and timing we know the measurement the distance from this to the bottom of the trench in the distance from the 05:19 top where the seed Falls so bottom of the trench. We are going to hit that seed or in some cases off the sea accurately and 05:26 now there's you can't always account for all the seed bounce but is more accurate these Planters are getting especially with 05:32 the high speed tubes that are coming out that we can be more accurate if you're Planters more accurate. So on the high speed, you're gonna be mounting it back here like mine see just because 05:42 of a timing issue. We need to have a rear mounted tube. Now. This is just on an older style Kenzie planter obviously for this row 05:48 unit. But like on the John Deere planner you have a nice protected. 05:52 You back here that's got a nice shank on it because people see that and they say that's never gonna work and in some cases if you've got some areas 05:58 rocks and sticks. That's that's gonna be pretty tough. But we do need to have a rear-mounted tube in that case. I will tell you when I first seen this I said, 06:07 okay, we're gonna try but I'm not having this stuff splatter all over my fertilize my plan. I don't fertilize all over heated up and I just they're too expensive too 06:16 much Electronics. He said it won't do it. I saw this naked but he was right. Okay, I did not get aspiration up here. Like I thought I would 06:26 you know, it actually performed well when you can control the pressure with this system is doing which is what determines our shot length in most cases you're rating your pressure. We can 06:35 control that pressure and prevent a lot of that Splash and we have a precise shot that comes out of this because we've got to check valve and a spray tip 06:41 down here and then we can change the spray tip as well to get a wider angle and less of a stream and more 06:47 of a little bit of a fan on that sea. So this is an exciting idea to use a select shot system to kind of combine the infertile and the two by two system to be some trials that 06:56 I think will probably try this year. Thanks for tuning in.

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