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Independent Business Consultant

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About Melissa Yocum

I grew up on a traditional family farm raising calves, hogs, hens, and farming a couple hundred acres. My father was a truck driver leaving my mother to tend to 4 children, her Beauty Shop, and the farm during the week and farming on the weekends. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by Grandparents and an extended family that included hard-working, strong women who could do anything if not everything which made me who I am.

I was always involved in Ag and FFA but never considered a career until I had an internship that convinced me otherwise. I graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Illinois. I didn’t want an office job. I wanted to be out in the field working with farmers. After struggling for a few years to prove I could be successful I started my own seed business, MY Seed Company and I have been independently selling seed & fertilizer for 20+ years.

Hopefully passing on my passion for agriculture, we live on a farm and my children get to see calves born, show calves at the 4-H fair, raise chicks, play with baby kittens, pitch manure, and do chores just like I did.

My passion for Agriculture has led to a passion for helping growers improve their farms. I am excited to work with the community of farmers that make up XtremeAg for their knowledge, their insight, the way they think “outside the box” and ask questions. Our quest for knowledge should never end… join us.



I currently sell a variety of products including seed, liquid fertility products, biological products, and seed treatments business. I specialize in seed, liquid fertilizer, soil fertility, and soil health products.



I am a people person – I like to meet new people, talk, and share information. My determination and attention to detail has helped me be successful in the Ag industry.



As an Independent Dealer competing with the enormous retail outlets; attaining new business is as difficult as trying to get growers to try new products and new methods on their operations. My biggest challenge is to balance, or should I say juggle, owning my own business, farms, and being present for my two children.



Business Success

Created and survived 20+ challenging years as an independent successful business


Personal Success

My biggest success, pride, and joy are my two children.


Industry Leadership

Award-winning Executive Dealer for AgriGold Seed Company Since 2000

"I am excited to work with the community of farmers that make up XtremeAg for their knowledge, their insight, the way they think outside the box. This is what makes these growers successful."

- Melissa Yocum

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