Webinar: Stress Mitigation For Higher Yields

Webinar: Stress Mitigation For Higher Yields
Lee Lubbers | Kevin Matthews | Mike Evans | Matt Miles | Kelly Garrett | Temple Rhodes
The XtremeAg guys are excited about results they’re already seeing in this year’s crop as it pertains to stress mitigation. Kelly Garrett — who stated reducing stress on his crop was a top priority in 2022 — has visible results in his fields so obvious even his mother is commenting!  As Kelly points out, “Maybe we don’t know what a healthy corn or soybean plant really looks like because maybe we’ve never seen one?”  

Protecting your plants from stress— or preparing your plants to better tolerate stress —  has a big payoff.  In our latest member webinar, we cover stress mitigation products and, more importantly, practices. Because, as Matt Miles says, “There are lots of things that constitute stress mitigation. It’s not just a product…this is about farming methods.” 

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