365 WEBINAR SERIES - PART 4: Genetics, Zone Building and Seeding Rates

A  webinar series that provides everything you need to know about testing soil and plant tissue samples, analyzing the results, and most importantly, converting them into valuable information to help you grow a more profitable crop. The 8 part series covers every aspect of data-based farming from soil and tissue testing to micronutrients, biologicals, fertility, seed and hybrid evaluation, planter performance and much more.

Part 4 of the NLA/365 webinar series is all about Genetics, Zone Building and Seeding Rates.  Topics covered include:

- Genetics,
- Bare ground mapping
- EC Layers,
- Imagery
- Elevation
-Implementing grids.

Presenters: Jason Schley, Kristina Reindl, Josh Messer and high yield growers.

The webinar series is $500 through Next Level AG, but is available to XtremeAg members FREE.

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