Re-Thinking Soil Fertility, Biology & Balance

Kelly Garrett says, “I think we’re learning that soil depletion is less of an issue and it’s really more about soil imbalance.” Given that, we brought on SoundAg’s Director of Agronomy Jeff Divan to discus soil balance, and the often overlooked component of soil biology. Face it, we’ve been sold on the idea for decades that N,P, & K are the mother’s milk of crop production. While the macros certainly matter, we’ve focused on them so much, we’ve overlooked other critical elements of soil health. Kelly discusses his soil and sustainability epiphanies while making the case for biologicals that make existing nutrients more crop-available.

Presented by Advanced Drainage Systems

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XtremeAg: Cutting The Curve Podcast · Re-Thinking Soil Fertility, Biology & Balance

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